First Published March 31 1990


DEMERARA CHANNEL The Demerara Channel was dredged extensively during 1968 by a chartered foreign owned suction dredge to facilitate the carriage of increased tonnes of bauxite from the transshipment vessel permanently moored in the harbour of Georgetown.

First Published March 30 1988

Readers Mail Bag

Georgetown Prison THE INMATES at the Georgetown Prison are calling for the setting up of a Parliamentary Committee — of all parties in Parliament, as well as the Guyana Council of Churches, the Guyana Human Rights Association and the TUC to urgently investigate certain practices at the Georgetown Prison.

First Published March 29 1989

The Small Businessman

She enjoys the freedom her job offers but remains… Committed To Her Customers IF YOU happen to be in Linden and want to look your best on a limited budget Leota’s Fashion World is the place to go.

First Published march 28 1990

GSPCA Nabs Cruel Animal Owners

IN A surprise raid late last week the Guyana Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (GSPCA) impounded a large number of unfor­tunate animals and arrested several owners.

First published March 27, 1987

PCD Calls For Street Protests THE People’s Progres­sive Party and the Working People’s Alli­ance, the two major parties in the Patriotic Coalition for Democracy, have both called on workers to take action from the bottom if their trade union leaders continue to allow themselves to be manipulated by gov­ernment.

First Published March 26, 1988

The A.J. Mc R. Cameron Column

Preserving Georgetown THE uniqueness of Georgetown’s architecture has often been written about, but then perhaps the point cannot be repeated too often.

First published March 25, 1989

Doctors’ Quarters Need Urgent Repairs THE doctors’ liv­ing quarters located at Quamina and Waterloo Streets is slowly but surely becoming an ‘eye sore,’ according to observers.

First published March 24, 1990

Senator Kennedy ups The Election Pressure UNITED States Senator Edward Ken­nedy has joined the free and fair elections fight here in what opposition politicians and political observers see as the most important boost to the movement yet.

First published March 23, 1988

Govt Reviewing Hydro Power Possibilities BY SHARIEF KHAN GOVERNMENT is taking another look at the possible establish­ment of a hydro-power scheme at Tiger Hill, up the Demerara river, as it seeks to push the development of alternative sources of energy.

First published March 22, 1989

D’Aguiar Calls For Sound Currency CHAIRMAN of Banks D.I.H. Ltd., Mr. Peter D’Aguiar, comparing President Desmond Hoyte with Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev said both leaders have been very unlucky.

First published on March 21, 1990

Four Scholars Who Triumphed By Hard Work THE Public Service Ministry has offered six scholarships this year for successful students at the 1989 GCE ‘A’ Level examinations.

First Published March 20 1987

Leonora Factory Closure...

The Human Side By PARVAT1 PERSAUD EDWARDS   CENTRED around the former factory site, this once thriving commun­ity, of which the main source of livelihood was the sugar estate, has fallen upon penurious times.

First published March 19, 1988

Sea defences in shambles COASTLANDERS and residents in riverain areas are bracing themselves for extraordinary high tides predicted for this time of the month.

First Published March 18 ,1989

Jagan attacks State Media Campaign

The People’s Progressive party (PPP) reacting to recent allegations in the state media that its leader is inciting violence, has said that the government is resorting to “lies and distortions” to create hysteria.

First Published March 17 1990

Cambios Off To Flying Start

COMPETITION has broken out between leading com­mercial banks in the bid to at­tract business under the new Cambio Act.

First Published March 16, 1988

UN To Advise Guysuco On Disposal Of Thallium

A UNITED Nations consultant is due here in the near future to advise the Guyana Sugar Corporation (Guysuco) on the best way of disposing of its thallium sulphate stocks.

Date First Published March 15, 1989

Skilled Persons Badly Needed

—Pres. Hoyte PRESIDENT Des­mond Hoyte has ex­pressed the hope that the proposed ‘Skills Training for Development Programme’ (STEP) would produce people with the necessary skills who will not com­promise high standards.

Date first Published March 14, 1990

PNC, PPP Lock Horns In TV Debate

THE People’s National Congress (PNC) Govern­ment is pressing opposition forces to come up with a viable alternative to the Economic Re­covery Programme (ERP).

Roxana Kawall – She Exposed the Killer

ASSISTANT Editor of the weekly ‘Catholic Standard,’ Roxana Kawall, is the journalist who first began exposing the fact that thallium sulphate was poisoning persons.

Date first published March 12,1988

A Rough Crossing for West Bank Commuters

Food, Fuel In Short Supply In Wake Of Collapse Of Bridge By SHARIEF KHAN   CHAOS dominates the Demerara River ferry service, flour and other food items are in short supply west of the river and prices have jumped steeply in the wake of the collapse of the Demerara River bridge.

First Published March 11. 1989

A Virtuoso Performance

THE Mighty Sparrow demonstrated his tremendous talent, skill and professionalism in calypso when he gave a soundly entertaining performance at the National Cultural Centre last Tuesday night.

First Published March 10, 1990

PPP Welcomes Bush Comment On Elections

THE Peoples Pro­gressive Party (PPP) says that US President George Bush’s Republic day message is “the most dramatic comment yet by the USA on the electoral process in Guyana.” In his message Presi­dent expressed the hope that the impending elections here “will reflect the democratic values shared by both our peoples.” The PPP says that President Desmond Hoyte’s response to the message was “most misleading.” President Hoyte in his response said both “peoples share the same democratic values” and this has been reflected traditionally and will be in the next elections.

First Published March 9, 1988

Reward for Alert Driver

GTSL driver George Halley is to be given a monetary award for saving the lives of a busload of schoolchildren crossing the Demerara Harbour Bridge when it collapsed last week.

