Oluatoyin Alleyne

[Videos] PPP/C MPs clash with cops over Edghill ejection

Photos by Keno George The start of the consideration of the estimates of the revenue and expenditure for 2018 descended into chaos yesterday when opposition MPs faced off against police over a bid to physically remove member Juan Edghill from the parliament chamber and PPP/C members claim they were assaulted in the ensuing melee.

A new perspective after testing HIV positive

Living with HIV for more than seven years has caused a mother and wife in her 50s to see many a dark day, but as she reflects on her life’s journey after being diagnosed she believes that the diagnosis has been a blessing in disguise as it has seen her become empowered as a woman and an individual.

Watching life pass her by

“I does sit down in the yard all day. I don’t mix or nothing but I does just sit down in the yard because I don’t have nothing to do.” The words of a 21-year-old mother of one who lives in a depressed community in Georgetown.

Self-esteem programme offers a breakthrough

For months Penny Glen, a mother of three, struggled with emotional issues which she could not have described, all of which came to bare when she realized that she could no longer communicate with her eldest daughter who moved from being a normal child to a withdrawn teenager.

People helper Wil Campbell lives his passion

Wil Campbell always knew he wanted to help humanity and he thought the best way to do this was to become a medical doctor but as fate would have it he became a teacher and the service he provided to the most vulnerable (children) propelled him into finding his niche – professional counselling.

Breast cancer survivor Ena Persaud offers hope

Weeks shy of her sixtieth birthday, Ena Persaud was diagnosed with breast cancer and almost three years and a double mastectomy later she is a tower of strength and a woman who is not shy about sharing here experience as she believes that the more women and men talk about cancer more persons would be motivated to take the necessary precautions.

New public service tribunal registrar driven to serve the ordinary indivdual

After more than two decades, members of the public service now have recourse in matters of appointments, dismissals or other forms of disciplinary action with the appointment of the Registrar of the Public Service Appellate Tribunal (PSAT) Newly accepted member of the bar Amoura Giddings was appointed Registrar of the tribunal by President David Granger last week and the young attorney said her new position is right up her alley as she always wanted to work in an area that offers assistance to people who may be struggling.