Frankly Speaking

Concerning C.E.O. Officer Lowenfield

-Victoria: – More fallout from the Floyd protests As like last Friday, again as this is being written earlier in this week, I am/we are not blessed with any conclusion to the March 02 elections.

Sorry, no President Irfaan for me

The Iron Lady’s long count, plus… Could it be political immaturity, inspired by an ageing mind, which prevents me from ever accepting the PPP’s Mohamed Irfaan as President of our Guyana Republic?

What `Six Peoples’?

(Re)-Count me out! I noticed, just recently, that the accomplished singer-composer-columnist, Mr Dave Martins returned to the issue of this country’s diversity welcoming its positives for what is sometimes a fractured society.

My old party’s Paramountcy – Now a discredited joke?

-Sad unending power-lust Even as I feel that this which you now read should be my final lamentation of regret over the diminished status of a Party I once embraced, I know that my peers, the age-group oldsters – still tribal and loyal will fume at my derogation, disparagement of “my old party” – the People’s National Congress (PNC).

Emergencies! Both war-rooms reconvene

“Thanks to the President’s Leadership…” PNC War room: Dire concerns, challenges Compared to the real or contrived confidence, exuberance and positive positions regarding the polls before March 02, this first war-room emergency session since election day was sombre, somewhat gloomily uncertain.

Social distancing… Far from election crooks

“Stay Home! Stay Home!” What Home? Look friends, very recently I’ve been telling myself – not always convincingly- that the People’s National Congress (PNC) and GECOM’s Secretariat under former Officer Lowenfield, have won!

After the people’s will, judges decide?

– living, coping with any unliked government Hello there, I wanted to discuss the PPP’s Madam Teixeira’s comments related to how His Excellency’s state watches and hears all of us, as well as a short piece on bandits and thugs as political protesters.

“E+One”: Officer Lowenfield, obfuscation made manifest

Oil revenues and His Excellency’s new pension First, three major points upfront: (1) A few weeks ago as the Democratic Party in the USA began its search for a candidate to oppose Republican President Trump, the results of an election process known as a Caucus could not be quickly ascertained.

PNC War-Room (36? 40?), PPP Situation Room (How many?)

Election over-’70’s and a suspect GECOM From Congress Place to the State House upstairs as well as the Baridi Benab downstairs emotions ran the gamut: tension, reasonable expectations, doubt, confidence, enthusiasm, anxiety, “tiredness”, acceptance of final results, potential hostility to the unwanted unexpected.

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