Making time to care

“Girl right now I so stressed and I not sure what to do,” she said to me, her facial expression exhibiting just how stressed she was.

Why public places in Guyana are still dangerous for women

– stalking, touching, lewd remarks

“University of Guyana (had a guy on a motorcycle follow me at night from all the way… [from]  by Bursary to the parking lot shining a light on my ass and commenting on the things he’d do if he had access to my ass), had cases of walking on the road and had guys following me for almost my entire journey.

Being our sisters’ keepers

“I help out because there comes a time when we all need help and I am just doing my part even though I must tell you it is very hard, but I try,” she said almost breathlessly.

The other side of domestic violence

“Where were you last night? Where were you last night? You want knock me, you knock me,” the woman saying this was speaking to a man; she had grabbed his collar and was tugging and hitting him as she fired off the questions.

We can save our sisters

In the video, the two move in a dance and even though the moves are at times out of time with the beat of the music and the environment somewhat unkempt one initially gets the impression that they are a couple in love having fun; the caption is, “Nobody can stop this love”.

Despairing mom hopes pregnant teen returns to studies

“When I was getting her, I had so much dreams for her. I imagine I would be the perfect mother and she would be the perfect child who would grow up to be somebody good in life with a good job and I would be proud.” She rubbed her belly as if the child was still to be born.

Still underestimating teachers’ worth

“As educators we play the role of imparting knowledge to the nation’s children and as it relates to imparting knowledge, the job demands various roles depending on the age of the pupil and the level that we teach.