Where to after the CCJ?

Dear Editor, There is an anticlimactic feel to the court decision(s). Now there is breathing space for re-strategising and repositioning, and none more so than for an opposition, which prematurely overreached.

The Appeal Court ruling is surprising

Dear Editor, It has been shown time and again that courts have made decisions that goes against all logic and standing precedents in order to achieve a certain outcome.

The ruling of the two judges was disheartening

Dear Editor, A friend of mine who is an attorney and also holds a ministerial position in another country, once told me that the ethics in law is different from that of the practice of physicians as lawyers generally are not held to the standards of the medical profession.

Not a verdict

Dear Editor, By their own reasoning, the Court of Appeal has not delivered a verdict: all three judges would have to agree.

Warrior genes

Dear Editor, It is disheartening to read horrific stories of ending another’s life through violence.

NZ PM stood tall after terror attack

Dear Editor, The Prime Minister of New Zealand,  Jacinda Ardern, might not be tall, but she certainly stood tall for her country and particularly the Muslim community, following the recent horrific terrorist attacks on two mosques in that country.

No water at Eccles Old Road

Dear Editor, It is very disturbing to witness the suffering for water especially during the short holiday season, can you imagine no water and in the homes of people at Eccles Old Road near to the Oxygen Company? 

City has to do its part to help restore order and good neighbourliness

Dear Editor, We, the public, will continue to read the pronouncements of the authorities with scepticism, snorts of derision, or even some good humour, depending on our mood, since they almost always display healthy measures of double standards or plain hypocrisy.

Stunning police silence on O’Toole case

Dear Editor, It is now eight weeks since Dr Brian O’Toole was shot in the driveway of his home; ten days since I first wrote pointing out the lack of police action on this matter.

Some of Derrick Cummings rules

Dear Editor, I recently attended a surprise dinner for a close colleague who attained the status of what I fondly refer to as senior citizen first class (NIS pension at 60 is 2nd class).

Mr Ram omitted key facts pertaining to 2015 elections

Dear Editor, I write in response to a letter by Christopher Ram, captioned “GECOM’s requirement of a minimum period of 148 days to hold elections is an admission of its incompetence” (SN: 03.18.2019).

Acid test of credibility of elections is the willingness of the loser(s) to concede defeat

Dear Editor, In a recent letter (SN, March 17th, 2019), Mr. Vincent Alexander, Commissioner of GECOM, made a rather cryptic comment that leaves me wondering if the episode I relate below might be part of what he might have meant by “intermediary” in his statement that “The never-held … Houston bye-election in 1961, Boodhoo`s  malfeasance in 2006 – 2011 … and the unlawful issuance of proxies and consequentially illegal voting in Mabaruma in the 2018 local government elections represent the alpha, part intermediary and omega of electoral malfeasance in Guyana, to date.” It must have been in the 1980s, on the ground floor of the Dorothy Bailey Health Centre on South Road. 

Citizens can take a variety of actions to defend the Constitution

Dear Editor, At the recent Town Hall style meeting held by RISE to discuss consequences of the No-confidence motion and possible avenues for averting crisis, I clashed with ANUG representative Timothy Jonas when he asserted that no party other than APNU+AFC has the ‘muscle’ (his word not mine) to successfully apply pressure via protest action in Guyana.