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The night of December 21 in the National Assembly
The night of December 21 in the National Assembly

Economic opportunity and political drama

In the months prior to the December 21 confidence vote in the National Assembly two issues, particularly, had taken centre stage on the national agenda.

Justice rtd 
James Patterson

The President’s take

Credible Elections in the Shortest Possible Time The current political situation in our nation which resulted from the no-confidence vote against the Government on 21st December, 2018, in the National Assembly should not be cause for alarm and anxiety.

  Marijuana plants

Marijuana as Medicine

The term medical marijuana refers to using the whole, unprocessed marijuana plant or its basic extracts to treat symptoms of illness and other conditions.

A class in session at CPCE.

Preparing teachers to deliver 21st-century skills

Countries across the world are currently engaged in a wide-range of reforms in their respective education curricula with a view to better preparing their children for the more demanding educational responsibilities of jobs and of life, generally, in the twenty first century.

Chasing after fairer skin

To bleach or not to bleach

Miriam Tose Majome “Hundred percent cashback guarantee. Looks like a South African yellow-bone with no injections at a price close to free.

Commissioner of Police Leslie James

The changing of the guard: The Police Force’s new leadership team

The August 31, 2018 swearing in of Assistant Commissioner Leslie James as the country’s new Commissioner of Police had come after months of speculation over who would be President David Granger’s pick to replace the outgoing Commissioner Seelall Persaud whose exit from the position had come in the wake of questions that had been raised over investigations into an alleged plot to assassinate the Head of State.


The Guyana Review joins the nation in saying farewell to the following sons and daughters who, through their respective contributions, contributed to the betterment of our country.

The Pros and Cons of New Media and Media Freedom

Research Article Open Access Vineet Kaul Department of Communication and Media, DA-IICT University, Near Indroda, Gandhinagar, Gujarat, India In Asian countries media freedom is a controversial issue, on one side, right to information and freedom of expression is provided for, on the other side media regulations and press laws are ready to curb the media freedom.

International Court of Justice

Venezuela’s non-participation before the ICJ in the controversy over the Essequibo Region

By Alexander Wentker Published on June 29, 2018      On 18 June 2018, Venezuela notified the International Court of Justice (ICJ) that it intends not to participate in the proceedings before the Court in the case over the Essequibo region brought by Guyana (for an excellent analysis of Guyana’s application and the complex historical and procedural background on this blog see here).

Carlene Gill-Kerr

Waves of Emotion-Carlene Gill-Kerr

Perhaps poetry’s most valuable purpose has to do with the role it plays in throwing open a door to the mind, to the mind of the poet that is, unearthing thoughts which, otherwise, would probably remain entomb-ed forever in minds that care little for this remarkable discipline.

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