Oluatoyin Alleyne

After years with UN, Guyanese is back as businesswoman, mentor

– giving back to country she loves despite horrible 80s experience

Carjacked in a foreign country, an experience that saw a gun placed at the head of her three-year-old daughter; raped by a colleague and having her father falsely accused and prevented from leaving Guyana for nine years are just some of the terrible experiences Cheryl Noel has had in her life, but instead of becoming bitter she is on a mission to help the younger generation.

Struggles of a single mom

“Being a single parent has it positives and  its negatives. For me I have learnt to look past the fact that I am a single parent because honestly sometimes I don’t even remember that these children have a father.” The words of a 38-year-old mother of three (ages 13, 10 and 8) who gets little or no support from the father of the children.

For the love of Guyanese film

– Romola Lucas and co. on mission to promote regional industry

It was out of the need to connect with Guyanese who were interested in seeing films by Guyanese and Caribbean filmmakers that the Timehri Film Festival was born three years ago, according to Romola Lucas, one of its founders.

HIV+ mom of four lives ‘day to day’

Thirty-nine-year-old Kim (not her real name) has been literally living from day to day for the past 15 years and as she enters the New Year she does not see her situation changing because she believes being HIV positive is a case of having “one foot in the grave.” Even though she is on medication and leads a relatively normal life, Kim said if she had one wish for the New Year it would be to be cured.

A glimpse at the life of Cy Grant

- icon immortalized as body of work archived

Many knew of the late UK-based Guyanese actor, musician, writer and poet who became the first black person to be featured regularly on television in the United Kingdom, but those who were intimately acquainted with him recall that he was a deeply spiritual man who practiced Tai Chi and meditation every day.