Frankly Speaking

Nature and performance, nine months after

– No Guyanese illegals at the Southern Border? Two introductory points upfront: since numerous analysts, commentators and editorial writers will assess the PPP government’s performance after one year at the end of July, I offer cursory comments rights now – after nine months; and secondly, as I frequently do, I concede that I’m not capable of the more scientific “political analyses”.

Early new elections? If only…

Wanton deliberate murder, then manslaughter Hello Readers all, welcome to today’s miscellany; my potpourri of mostly practical “issues of national significance.”

The oil-rich Atlantic, Guyanese mindsets

-Pandemic humour … I believe that it’s the United Nations Organisation – the UN – which determines how far out or how much of a sea or ocean belongs to some country that is contiguous to that mighty body of water.

Thoughts on “Black” History (Month)

“One People”? Desist! Over the twenty-eight years of the life of this working-man’s column it has been easy for me to be consistent with both my general and specific views regarding the Black/African man’s presence and contribution to mankind’s existence.

Rajdai struggles with her racism

Accepting a black-and-brown America Rajdai is not an actual person. But this narrative is based on what actually happened to an Indo-Guyanese young lady just like her.

My life expectancy: Pity I’ll never…

Please save our, Brigadier’s Park! and these Gorillas! Hello friends – both “regulars” and newcomers to this man-in-the–street column – come share, with me, my brief lamentations, concerns and a few expectations as 2021 gains its two-week momentum.

The politics of Christmas – endures

Happy Holidays to our Prime Ministers I know that Guyana’s late legend of local trade unionism Hubert Nathaniel Critchlow was fond of reminding folks that “Politics follows you from the cradle to the grave.”

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