Vast sovereign wealth for 800,000 (only?)

Racial animosity here: Why? How?

Electoral rigging – Under PPP? (Pt 5) Frankly Speaking, I would now hereby advise my fellow citizens, especially those resident here at all times, not to expect any significant earnings coming their way from our emerging oil and gas sector before, say 2022.

I’m feeling compromised: Granger’s governance beyond 2020

-Our Constitution,“their” CARICOM?

-Comrade Irfaan Vs His Excellency: Any contest? I’ve advised voters, especially those bright-eyed first-timers between eighteen and twenty-five, that even when they fashion their loyalty and vote for their favourite political tribe, their choice is essentially, “the best of the bad lot”.

PNC War Room? PPP Situation Room?

Justifying corruption, thievery

Regarding Speaker Scotland, Mr Nadir Mindful of my self-imposed caution not to contribute to any inflammatory rhetoric in this sudden season of political constitutional controversy and open and covert election campaigning, I resort to creative speculation today.

No-no! Not political war-drum-(beats)-early

Government generosity: ask now!

Electoral engineering, before Polling Day (Pt 4)   Partly because I regret not benefiting from the higher forms of tertiary education, I respect the analyses, the conclusions, the sentiments regarding this country’s politics by our experts.

Mashramani election campaign moves

How certain election officials rig (Pt 3)

The top two candidates: why Indo/Afro? Besides the expected goings-on at His Excellency’s Chairman’s GECOM, I swore that the PPP itself is not really ready for very early elections that may be available.

Some key players: On rigging elections (Pt 2)

“Total national defence” – and non-violent defiance

Cultural Empowerment these days You-all must admire His Excellency’s Most Matured, Fit-And-Proper Gecom Chairman long-retired Justice Patterson now has to superintend historic national elections whether they are a consequence of Dr Jagdeo’s No Confidence Motion or not.

On rigging elections – past and present

The Vote: Perfecting constitutional eye-pass

Let’s debate: America’s immigrants Coming from where I came from – voting for the People’s National Congress (PNC); then participating in its elections campaigns (’80, ’85, ’92) – I will not here prevaricate or equivocate: I’m aware of allegations and realities of electoral rigging of polling and votes when Forbes Burnham and Desmond Hoyte administered this land.

On giving power so suddenly…

“Not for sale? Can’t be bought?”

Concerning attorney Nigel Hughes The coward in me – recognising when I’ll be “out-of-my-depth” – frequently advises that I stay away from contentious national issues which dozens of others eagerly address daily.

On educating PNC Leaders and loyalists

Our Judiciary: Many cringe, as convicts smile

How to avoid being “Dead Meat” parties I hereby reminisce briefly about the 1980 to 1992 days when I was part of a small pivotal team contributing to sensitizing and educating (frontline) People’s National Congress (PNC) members about their roles during elections campaigns.

Accommodating disorder for ‘The Season’

-Our poor constitution: Ignored, overlooked

-Power and suffering at Christmas-Time Could it be my age? Or  my self-imposed generational non-acceptance of lawlessness and disorder in the name of `Chrissmuss’, that makes me frequently crotchety during this month?

Cocaine empowered them, a Biblical proverb

Human rights, Bolsonaro and SASOD

Dyslexia? Never give up! Man, the captions will easily indicate that I’m “all-over-the-place” in these paragraphs today.

Shouldn’t we grieve for Georgetown? I do

Mother 33, daughter 15

Have a “cautious” Christmas (Again, I leave Crime, Corruption, Cricket, Traffic Accidents, LGE and the Budget to others.) Instead, the recent City Hall Inquiry, the now-usual threat by the main Garbage Collectors to withdraw and the now-evident chaotic Vendor-Invasion, all combined to prompt the following heart-felt lament.

Extra-terrestrial aliens wonder

…about the world, about Guyana

-Land, spaces and places – for Afro-Guyanese [So how are you all – my country men and women – coping with the relative bombardment daily?

His Excellency – not fit? Not proper?

-Jonestown’s 40th – personal notes

-Permanent Pavement People (PPP) I suspect these are my final comments for some time on this issue – the choice and presence of a chairman for our national elections body.

His Excellency’s chairman fumes

…As GECOM attracts sympathy, scrutiny

Concerning the GNBA and NFMU No. It’ll be appropriate for me to “boast” that I was first to “advise” that the imminent Local Government Elections (LGE) would generate robust, even rancorous divisive contention for the rest of the year.

All before the oil-and-gas jubilee elections

One million for little Sunil’s life?

