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Trotman defends ‘strategic’ ties with Exxon

-assures that gov’t won’t nationalize US businesses here

Natural Resources Minister Raphael Trotman yesterday defended the APNU+AFC administration’s “strategic relationship” with ExxonMobil, saying that it is guided by the long-term security of the state and not just future income.

Money to be made in guavas, other tropical fruits – FAO report

If the July report of the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) is anything to go by, Guyana would do well not to allow its new-found and soon to be exploited oil resources to give rise to the temptation to significantly reduce its traditionally successful agricultural sector.  

US congressional delegation arrives in Guyana for talks

-Venezuelan refugee crisis seen as topic of discussion

A United States congressional and military delegation yesterday arrived in Guyana and held their first meeting with Minister of Natural Resources Raphael Trotman, a visit that government has been tightlipped on but has said is a “familiarisation” one.

Gov’t won’t be ‘intoxicated’ by oil, Granger says

-vows international best principles for petroleum sector

Dubbing the PNCR as the “natural, national leader,” President David Granger yesterday said that the APNU+AFC government will not be “intoxicated by oil” as he vowed that the petroleum sector  will be managed in accordance with “international best principles”.

Clive Thomas’ Cash Payments

Every Man, Woman and Child Must Become Oil-Minded  Part 55

Introduction Recall that Column # 54 published in this column last week cited two Emancipation Day speeches, one from President Granger which was discussed at some length in the same column.