The World Beyond Georgetown

For close to seven years now reporters attached to this newspaper have gone to various communities in all ten regions of Guyana, seeking to shed light on their customs, way of life and issues. Recognising that for a very long time, many of the far-to-reach places were out of sight and in several instances out of mind as well.

A view of Byderabo from the Essequibo River
A view of Byderabo from the Essequibo River


Byderabo is a picturesque community on the outskirts of Bartica. Its diverse population, a large percentage of whom depend on gold mining for their livelihoods, is made up of at least five of the six Guyanese ethnicities.

The welcome sign on the bus shed
The welcome sign on the bus shed


Down the left bank of the Mahaica River between the populated villages of Supply and Cane Grove is the community of Strathavon, which is home to approximately 800 people.

Enjoying an afternoon ride
Enjoying an afternoon ride

Lowland, Hope

Formerly rice fields, Lowland, Hope, on the East Coast Demerara, is home to hundreds of people, many of whom depend on fishing for their livelihood.

Seulall’s four sons posing for a photo on a swing they made themselves

Richmond Housing Scheme

Richmond Housing Scheme on the Essequibo Coast has been in existence for more than 30 years and a haven to the 1,000+ people who made it their home over the years.

Six-year-old Blake Primary School student Mario Williams pulling his tree-branch boat around his yard


Formerly called Johanna Cornelia, Blake is home to a population of approximately 60 people, most of whom farm and vend.

On their way home from schools: From left: Devayani Persaud of Fort Wellington Secondary School, Jason Bhuggoo (Number 8 Secondary) and Mohanie Siarjoon (Woodley Park Secondary)


Shieldstown, West Bank Berbice serves as a haven for its more than 1,500 residents.

Employees of the rice mill catching hurri with their bucket


Strangroen is a tiny community in Mahaicony, East Coast Demerara. Its handful of families have a total of 25 members, most of whom are grown and are employed in the rice fields or at Rayaadul Rice Industries in the village.

Hemwanttie Sukhu (left) and Shereen Sarjoo

New Scheme, Hope

New Scheme, Hope Estate is a multi-ethnic community totalling approximately 200 residents from many different parts of Guyana.

Nice afternoon for fishing: This trio caught a patwa in a nearby canal, from left are Vishnu, Krishan and Delon


Vereeniging is in Mahaica, sandwiched between Supply and Cane Grove. This farming village is home to approximately 200 residents.

Young boys in a boat

Wine Bush

Wine Bush, a sub community of Leonora, West Coast Demerara is bordered by Groenveldt and the seawall that keeps the Atlantic at bay.

Big Biaboo homes along the Mahaica Creek

Big Biaboo

Big Biaboo, nestled between Little Biaboo and Grass Hook at Mahaica, has some 100 residents.

Farmers heading into the backdam

St Lawrence

St Lawrence is in the Parika, East Bank Essequibo area, between Present Hope and Hubu and opposite Hog Island.

The view on entering Sisters from New Amsterdam


With just over 250 residents, Sisters stands as the most populated village on the Upper East Bank of Berbice.

Naline Singh with her daughter Ashley, son Adesh and nephew Amar


Fourteen years ago, when Naline Singh got married she left the busy village of Goed Fortuin to live in the quiet countryside village where her husband grew up.

Friends playing chink with marbles

Goshen – Part 2

Last week in the World Beyond Georgetown, I began to explore Goshen, mostly through the eyes of ‘Auntie’ Carmen Williams.

A young boy climbing a mango tree at Goshen. See more on centre pages ( Photo by Joanna Dhanraj)


Goshen, a satellite community of River’s View Village, is situated in Region 10 (Upper Demerara-Berbice), though it is across the Essequibo River from Bartica, which is in Region 7 (Cuyuni-Mazaruni).

Gail Budburgh and her daughter Tanisha

Rebecca’s Rust

Rebecca’s Rust is situated between Harmony Hall and Carlton Hall at Mahaicony, East Coast Demerara, approximately 47 kilometres from Georgetown.

A view of Region Back

Region Back, Mahaica

As we headed along the De Hoop Branch Road, Mahaicony, the driver of the vehicle was pointing out the villages we passed.

Pupils of Leonora Primary pose for a photo. From left are Delon, Jamesha, Darshanie and Leron


Home to some 500 people, Groenveldt, on the West Coast Demerara, is sandwiched between Leonora and Edinburgh and is believed to have existed since the late 19th century.

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