A taste of Guyanese Christmas

‘Christmas With Us’ Vol 2 by Various Artistes, touts itself in its inner pocket as being “a taste of Guyanese Christmas” and that is exactly what it offers, perhaps too much of a taste.

That’s entertainment!

As we rush to Christmas and the close of the year—yes this is the last Saturday in November—the predictable and unpredictable is happening in the world of entertainment.


“Hello… It’s me,” Adele sings and the world responds with tears, joy, memes, gifs and over a million downloads in the shortest time possible.

Also-ran: Guyana

Out of the blue last Thursday, which was October 29, the media were informed that the Miss Guyana Universe Pageant contestants were going to be introduced to the media and the public on Sunday evening, November 1, at the Princess Hotel.

Never stop dreaming

Living the dream. Beyond my wildest dreams. I never dreamed… Pinch me, I’m dreaming.

Golden jubilee plans

Next year, Guyana celebrates 50 years as an independent nation. Whoo-hoo! There are certain milestones that are viewed as exceptional and 50 years is one such.

Let local dancers bring it

In the reality television show “Bring it!” Diana Williams, owner of the ‘Dancing Dolls’ studio in Jackson Mississippi and her dancers go head to head in competitions with similar groups of dancers, winning trophies and bragging rights.

Local films in the cinema, yes?

On Wednesday last, MovieTowne Cinema in Port of Spain held the world premiere of the film Bazodee with all of the trimmings you’re likely to find at the premiere of a new film: celebrities, gala reception, couture, cocktails and so on.

End the lawlessness

A letter which appeared in the Stabroek News this week decrying the presence of two small girls in a movie theatre where an ‘R’ rated film was playing was not as shocking as it was disappointing.


On Thursday, Billboard gave props to 29-year-old Jamaican artist OMI, naming his song “Cheerleader” the ‘Song of the Summer’.


Another Emancipation Day has come and gone. This year’s celebration marked 177 years since our enslaved forebears were set free.

Tragic lives

A mere 22, the age at which many young women are starting their careers, Bobbi Kristina Brown, the daughter of legendary singer Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown has died and will likely be laid to rest on Monday although a funeral service is reportedly set for today.

When the masks slip

Fans jump all over celebrities all the time, full of hero worship. They love their music, their style; they want to look like them – they wish they could be them.

Who’s calling me from an unknown number?

A few years ago – okay more than a few – I was tormented for more than a month, by a man who constantly rang my number asking for ‘Sandra.’ I tried once to reason with him; it was a disaster.

Who are you?

Often, when people are asked ‘Who are you?’ they respond by giving their names.

Shake it off

You can say what you like about Taylor Swift, feel what you like too, what you cannot take away from her are her talent and her brains.

Disaster barely avoided

“Let we in nuh officer.” “Is me president swearing and I gaffo see it.” These were some of the pleas made to the junior police ranks who were at times assisted by fire officers in manning the gate at the Guyana National Stadium, Providence on May 26.

Happy Independence, Guyana

“Guyana, Guyana, this fair land of ours Has broken the bondage of far distant powers, We love you Guyana from high land to sea, And pray God make worthy your children to be.

Making a study of it

Die-hard fans of some musicians and actors make it their duty to learn everything they possibly can about them and then retain what they would have learned so that they are able to rattle off all of the statistics whenever they need to make a point.


So the talk of the town, or rather the globe for the past week has been the Met Gala.

Get up, stand up!

So caught up are we in the throes of the ‘silly season’ that World Intellectual Property Day came and went on Sunday last without so much as a blip on our collective consciousness – at least for the most part.

Bad publicity

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, long seen as one of the darlings of Bollywood and India for that matter, found herself in some hot water this past week after an advertisement she did for a huge Indian jewellery chain was slammed for being racist and promoting child slavery.

Dreams of making it big

It has been said before, but bears repeating – there is not much scope for talented locals who desire a career in music.