Questions about teenage pregnancy in Guyana

This column is dedicated to Nikacia Allen, who died at age 17, leaving behind three girl children.

Let’s assume that you are present on a regular basis in the same home as your child/children, grandchildren, niece, or other young female relative/s, that you are paying attention, and that you have enough of a relationship with them to be aware of the basics of their lives.

Water is life!

Water is life. That is the slogan of the Guyana Water Inc, and a truer slogan there never has been.

Tips for dealing with depression

- from individual sufferers to friends and family members

  “I’m so depressed.” This is a common phrase. However, many people still do not understand the difference between ordinary sadness and depression.

The Art of Wellness

{This column is in commemoration of Carifesta which first took place in Guyana in 1972.}One of the regrets of my life is that I don’t have more artistic talent.

Too much technology harms the children

- limit ‘screen time’ for better health and wellness

Who doesn’t have a cellphone these days? Being cellphone-less is akin to either being a member of some uncontacted tribe or other societal misfit.

Cannabis cures (Part 2)

As noted previously, cannabis as medicine has been used worldwide for centuries; there are records documenting its use dating back to as early as 2737 BC.

Love, not licks

Whack! The sound of an object forcibly landing on flesh was clear, penetrating the walls of both houses and the yard in between.

Patient rights

There is a tendency among people, all over the world, to defer to doctors and other healthcare practitioners.

Increasing understanding and reducing stigma around mental illness in Guyana

Introduction Starting today, Stabroek News will publish a biweekly column by Sherlina Nageer on various wellness-related issues, including sexual, reproductive, women, and children’s health, nutrition, primary health care, alternative and traditional medicine, chronic diseases, as well as issues around training, monitoring and evaluation, health policy and education among other areas.