The World Beyond Georgetown

For close to seven years now reporters attached to this newspaper have gone to various communities in all ten regions of Guyana, seeking to shed light on their customs, way of life and issues. Recognising that for a very long time, many of the far-to-reach places were out of sight and in several instances out of mind as well.

Pohmatie Moosai with her great grandsons Shane and Sid and their friend Ania Ramdeen of Mortice Primary School
Pohmatie Moosai with her great grandsons Shane and Sid and their friend Ania Ramdeen of Mortice Primary School

Family life in Mortice

Mortice, Mahaicony, East Coast Demerara is not visible from the Mahaicony main road.

Radhika and Seeram
Radhika and Seeram


Clairmont, a tiny village in Leguan, sits between Good Intent and Uniform.

Surrat Singh and Indrowtie Mohanlall
Surrat Singh and Indrowtie Mohanlall

Flora Garden

Flora Garden is situated along the De Hoop Branch Road in Mahaica, East Coast Demerara, where it is flanked by Number Ten and Handsome Tree.

This clothing vendor is from Region Two; he travels weekly to El Paso and other surrounding communities to ply his trade. Behind him is the defunct hydropower plant.

El Paso

El Paso is a community located in Region Eight (Potaro-Siparuni), west of the Tumatumari Falls, a scenic haven for its less than 200 residents, most of whom are indigenous people.

 Pupils of Richmond Hill Primary on their way home

Kingston, Leguan

Kingston is a village in Leguan, north-west of the island’s dock and bordered by Doornhag and Tewkesbury.

Toshao Cleveland Henry


Micobie is a picturesque Amerindian settlement two hours outside of Mahdia, which can only be accessed by climbing what are among the steepest and most dangerous hills in Guyana or via the Potaro River.

A benab in the village

Campbelltown revisited

Ninety-seven-year-old Cecil Thomas was the first toshao of Campbelltown, which is the closest village to Mahdia, in Region Eight, at just a five-minute walk away.

Anita Daniels surrounded by her granddaughters: Ferisa John, Leewana De La Cruz and Lena Daniels


Princeville is in Region Eight (Potaro-Siparuni), a half an hour’s ride from the mining town of Mahdia and home to more than 100 residents who are still learning to co-exist with the wildlife that was there before them.

Ganesh Phillips and his children, Shem, Yelena and Ellenita

Present Hope

Present Hope, East Bank Essequibo, bordered by Saint Lawrence and Lookabu, is a haven to the more than 100 people who call it home.

The cleared blackwater canal that separates Cane Grove Estate from Coconut Dam, Cane Grove

Cane Grove

Nestled at the far end on the left bank of the Mahaica River, 28 miles from Georgetown and surrounded by rice fields, is the fairly large village of Cane Grove.

One of the main streets

Clifton Settlement 

In Clifton Settlement, which was once known as Port Mourant, then Tain, located along the Corentyne highway in Region Six, fish vendor Angela Naidu wakes at 2 am to head to work on most days.

A view of Planters Hall

Planters Hall

Just over 31 miles from the city on the East Coast Demerara, and bordered by Zealand and Cottage, is a community called Planters Hall where the people live up to the name.

A view of Unity


Unity, East Bank Essequibo is a little village between Blake and Hubu.

A view of Byderabo from the Essequibo River


Byderabo is a picturesque community on the outskirts of Bartica. Its diverse population, a large percentage of whom depend on gold mining for their livelihoods, is made up of at least five of the six Guyanese ethnicities.

The welcome sign on the bus shed


Down the left bank of the Mahaica River between the populated villages of Supply and Cane Grove is the community of Strathavon, which is home to approximately 800 people.

Enjoying an afternoon ride

Lowland, Hope

Formerly rice fields, Lowland, Hope, on the East Coast Demerara, is home to hundreds of people, many of whom depend on fishing for their livelihood.

Seulall’s four sons posing for a photo on a swing they made themselves

Richmond Housing Scheme

Richmond Housing Scheme on the Essequibo Coast has been in existence for more than 30 years and a haven to the 1,000+ people who made it their home over the years.

Six-year-old Blake Primary School student Mario Williams pulling his tree-branch boat around his yard


Formerly called Johanna Cornelia, Blake is home to a population of approximately 60 people, most of whom farm and vend.

Employees of the rice mill catching hurri with their bucket


Strangroen is a tiny community in Mahaicony, East Coast Demerara. Its handful of families have a total of 25 members, most of whom are grown and are employed in the rice fields or at Rayaadul Rice Industries in the village.

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