Sexual misconduct: America and the Third World This humble column hereby lays claim to directing national attention – some two years ago – to the fact that the 2020 General Elections will attract some robust characteristics.

The poor growing old in Guyana

Our new C-O-P: First choice?

-When going on strike these days… Seeing the aged security guard sound asleep at her post the other night, then wondering about the reflexes of a very, very “matured” taxi driver provoked me to re-cycle the following thoughts, last repeated four years ago.

Why I never turned into a thief

Grandmother, God-and “licks”

Dr Jagdeo’s LCDS, the Brigadier’s GSDS Perhaps I do bore some of my regulars by pledging that “this will be my most brief yet.” (See, I wasted one whole sentence above.) But because this social issue easily attracts many pages I shall try hard to be succinct.

Going to school in August – Reminiscences…

-Who will attempt to rig elections? How?

-Rum, proverbs – and a priest As just one week of August is left for this year I return to reflections relevant to this month, evocative for virtually two generations ago.

Just how can elections rigging take place?

Never Trump! Why Carter?

Empowering Afro-Guyanese business-persons – only? As both a “then–PNC man” and professional public servant who doubled as General Elections PR/Publicity head for three elections, I attracted the ire of the PPP-plus opponents and other independent or “civic-society” types.

Piracy: The Catch? Or the Coke?

Concerning “new Sheriff”, Boom-Out Miner-Minister Simona

Mosa’s Pants – and Deuteronomy Just another of my very brief, non-intellectual offerings today.

Stories I’m scared to tell…

Viva Volda! Two “parties’ business”

More vivid World cup joy! Appreciate that this man-in-the-street unlettered columnist A.A. Fenty, who never-the-less acted as the country’s Chief Information Officer and was even once a “PNC man”, is now in my vulnerable seventies.

‘Social cohesion’ vs peaceful co-existence

-another review of some Coalition negatives

Even if not the state’s Supreme Executive Authority as His Excellency is, some forms and levels of authority can empower you to come up with brand new names, titles and descriptions for national occasions, events, agencies.

The Constitution’s intention, the judge’s decision

-The USA’s President Trump, GECOM’s Chairman Patterson

-Black Germans, Afro Swiss If, like me, you’re a mere mortal of a layman often befuddled by the law, the concept of justice and many conclusions by legally-trained arbiters, read and consider my opinion relevant to the appointment of the Head of our national Elections Commission.

Delayed development being confronted…

According to upbeat Minister Patterson

Please respond to Melinda and Tony I think Dr Cheddi Jagan was President when a most loyal Party-Man-Minister, Harripersaud Nokta, essayed to outline vision when articulating a grand transportation plan across the three counties.

Exposing corruption, pre-empting corruption

“In the fullness of time…” His Excellency

(Bet today’s piece will rank amongst my “most-brief” as I seek some “time-out”) I’ll skip the usual classical definitions of corruption – as in executive, governmental corruption – those shady illegal practices.

Five heroes of Independence

-Kofi, Quamina, Critchlow, Jagan, Burnham

-Recognising and awarding chosen citizens Were not our First People – the so-called “Amerindians” –among our very first “Independence Heroes”?

Sugar, Arrival and `Indianness

A consultative democracy? Prior consent?

-Free education very expensive! Expectedly, all the pronouncements from political and trade union leaders, the commentaries from Rights Activists, the “sensitivities” aroused, conspired to stimulate almost national debate about the May fifth “arrival” of Indentured Immigrants from the Indian sub-continent.

“Capital towns”, exhibitions and (PNC) politics

Concerning Commissioner-General Statia

It really won’t matter— significantly – if any cynicism or sarcasm is detected as I attempt today to actually congratulate His Excellency on specific policy statements and actual programmes.

Reliable registration before November?

When the dead and donkeys voted

`I’m a Berbician’ I’m offering most brief commentary on the lead caption about national registration for electoral purposes because it is easy for me to predict what a sensitive and contentious national issue this will soon become.

Independence, foreign assistance, overseas experts

Dr Hinds on race and ethnicity - congrats

What about a `military’ Police Commissioner? Greetings. So very early on in the twenty-five-year-old life of this people’s column I would broach with government (s) the utilisation of our Guyana diaspora.

When our Government ministers speak

-Europe, refugees and reparations: Pay back??

-`We will build a police outpost’ One dictionary definition of “minister” (of the governmental variety) goes as follows: “A high officer of state who heads a division of governmental activities”.

`Keep doing this in remembrance of me’

-on hard labour and medical care

-when historian Granger writes about LFSBFor many years on this day, though trying to be more secular, I would discuss the definition of “faith” as it is understood by devoted activist Christians.