So It Go

The other side

In my time living abroad, mostly in Toronto, Tradewinds gigs took me all over North America and to Mother England, and, of course, all over the Caribbean. 

All about the writing

I wrote a column on this topic some time ago, but following some recent brouhaha in our local media over the quality of a particular artistic production, it is clearly a focus we have to keep revisiting, It’s not obvious – in fact it’s often completely overlooked – but the truth is that in every high quality performance in the arts, the writing is the key. 

Times of Melancholy

Lately I’ve been overrun with old memories, some of them going back decades, like my Mom passing away and my sister Celia, both in Toronto, and my first wife, Dorothy, who was from Scotland.

Songs and Commerce

Memory does not tell me exactly how many years back, but several decades ago I recorded a song, IS WE OWN, with Tradewinds,  essentially highlighting aspects of Guyanese culture that constitute an integral part of our way of life, and the song has now become one of the Tradewinds standards frequently heard on radio and at various public functions. 

The Hague Jumbie

We grow up in Guyana, and the Caribbean generally, with this notion of jumbie, soucoyant, ol’ higue, etc.

A shining life

Two days ago, out of the blue, I had an awful experience with the sudden death of a friend here, Colin Ming, in a traffic accident (he was on a motorbike) that just shattered me. 

A second look

Coming back here to live some eleven years ago, I began writing a regular column for Stabroek News.

‘Us are dust’

Learning, or more appropriately, perhaps, “awareness” is the better word, is usually a gradual, inch by inch process, building and building to finally get there as a shape you can put your mind around. 

Every now and then

In the course of having a career in music, which led to my doing a series of columns headed SO IT GO in Sunday Stabroek, material of one sort of another comes to me in diverse ays. 

Doing it right

Living in Guyana one has to struggle some days to look past this or that irregularity– street garbage; Exxon flaring; inhumane treatment of animals; etc–but some days the light comes on. 

The B.G. Airways Legend

One of the little known stories in the Dave Martins folder would be the time I spent after graduating from Saints Stanislaus College working for B.G.

What a dog

Going in, I have heard all the stories about the Pit Bull breed of dogs, with their potential to be aggressive and even dangerous, but my experience with Peppa, the Pit Bull owned by my stepson Alex Arjoon, my wife Annette’s son from her previous marriage, has been a total joy in the going on two years we’ve known her.

This mixed up place

You’re in Guyana for a week, or for a longer spell Let me give you some background, it will serve you well.

Getting started in music

It occurred to me recently, after a long, rambling conversation with a young musician hopeful, that unless one has gone down that road, you have no idea of how very difficult, I would even say daunting, that path is.

We only know

We think when something ends in our life That we will be braced for it, but very often that’s not the case We only know when we get the hit.

Music doldrums

In the midst of all the continuing malaise triggered by the COVID pandemic here, one of the lesser noted consequences is the effect on the music industry. 

One of the heart-rending stories posted by animal welfare organisation Paws For A Cause-Guyana Facebook page

Mankind’s inhumanity

Going in, I admit to being rather easily astonished, so perhaps it’s not strange that I am completely bowled over by some of the actions one sees ordinary citizens in their daily lives delivering to various animals and birds in their care. 

Old Year’s Night

Like most people in their growing up years, I discovered early the influence music can have in our lives, ranging from birthday parties to wedding receptions to special days in the year, and in celebrations big and small in venues ranging from simple to elaborate. 

Pomeroon Times

Guyana is such a vast and multi-dimensional kind of country that one could a write a column about the different aspects of the place, every week for a year, and still not cover it all. 

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