• OLPF project… 5,000 laptops stolen or defective – audit

    -gross overstaffing seen

    OLPF staff at a planning session

    Over 5,000 laptops costing more than $300 million from the One Laptop Per Family (OLPF) project were either stolen or defective, according to an investigation into the initiative which found that the OLPF fell short of its objective, was “grossly overstaffed” and the $4.3 billion spent on it could have been reduced. 0

  • Fishermen still missing, boat found


    The boat attacked by pirates on Friday night has been found but the three crewmen remain missing while the police continue to hold five men as investigations continue. 0

  • Beni Sankar betting big on coconuts

    Beni Sankar and May Cheung
    32 mins ago

    Three years ago Essequibo businessman, Beni Sankar made a switch from rice to coconut production as he is optimistic that the industry will boom. 0


Koarlall Deojami weighs a pound of potatoes in his shop

Just before Bohemia on the Corentyne, East Berbice is the tiny village of Susannah, also called Number 15, a fairly obscure community as most persons refer to the road up to the Borlam turn as the “Nineteen Road,” although Number 19 is a few villages away.

The Jubilee celebrations

This week, we asked the man and woman in the street about their preparations for the 50th Independence Anniversary celebrations and whether they will attend any of the planned events.

  • Getting to Golden

    Lifestyle Toast

    For this edition of Lifestyle, in keeping with the celebrations of 50 years of independence—Guyana’s Golden Jubilee—our theme is ‘Golden’. In a historical piece, we trace the steps to independence.