Common prosperity

Just over a year ago, the term common prosperity began to gain more traction when it was firmly set as a goal to which China aspires.


Linguists and translators are often confronted with the conundrum of there not being a true literal translation of one word from its language of origin to another unrelated language since the word may have more than one meaning or it’s tied to the culture and its usage pertains to specific circumstances.

No time like the present

Widely regarded as a giant among dwarfs, there had been times, previously, when it   was widely accepted that Brazil had little to gain from ties with either of two of its immediate neighbours, Guyana and Suriname, save and except a formal acknowledgement of boundary-related jurisdictional considerations and the responsibilities that had to do with a common mindfulness what those geographic boundaries meant in real terms.

ExxonMobil and the regulators

It is increasingly clear that ExxonMobil’s business of unbridled extraction of oil offshore Guyana has taken pre-eminence over responsible governance and regulatory authority.

NTC executive

The governing party is certainly not insensitive to the fact that its ability to win elections depends on the Indigenous vote.

Yesu Persaud

They say the motivation behind great human achievements is a fear of being forgotten after we die.


There are rumbles of a possible war reverberating on the other side of the Atlantic. 

Public transportation

By October last year, some $8 billion had been spent on Guyana’s ‘Road Building Revolution’, which is the term touted on President Irfaan Ali’s Facebook page, and, according to information supplied elsewhere by Minister within the Ministry of Public Works Deodat Indar, there was approximately $17 billion more to be spent on roads and bridges throughout the country.


In October 2021, the UK Parliament’s Science and Technology and the Health and Social Care Committees issued a scathing report on the initial poor handling of the coronavirus pandemic by scientists and government ministers in the early months of 2020.

The travails of the Food & Drug Department

The Guyana Manufacturing & Services Association (GMSA), in its media release of Friday January 14, is calling on the Minister of Health to use his authority “to ensure the compliance of rules, regulations, and standards and to empower the Government Analyst-Food and Drug Department (GA-FDD) to so do.”

The cleanup and the city

The Government, the Joint Services, the Private Sector Commission (PSC), citizens and others who turned out on Saturday and yesterday to clean up the capital city must be applauded.

Orin Boston

Four months to the day since Dartmouth businessman Orin Boston was fatally shot in his bed by a member of the SWAT squad, the police were finally advised to charge the shooter with manslaughter.

Political machinations

The PNCR is in the midst of a power struggle. Despite the fact that Mr Joe Harmon lost in his attempt to succeed to the leadership of the party, he is still the Leader of the Opposition, a body which encompasses APNU+AFC and Mr Lenox Shuman, who currently occupies the joinder seat in Parliament that is shared with two other parties.

Keeping the city clean

Over the years a lot has been said about continuity and at first glance one might say it’s a word that means absolutely nothing to the stewards of Georgetown, or the central government for that matter, and this covers all those who have considered themselves suitable to govern both city and country over the last few decades.

Djokovic visa controversy

Last week Wednesday, Novak Djokovic, nine-time winner of the Australian Open, and current defending champion arrived at Melbourne’s Tullamarine Airport  just after midnight, following 25 hours of flying.

CARICOM food security false starts

There has been, in recent years, no marked change in the leaden-footed posture of CARICOM member states in the matter of setting and more importantly, efficiently and expeditiously implementing an agenda for taking the region closer to a condition of food security.

Bonasika tragedy

On January 5th a mother and her daughter died tragically at Bonasika Creek when their house collapsed on them. 


In November last year the government finally unveiled its reforms for the electoral system in the shape of The Representation of the People (Amendment) Bill.


The curse of greed seems to be surging ahead as if astride the wings of the galloping Greek mythical horse, Pegasus, despite a worldwide pandemic.

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