• City constables sacked for getting pregnant

    - under discriminatory policy

    2 hours ago

    Three members of the Georgetown City Constabulary have been dismissed for becoming pregnant. Although both the constitution and the Prevention of Discrimination Act expressly prohibit discrimination on the grounds of pregnancy, the dismissal letters seen by Stabroek News state that the pregnancies were a violation of a department policy that prohibits female constabulary officers from becoming pregnant during the first two years. 0

  • Rising GuySuCo production cost could jeopardise rescue plan

    Head of the major sugar unions Kenneth Joseph of NACCIE, Komal Chand of GAWU, Seepaul Narine of GAWU and Carvil Duncan of the GLU during their meeting with members of the Commission of Inquiry, including  Chairman Vibert Parvatan (right)

    With GuySuCo’s production cost rising to close to US$0.40 per pound, Chairman of the Commission of Inquiry (CoI) into the sugar industry Vibert Parvatan says swift “corrective action” will need to be taken to reduce losses as they could prove catastrophic for the current planning to make the corporation viable. 0

  • Boy, 8, hospitalized after hit by motorbike

    A little boy is left hospitalized after he was knocked down by a speeding motorcycle yesterday afternoon. Eight-year-old Orin Hunter, of Lot 19 Good Hope, East Coast Demerara, was returning home from visiting his grandmother in Helena when he was struck off his bicycle. 0

  • Antibacterial effects of passion fruit uncovered by UG researcher

    Dr Raymond Jagessar

    The University of Guyana may be close to patenting an antibacterial treatment from passion fruit based on research conducted by Professor Raymond Jagessar of the Department of Chemistry. 0

  • Jury empanelled for manslaughter trial

    A jury was yesterday empanelled before Justice Jo-Ann Barlow for the trial of Shameer Mohamed, called “Pipe,” who is accused of unlawfully killing Munrajie Amza, called “Sandra.” The charge against Mohamed is that on May 17, 2001, at Demerara, he unlawfully killed Amza. 0


The village hidden by much greenery

Story and photos by Jannelle Williams   Some 7.5km from New Amsterdam the village of Palmyra begins with a cluster of houses that take on a housing scheme kind of look.

A woman as Police Commissioner or Army Chief of Staff

Interviews by Mariah Lall, Aliyah Briggs and Dhanash Ramroop with photos by Keno George On a recent visit to Linden, First Lady Sandra Granger expressed her hope of one day seeing a woman appointed Police Commissioner or Chief of Staff of the Guyana Defence Force.

  • Derek Gomes: From country boy to star with over 115 roles in between

    In face paint as Batman’s nemesis the Joker

    If you’ve ever had a job interview you would know that it can be nerve-wracking. Either you’re nervous from the get go, or you turn up full of confidence and then realise there are 20 other people vying for the same post and they all look like they have tons of confidence; it’s bound to shift yours a bit. 0

  • Broomes rolls up her sleeves over labour infractions

    - public, private sectors urged to shape up

    Taking aim at workers’ rights transgressors: Minister in the Ministry of Social Protection Simona Broomes

    Public and private sector workplaces will come under closer official scrutiny, Minister in the Ministry of Social Protection Simona Broomes told Stabroek Business earlier this week, adding that her ministry will be exercising much greater vigilance in matters that have to do with the safety and health of workers. 0

  • T&T prison escapee charged with murder

    Christopher “Monster” Selby appeared in court under tight security

    (Trinidad Express) Ten charges, including that of murdering PC Sherman Maynard during a daring midday prison break in Port of Spain on July 24, were read to prison escapee Christopher “Monster” Selby when he appeared in the Port of Spain Magistrates’ Court yesterday.