Frankly Speaking

A few enduring personal regrets

Coming very soon: GT’s Christmas chaos Hello readers. To be sure, this is another deliberate attempt today to do my escapist time-out from our daily doses of disease, traffic fatalities, crime and – yes – politics and electoral campaigning.

Our political leaders: Character? Ability?

-Last week’s significant quotes For citizens concerned. Do you find time to consider the status, character, integrity and/or abilities of those who assume positions of authority to direct and manage our national life?

Mauby and Lemonade: Poverty (?) and September

Elections: What’s to lose? Or gain?   -The Politics of Perks and Privilege   Though still a slight touch of poitics hereunder, I invite you-all to share some snap-shots of personalized nostalgia.

`I en leffing fuh juss now…’

– Exploiting `compromise’ strategically `Officer’ Lowenfield: The man in command I know I would have quoted His Excellency’s Under-rated “Quip” – “Because I en leafing fuh juss now” – many columns ago.

The ‘intelligence’ the cameras see

-Concerning our National Insurance Scheme Fresh off their latest “General Council”, the First Vice-President’s encounter in Berbice, the First Lady at Brooklyn’s Carnival as Grand Marshall and a non-noisy (?) fund raiser on Brickdam, the People’s National Congress (PNC) comrades convened another election campaign war room strategy session.

Again predicting a B.A.M.N PNC victory

-Our vital institutions – A layman’s lament I was thinking of alerting my Editor that every Friday I would just record repetitively, my personally-held refrain: That the PNC – masquerading as “APNU” – will triumph at the next elections whenever His Excellency so proclaims them.

PNC War Room, PPP Situation Room (Part 2)

Despite excellent delaying strategies by His Excellency’s People’s National Congress (PNC) dominance, circumstances – dictated from without – have now propelled all interested into top-flight elections mode.

Elections: Fear of losing (what)

Maintaining relevance: Reasonings and groundings (Reasonably certain that today’s offering will finally be among the most brief.) Repetition beckons as I remind you-all of my own conclusions regarding (local) general elections.

To all non-tribalist voters: Observe, decide…

I agree: Land for working-class Afros Hello friends, hello critics. My simple ageing mind wishes to simplify the advice implicit in my lead caption – non tribalist, observation, analysis, decision, hopefully a national objective decision regarding which political group you prefer in government beyond 2019.

Insider sneak peek: PNC, PPP campaign strategies

-I’ve been telling you! Staying B.A.M.N The seven decades-long political behemoths to stalk this once-pristine Guyana land – as political parties – have begun, in earnest, their election strategies to retain or reclaim governmental dominion over us.

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