Frankly Speaking

PPP gratitude for the 2020 support? How?

Why the Brigadier is aggrieved… When actual polling ended on that Monday evening in March last year Elections Commission Chair, former Judge Singh, declared the 2020 electoral enterprise a pleasing and resounding success.

Identifying valid critical opposition

“Lovely cricket”, nationalism and pride Fully accepting that our own Guyana needs to sustain a functioning democracy I must accommodate, even appreciate a political and parliamentary opposition.

Minister Volda, Minister Frank vs Covid

Multi-billionaire Fenty’s Guyana – Upgrade After leaving the devastating Pandemic to other commentators for weeks, specific recall and current events seemingly compel me to offer personal comment once again.

Our fundamental rights versus the COVID

Georgetown seems doomed counsel Redundant • Repetition • Unnecessary • Superfluous • Really not needed • These were the words reflecting my own honest belief and conclusion that it was/is not at all necessary for me to join the raging debate about the SARS-Cov 2 corona (family) disease spawned by the first virus and now, its variants.

“Aftuh God, is Police!”

The justice that terrorists love I suppose it’s somewhat natural that those of us past seventy, eighty will frequently recall the days of our youth.

So Guyana is again “open for business”? How?

MS Ferguson-Again; locked out, shut down Since the May 26, 1966 declaration of “independence” successive governments, determined to woo foreign investors, seemingly liked the popular usage “Guyana is open for business.”

Ms Ferguson – and floods of fraud

Pity, sad that I’ll never live to SEE… Way in the days of yore – my bygone past – former PNC Minister Annette Ferguson is the type of lady – physically – I just loved.

The USA, local politics, more `Americanisation’

Sars Cov-2: Responding to all variants This, of course, is my own simplified sequence of modern-day intervention – both “subliminal” and openly direct – by the United States of America (USA) into our local colonial and post-colonial politics.

Frankly speaking international

Former GDF officers can’t `humiliate’ themselves I willingly admit, concede that for years I’ve been addicted to the Cable Television Channels such as the BBC, Al Jazeera, Fox News and CNN – among others.

Doze ole-time Augus’ holidays…

An Opposition supports the government! Hello readers: after you’ve taken in other columns, commentaries, and voluminous letters offering serious, scientific dissertations and analyses, I herein invite you – especially the over-sixties who will hopefully interest their youth (

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