Poinsettias are one of the symbols of Christmas and there is much excitement when they are seen.

Hanging basket ferns

Two of the most popular outdoor hanging basket ferns are Rabbit Foot and Toyo which can be used along the patio.

Christmas ferns

As we welcome the Christmas season, no home is complete without a couple of potted ferns for indoors and hanging baskets for the patio and around the house.

Singapore Bougainvillea

Two of the most common species of Bou-gainvillea are Bougain-villea glabra and Bougainvillea specta-bilis, which was cross-bred and hybridised giving rise to numerous varieties in the most amazing colours.

Ground cover

If you have an open space and do not know what to plant, you should consider some ground cover.


Trees are universally recognized as a symbol of life, prosperity and strength. A tree is a permanent plant with a single trunk or stem covered with leaves and branches.

Vines are Climbers

During this week I met some folks interested in gardening, but they were confused as to what to plant.

Plant trees

There are over three trillion trees around the world. October 5 is designated National Day of Tree Planting in Guyana.


Bamboo comes from the Malay word bambu. Bamboo is a member of the grass family and originated from South East Asia.

The golden shower tree

Cassia fistula, commonly called the golden shower tree, is native to India, Malaysia and Southeast Asia.

Orchids,beautiful orchids!

Arachnis and Dendrobium Orchids are in full bloom at present. I recently harvested 12 sprays of 2 varieties of Arachnis and 6 sprays of Dendrobiums and have another 12 sprays that will come into bloom next week.


Allamanda originated in the Caribbean and tropical Americas. It has several different varieties, which in turn have different common names.

Desert Rose

Adenium commonly called Desert Rose originated in Africa, specifically in the desert, hence the common name.


Angelonia angustifolia,commonly called Angelonia or Summer Snapdragon,originated in Mexico and the Caribbean. Angelonia is a tropical outdoor perennial which grows upright and bushy. 

Pothos Vine

Scindapsus Pictus commonly called Pothos Vine originated in Brazil. This showy plant is grown mainly as a climber and its most striking feature is its showy, heart-shaped leaves.

Ornamental Banana

Musa speciosa commonly called Ornamental Banana originated in Mexico and throughout the tropics. 

Chinese Evergreen

Aglaonema commonly called Chinese Evergreen is grown for its leaves which are famous for their colours and delicate markings. 

Dwarf Bottle Brush

Callistemon Subulatus is commonly called ‘Dwarf Bottle Brush’ and originated in Australia. In 1789, this tree was introduced by Joseph Banks to Kew Gardens and it has adapted well in the Caribbean and in Florida.

Arrowhead Vine

Syngonium Podophyllum commonly called Arrowhead Vine and Butterfly Plant originated in Mexico and America and has adapted well in the Caribbean.

Creeping Fig

Ficus Pumila commonly called Creeping Fig originated in East Asia: China, Japan and Vietnam.

Daisy Mums

Another amazing landscape piece that caught my eye on my recent travel overseas was a rectangle fountain with multicoloured Daisy Mums.


Chrysanthemums are also commonly called Mums. The blooms come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes and in a range of colours; the most popular colours are yellow, white, purple, and red.

Flower circles

On my recent travel overseas, it was amazing to see spring flowers in full bloom. 

The fantastic Zinnia

Zinnias are fantastic garden flowers and are gardeners’ favourites. This is the time of the year when they thrive.

Growing Impatiens

Impatiens commonly called Busy Lizzie originated in Eastern Africa and Asia and comes from the Balsaminaceae family.


Gladiolus commonly called Sword Lily originated in the Mediterranean, Europe, Asia and South Africa.


  Vinca commonly called Periwinkle or Never Done originated in Madagascar and comes from the Catharanthus family; it is different from Catharanthus pusillus which originated in India and Sri Lanka.


Salvia divinorum commonly called Salvia originated in Mexico and is grown throughout the world now. 


The Petunia originated in South America and comes from the Solanaceae family. It was introduced to Europe in the 19th century where it quickly gained popularity.


Helianthus Annuus commonly called Sunflower originated in North America from New Mexico, USA to Canada.


The Shamrock (Oxalis regnellii) is called the Butterfly Plant in Guyana and the Caribbean.

Losing our trees

The rampant loss of trees in the city continues. This time it is upper Brickdam outside of the Ministry of Social Protection where the reserve has been converted  into a  concrete car park.

Losing our trees

Every day, I traverse Brickdam to get to and from work, sometimes as often as four to six times a day so I am familiar with it.

Jade plant

Crassula commonly called the Jade plant originated in South Africa and spread across the world to Asia, Europe and USA hundreds of years ago.

Texas Sage

Texas Sage commonly called Texas Ranger or Barometer Plant originated in Texas, the southwest of the USA, and Mexico, where the temperatures are warm and conditions dry.

Looking at local flowers

When the Caribbean Examinations Council (CXC) introduced Horticulture as part of its Agriculture Science Syllabus some ten years ago, both students and teachers were at a loss as to where to access such information or who to turn to for help.

Know your pines

There are many types of pine trees and in Guyana some people tend to confuse the names and varieties.

Caring for your gift plants

Many of you would have received potted plants as gifts and with the holiday season having ended, I have received many telephone calls on how to care for these new plants.


Thuja originated in Denmark and comes from the Cypress family; it was after World War II that it spread across Europe, then to Asia and North America.


– the symbol of Christmas

It’s here! Just in time for Christmas. Last weekend, I received the most beautiful, potted, red, velvet-like Poinsettia evoking the spirit of Christmas.


The Begonia commonly called Shell Rose was first discovered in Brazil by a Franciscan Monk, Charles Plumier in 1690, who named it after his favourite Botanist Michael Begon.