• Storm smashed 26 GPL poles

    2 hours ago

    A violent storm yesterday smashed 26 GPL poles, left others dangling precariously and affected a key transmission link to East Berbice. 0

  • Ankerville businessman killed during robbery

    The crowd that gathered at the scene

    A Port Mourant businessman was shot dead last evening during a robbery by three men who invaded his shop. Dead is Rampersaud Shivcharan called Rakesh, 41, of Lot 9 Ankerville, Port Mourant, Corentyne. 0

  • Heavy winds demolish Cornelia Ida dwellings

    Rhonda Jackson and her daughter look on as her sons try to put the pieces back together

    Residents of Cornelia Ida, West Coast Demerara suffered major losses when heavy winds sent two houses crashing to the ground and destroyed the roofs of others around 3 pm yesterday. 0

  • US delivers extradition papers for Warner – sources

    Jack Warner
    11 hours ago

    (Trinidad Express) Official documentation requesting the extradition of Independent Liberal Party (ILP) leader and former FIFA vice-president Jack Warner has been delivered to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 0

  • Ramkarran chides APNU+AFC over accord breach

    David Granger

    There would be no violation of the constitution if the terms of the Cummingsburg Accord are implemented, according to Senior Counsel Ralph Ramkarran, who warned that APNU and the AFC’s willingness to sacrifice the fundamental core of the Accord will prove to be the undoing of the coalition. 0


Buying ice cream

Story and photos by Joanna Dhanraj This week, the World Beyond Georgetown visited a gem of a village tucked away between Sarah Johanna and Caledonia on the East Bank Demerara.

Top three things for the new gov’t to do

Interviews by Sharda Bacchus Photos by Arian Browne This week on ‘What the People Say’ we asked members of the public about the top three things they would like the government to do.

  • Susan Ibrahim: Behind the flawless faces

    Susan Ibrahim

    Many of the flawlessly made-up models seen in advertisements for boutiques such as Street Styles, in runway shows such as Shape and in the Sunday Style segment of this newspaper would have had their impeccable look put in place by Susan Ibrahim. 0

  • Private sector will work with the government of the day – Gouveia

    Chief Executive Officer of Roraima Airways and high profile private sector businessman Gerry Gouveia has told Stabroek Business that he does not anticipate that political differences will undermine what he regards as a “necessary relationship” between the new political administration led by President David Granger and either the Private Sector Commission (PSC) or the private sector as a whole. 0

  • Introduction

    Cheryl SpringerEditor

    Welcome to the first edition of Lifestyle. As our name suggests, this magazine looks at the Guyanese lifestyle. People making a living, Guyanese culture and traditions, food and fashion will be the focus.