Agro processing still labouring in growing pains

Whether the public interest that had been generated by last Friday’s Agro–Processors Street Fair facilitated by the Guyana Marketing Corporation was transformed into a marketing windfall for the vendors whose products were put on display is difficult to say though the available evidence would appear to suggest that the local agro-processing sector still has a hard road to travel if it is ever to be anything more than a miniscule player in the Guyana economy.

As far as the event itself was concerned its location in the area of the Stabroek Market square, mostly just about the busiest part of the capital warranted both more vendors and more potential buyers. Most of the latter told Stabroek Business that they were there because they were “passing by.” An event like this, in an economy such as ours ought really to be more vigorously publicized.

There were about fifteen vendors there and that too was a modest number, given both the hundreds of agro – processing ventures ensuing across the country and the fact that Fridays outside the Stabroek Market could attract windfalls.

We were keen to see whether the presence of ….