Women’s Chronicles

Making a fresh start in 2020

“For me, just getting a new start is good enough. I ain’t really putting no meaning to New Year’s Day but I just happy that in the new year I not the same way I start out and for that I just thanking God.

Forgiving acts of discrimination and moving on

“I have been living 22 years with HIV and if you look at me you cannot tell but I would not tell any and everybody that I have HIV because the stigma and discrimination is not nice and so I just trying to live my life,” the 46-year-old mother of six told me.

That one slap

“The first time it happen, I can’t say I was shocked because even before we marry, I was afraid of him.

Listening to our sisters

“Excuse me, I am crossing over because by the time I walk around I may lose the seat and I really need the seat,” she said as she lightly held onto my shoulders before quickly grabbing the seat next to me.

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