Women’s Chronicles

Celebrating mothers is only fitting

I was prepared for the morning sickness and food aversions, big feet, swollen fingers, shortness of breath, huge nose and lips, darkened skin across the neck, face and the unimaginable places and of course the stretch marks which many regard as badges of honour.

Depression, anxiety and women

Depression and anxiety are mental health problems, but people are often afraid to admit that they are struggling with these complaints because they are ashamed or do not want to be labelled as mad.

A sister’s miracle experience

I had promised myself for some time now to chronicle my pregnancy experience as a first-time mom so that my daughter can have it as a keepsake if she ever one day wants to know the story of her birth.

Stop blaming the children

“Little girls need to know their place, sorry to say this because I don’t know the whole story, but I know these teenagers behave more bruk out than we old people.”

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