Justice Ginsburg’s legacy

When Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia died in February 2016, Senate Republicans blocked president Obama from installing his successor as a matter of high principle. 

State media

Minister Kwame McCoy who holds responsibility for Public Affairs within the Office of the Prime Minister told Stabroek News in an interview that the government could see no immediate reason for disbanding any section of the state media. 

All that glitters

In many societies, a gift of jewellery is an expression of love and sometimes a form of commitment.

Year of upheaval

“We are facing a global health crisis unlike any in the 75-year history of the United Nations – one that is killing people, spreading human suffering, and upending people’s lives.

A mountain to climb

Setting aside the loss of life resulting from the advent of COVID-19, the next biggest tragedy has been the erosion of our education system, the requisites of social distancing resulting from the nature of the pandemic wreaking havoc with our accustomed method of education delivery in circumstances where there exists no feasible option that can match what, in the short to medium term at least, has been lost.

Prisons emergency

Saturday’s uprising at the Lusignan Prison in which two inmates were shot dead by prison guards and five others wounded requires emergency steps by the PPP/C government to alleviate squalid conditions at the facility which has seen the spread of COVID-19 and a host of other grouses.

Shiprider agreement

A great deal of speculation preceded the visit of US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to this country, some of it reflecting a tenor of considerable disquiet. 

Courting chaos

In the last two weeks, despite trailing vice-president Biden in every poll, president Trump has  encouraged his supporters to believe that he can only lose a “rigged” election.

A new conversation

It is never easy for an Indigenous population to preserve its culture in the context of a dominant society whose language, economy and social structure are quite different. 

Hate speech

There have been alarming reports recently of what appears to be an impending implosion in Ethiopia.

Speaking out

Politicians the world over mistakenly think that they, and they alone, have the sole rights and reserved privileges to expound on matters of national interest.

Mike Pompeo’s visit

With preparations now underway to facilitate the visit here later this week by the United States’ Secretary of State Michael Pompeo, there has been a brisk burst of chatter in some quarters over the significance of his coming here and just what the key issues on the agenda for the visit might be.

Budget 2020 priorities

When he presented the high-deficit $329.5b budget for 2020 on Wednesday, Minister of Public Works Juan Edghill highlighted two “overriding priorities” in the last quarter of the year: bringing the spread of COVID-19 under control and opening up the economy and restoring economic activity to some level of normalcy.

Race relations

Nothing illustrates better the ethnic stresses in the society than the events in West Berbice and Region Six last week. 

Apocalypse now

“Mother Earth is angry,” said House Speaker Nancy Pelosi as wildfires raged across the western edge of the United States.

West Berbice

Four days ago former President David Granger and Parliamentary Opposition Leader Joseph Harmon went to West Berbice and spoke to the families of the Henry cousins who were brutally murdered on Sunday.

Delivering education

In her 2018 memoir Educated, Cambridge alumna Tara Westover describes, in haunting detail, growing up without being able to attend school until she was 17 years old.

The legacy of Williams Racing

Television viewers of last Sunday’s Formula One (F1) Italian Grand Prix were fortunate to bear witness to the very rare event of the double changing of the guard in a discipline.

The Skeldon factory

In keeping with one of its major manifesto promises, the PPP/C government is moving ahead with plans to reopen the East Demerara, Rose Hall and Skeldon estates. 

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