First Published MArch 8, 1989

The Small Businessman

Good Management Means Good Business MICHAEL SOLO­MON is one of three businessmen who pooled their re­sources and ex­perience to form Home Services En­terprise two months ago.

First Published March 7, 1988

US Believes Hoyte Plans To Hold Fair Elections

THE United States government has stopped short of openly censuring the electoral track re­cord of Presi-dent Desmond Hoyte’s ruling PNC but Washington says its goal here is free and fair flections.

First Published March 5 1988

Harbour Bridge Has Fallen Down And Creates Chaos Among Commuters

$5m Repair Bill A section of the Harbour Bridge submerged in the Demerara River (above left).

Date first published March 6, 1987

Country Placed On Alert GOVERNMENT and the Health Ministry virtually placed the country on Red Alert last week as the growing thallium sulphate poisoning assumed new and alarming dimensions.

Date first published March 4, 1989

Sarney Is Here Road, debt rescheduling may be on the Agenda PRESIDENT of Brazil Jose Sarney ar­rived here yesterday on an official visit ex­pected to deepen ties between the two countries.

Date first published March 3, 1990

Miners Must Minimise Environmental Damage – King The Geology and Mines Commission and the environment agency are moving to arrest wanton environmental destruction in gold and diamond mining areas.

Date first published March 2, 1988

Sanata Squeezed By Central Bank

Clothing Manufacturers Face Closure By SHARIEF KHAN   SMALL garment manufacturers say they face imminent closure be­cause Sanata Textiles Limited is no longer selling them its cotton fab­rics.

Guymine Derecognises Bauxite Unions

CCL briefed by FITUG

By SHARIEF KHAN   THE backlash of the FITUG one-day protest last Friday is turning out to be furious and is intensifying the rift between government and the dissident seven-member trade union alliance.

Date First Published February 28, 1990

‘Altering’ More Profitable Now Than Tailoring – Hermon The Small Businessman HERMON Bholaisingh (43), is a tailor who comes from a family of tailors.

First Published February 27 1987

Outstanding Debts Crippling Operations At Coldingen

$5.5m Owed To The Caribbean’s Most Modern Workshop COLDINGEN Workshop on the East Coast is a multi-million dollar maintenance facility built by the East Germans in 1980 and thrown into op­eration two years later.

Date First Published February 26, 1991

Guysuco’s diversification programme reduced Remaining areas may be divested THE Guyana Sugar Corporation’s (Guysuco) formal diver­sified crops programme has been whittled down to concentrate on three main areas in the wake of the management takeover by Booker Tate and these may be subject to divestment shortly.

First Published February 25 1989

Sugar, Many Bauxite Workers Stay Home

Georgetown Almost Normal By Sharief Khan THE one-day protest call by the dissident trade union alliance echoed resound­ingly in the sugar and bauxite belts yester­day but sounded hollow in the capital Georgetown.

First Published February 24 1988

Obituary on Carl Blackman

By C.D. KIRTON MY FRIEND and colleague Carl Blackman died last week at his home just past high noon at three score years and seven after his birth.

Janet Scatters flour In House

THE opposition People’s Progressive Party (PPP) Monday afternoon dramatised the food shortage situation by donning protest placards in the National Assembly and then walking out of Parliament.

First Published February 21 1990

Government Not Selling Out - Hoyte

PRESIDENT Desmond Hoyte has replied to critics who charge his government with “selling out” to foreign investors.

First Published February 19, 1991

Demerara Woods sold to English investors

DEMERARA Woods Limited (DWL) the large state-owned timber company, has been sold by government to English investors for US$16.5m.

Date First Published February 18, 1989

Govt Puts 10 State-Owned Enterprises Up For Sale Profiles Available By April BY SHARIEF KHAN AT LEAST ten public companies are likely to be divested by government as part of its economic restructuring programme, it has been officially confirmed.

Date First Published February, 17, 1988

Sanata Expands By MARGARET KENDALL SANATA Textiles celebrated its Eighth Anniversary of operations on February the 15, with the commissioning of its new Cotton/Polyester Line and Emergency power generating Unit.

Date First Published February, 16, 1992

PNC stays with old electoral officials THE ruling PNC, through its members on the Elections Commission has nominated the 10 former registrars to continue in these positions for the upcoming elections putting it at odds with opposition parties which have put up fresh names.

Date First Published February, 15, 1989

EEC Helps GEC with Crisis The  European Economic Community is rushing in ‘ spares’ for the Guyana Electricity Corporation’s Kingston Power Station and is financing the work programme of at least six consultants on temporary attach­ments to the corporation.

Date First Published February 14, 1990

GAWU Holds Stimulating Dialogue On Divestment DIVESTMENT in an undemocratic environment will erode the sinking economy further, according to labour leaders, the political opposition leader and a leading economist and WPA executive member.

First Published February 13,1987

Why would we hide Smith? asks the WPA

REACTING to last week’s ‘Stabroek News’ exclusive interview with Gregory Smith, the WPA, in a statement declared he would be finally exposed by his claim that the party got him out of Guyana.

Date First Published February 12, 1991

PPP, WPA ask Carter to intercede by Sharief Khan OPPOSITION par­ties are calling on former US President Jimmy Carter to again intercede with President Desmond Hoyte to help prevent rigging of the coming general elections.

Date First Published February, 11, 1989

Reynolds Is Back… Joint $US25m Bauxite Project THE Government of Guyana and Reynolds International Inc., last Wednesday signed a Memorandum of Understanding in which they agreed to join in the development and mining of baux­ite deposits located in the Aroaima reg­ion of Guyana, and in the marketing and sale of bauxite extracted from that mine.

First Published February 10 1988

Funds Must Be Borrowed

We have none – Gittens By BERT WILKINSON GUYANA Manufacturers’ Association (GMA) President Mr.