The Charter on Language Policy and Language Rights in the Creole-speaking Caribbean

Implications for Language Education in Guyana

By Charlene Wilkinson & Kencil Banwarie University of Guyana Department of Language & Cultural Studies Faculty of Education & the Humanities In January of this year, a landmark conference in Jamaica concluded with the presentation to members of the public of the final draft of The Charter on Language Policy and Language Rights in the Creole Speaking Caribbean.  

Eusi Kwayana: The Village Politician (Part 1)

History this week

By Estherine Adams This article is an excerpt of a much broader body of work that focuses on Eusi Kwayana and his role in the national political developments of British Guiana, between 1950 and 1961. 

The African Village Movement

History This Week

On Monday, Emancipation day, I stood on a relative’s veranda in Hopetown watching a group of young and not so young people making their way home, through the rain, after a night of frolic at the annual ‘swari’.

The proposed Georgetown – Manaos railway

Part one By Shammane Joseph Lately, there has been a lot of discussions about development of a permanent link between Guyana and Brazil, given the economic benefits to be derived.

The return of student movements as a social force

History this week No.52 /2011

By Christopher Carrico ‘It was telling that Obama said in his 2010 State of the Union Address that universities would have to make more sacrifices in the current economy.

Recording Guyanese political history: Memory, `archives’ and narrative overlook

History This Week No.49/2010

By Nigel Westmaas This essay is concerned about the politics of memory.  As Guyana’s newest political (elections) season unfurls there will be  numerous references to events, concepts and phrases that support attendant political narratives, that is, Guyanese political history as mainly defined by the two mass political parties that have been at the helm of the country’s political life since 1953.

History This Week: Creating and solidifying African ethnic identity in Guiana

History this week                    No. 31/2010 This article briefly explores the creation and solidification of African ethnic identity and the incorporation of Guiana into the world economy and argues that historically the intensification of ethnic contestation between Africans and other ethnic groups was a consequence of the structural contradictions that lie beneath the construction and reproduction of ethnicity in Guiana in order to support capitalism and its inequitable division of labour.

History This Week

Introduction It was 150 years ago, precisely on March 11, 1860 that the ship “Whirlwind”, some 78 days after leaving Hong Kong, docked at Port Georgetown with 371 Chinese immigrants on board including 56 women and 4 girls.

The Liberated Africans of Berbice, 1841 – 1865

History This Week – No.26/2010 By Shammane Joseph This article will give a brief overview of the arrival of the Liberated Africans to Berbice and will focus on their journey, settlement and development of the county of Berbice during the period 1841 to 1865.

The Leonora Incident of 1939 revisited

History This Week –  No. 8/2010 By Tota C. Mangar February, 2010 marks the 71st anniversary of the 1939 Leonora Strike and Riot.