Women’s Chronicles

Stop blaming the children

“Little girls need to know their place, sorry to say this because I don’t know the whole story, but I know these teenagers behave more bruk out than we old people.”

How lies hurt children

“I just wanted you out there to know if you are stepmother or a stepfather, sometimes you would try to protect that child, but you should only protect that child from their biological mother or biological father [if he/she] is a threat, if that mother is an abusive mother or that father is an abusive father…” These were the words of a young woman who posted a video on Facebook where she spoke about growing up without her mother and how difficult it was being denied knowing her mother as a child.

Being our sisters’ keepers

“I help out because there comes a time when we all need help and I am just doing my part even though I must tell you it is very hard, but I try,” she said almost breathlessly.

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