Frankly Speaking

Any possibility? Employing PNC Patriots?

– Rivers of Red, Seas of Green, Streams in between Once again, readers would be accurate if they discern that the rather rambling thoughts hereunder are born of my own hopes wishes, even expectations as the “new” government begins to manage our national affairs, our resources, our “governance”, our future.

The first fortnight, no Honeymoon necessary?

Battered as we are; hundreds of thousands of our countrymen in optional voluntary overseas exile; and with decades of our development delayed and denied primarily through political selfishness, do we dare to hope during this beginning of another People’s Progressive Party (PPP) national tenure?

Honeymoon? Co-operation? Expect hell PPP!

The world according to Buxtonian David One could easily imagine – and/or appreciate – the “tons” of commentaries, since Sunday, in print and “on air”, surrounding the emergence of the Irfaan Ali Presidency.

Concerning C.E.O. Officer Lowenfield

-Victoria: – More fallout from the Floyd protests As like last Friday, again as this is being written earlier in this week, I am/we are not blessed with any conclusion to the March 02 elections.

Sorry, no President Irfaan for me

The Iron Lady’s long count, plus… Could it be political immaturity, inspired by an ageing mind, which prevents me from ever accepting the PPP’s Mohamed Irfaan as President of our Guyana Republic?

What `Six Peoples’?

(Re)-Count me out! I noticed, just recently, that the accomplished singer-composer-columnist, Mr Dave Martins returned to the issue of this country’s diversity welcoming its positives for what is sometimes a fractured society.

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