Frankly Speaking

Our “See-Far Man”, his 10-year plan

-Changing Guyana? Concerning businessman Badal Hello there. Although I consider myself largely “retired” and “tired” my past significant brushes with “PNC politics” have left a residual urge to share comments from my armchair/recliner, relevant to you know what.

Beneficiary Benjie’s First–Oil Christmas

…and some fake, false and sham Okay, whether in living–room, kitchen, office, factory, crowded congested store or street, you won’t want to read anything that’s too long or prolix at this time.

The Christmas lie, the fake partnership

Regarding Prime Minister Prakash (HYA) Perhaps it’s because my still-legal, real wife is distant; because my four daughters are all very, very adult and physically distant; because family presence is somewhat merely virtual, I’m no longer a “Christmas person.”

Budgeted successes of the care-takers

Accept with thanks, smiles, then vote! It was long obvious to me that His Excellency wasn’t/isn’t too fond of the Caribbean Court’s (CCJ’s) judicial instruction that his administration is of care-taker status.

A few enduring personal regrets

Coming very soon: GT’s Christmas chaos Hello readers. To be sure, this is another deliberate attempt today to do my escapist time-out from our daily doses of disease, traffic fatalities, crime and – yes – politics and electoral campaigning.

Our political leaders: Character? Ability?

-Last week’s significant quotes For citizens concerned. Do you find time to consider the status, character, integrity and/or abilities of those who assume positions of authority to direct and manage our national life?

`I en leffing fuh juss now…’

– Exploiting `compromise’ strategically `Officer’ Lowenfield: The man in command I know I would have quoted His Excellency’s Under-rated “Quip” – “Because I en leafing fuh juss now” – many columns ago.

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