One hundred and eighty-three years have passed since those freed from enslavement on August 1st crowded the churches to give thanks to God.

Aviation accidents

On the 14th of this month a Cessna Caravan belonging to Jags Aviation of the BK Group ran off the runway in Eteringbang, Region Seven. 

Heinous crimes

On Sunday last, as part of its ongoing UK Child Abuse Inquiry series, the Guardian newspaper published the chilling account of celebrated English judge Lord Patrick Devlin’s insidious and horrific sexual, physical and psychological abuse of his daughter Clare, which began before she was seven years old in the 1940s and continued for well over a decade.


Large forests have been felled for the paper to print endless volumes and numerous research papers on the all-consuming subjects of leaders and leadership, compared to the smattering of trees sacrificed for the oft overlooked Second-in-Command (2IC) position which has not garnered the attention of organizational scholars as it deservedly merits.

How our oil wealth is managed must be an open secret

Yesterday’s lead article in the Stabroek News bringing to public attention the unease of economist Tarron Khemraj over what he says may be the political administration’s particular preference for the creation of a specific type of Natural Resource Fund (NRF) for the country’s collectables from the sale of oil will, in all likelihood, not be the last we will hear on this issue.

Rebooting Amaila Falls Hydropower Project

As it vowed it would do after acceding to office on August 2nd last year, the PPP/C government has formally served notice that the Amaila Falls Hydropower Project (AFHP) is back on the agenda with the expectation that construction will begin in the second half of next year.

Criminals on the Cuyuni

Commander Dion Moore with responsibility for Region Seven said on the GPF’s online programme last week that Guyanese vessels were being attacked by Sindicato and other guerrilla gangs along the Cuyuni River.  

The incredible shrinking shopping basket

Anyone who shops in any of the country’s vibrant markets – from Corriverton to Parika via Bourda – will have witnessed over the past two months astonishing price increases for fruits and vegetables.

The Ministry v the union

One of the obstacles in the way of achieving any kind of rational governance in Guyana is the politicisation of so many organisations in the society.


On Monday last, the Guyana National Bureau of Standards (GNBS) seized and destroyed yet another quantity of inferior electrical merchandise.

Pushing the envelope

Last Sunday’s British Grand Prix will, in all likelihood, be the main topic of heated discussion for the rest of this Formula One (F1) season, following a high-speed collision between Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton during the first lap of the race.

Our traffic management crisis

Hardly a week goes by these days without the occurrence of some particularly gruesome accident on our streets which leaves us numbed and, more than that, leaves behind mangled corpses, horrific injury-related disfigurements and devastated families.

The unvaccinated

With the official COVID-19 death toll now at 512 and growing, an existential threat faces those persons who have refused to be vaccinated with one of the several shots available here.

Power struggle

There has been little evidence of cohesion in the PNCR since the election, although disaffection has until recently expressed itself not in the form of a comprehensive response to perceived shortcomings, but as a series of reactions to individual issues.

NIS outreach

The announcement on Thursday by Senior Minister in the Office of the President with responsibility for Finance, Dr.

Hunger in a world of plenty

At the end of April this year, China passed a food waste prevention law that now prohibits competitive eating and the making of binge-eating videos; people caught performing either of these two acts face hefty fines.

The Panenka

It is quite understandable if at around nine o’clock last Sunday evening, sports lovers fell asleep on their couches, in front of their television sets, where they might have been ensconced for the previous 48 hours, their source of deep slumber an overdose of a sporting fanatic’s ultimate dream weekend.

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