Stabroek wharf vendors have been dealt with in a high-handed manner

Dear Editor, Please permit me to inform and update citizens of the plight of vendors following the special meeting held by the city council on Monday, September  17, 2018 on the decision to relocate stall holders plying their trade at the Stabroek Market Wharf to a portion of reserve west of the Parliament Building.

Disgusted with reports on Childcare and Protection Agency

Dear Editor, I am writing this letter and trusting that it will be published in your newspaper for I am utterly disgusted with articles written on stories coming out of the Agency and this week-end was the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back. 

Not fair on children to be left in an institution indefinitely

Dear Editor, The Director of the Child Care and Protection Agency, Ann Greene, is correct in asserting that it is not fair on children to be left in an institution indefinitely by their parents `Distraught mom seeks to be reunited with sons adopted, taken to US’ (Sunday Stabroek September 16).

Could I ask GWI to be more customer-friendly please? 

Dear Editor,  I note that the Guyana Water Inc. (GWI) has been publishing a series of advertisements indicating that the Public Utilities Commission (PUC) has approved changes in rates with effect from October 01, 2018.

Evergreen Nature Study Club is 21

Dear Editor, The Evergreen Nature Study Club was established in September 1997, Georgetown, and soon taken to Secondary and Primary Schools in other parts of the country with the aim of awakening the curiosity of the human mind emphasizing on natural science, geography, research techniques and tourism habits.

Glorious memories of the school boy stand

Dear Editor, While at Secondary School when it was cricket season we would get half days so we could go and enjoy watching the great West Indian team play at the famous Bourda Ground in Georgetown.

Serial falsifiers

Dear Editor, Guyanese do not have to watch television, or follow the tweeting flurries, or go to the expense of an American Airlines flight to the U.S.

Mayor of Linden has been a failure

Dear Editor, I read some articles about the recent APNU primaries in Linden and I wasn’t shocked to see some councillors were rejected by their constituency.

Peeing contests

Dear Editor, A perusal of the letter columns in the major newspapers indicate a majority of male letter writers.

We all have security concerns

Dear Editor, We read from Stabroek News on Friday the news alert that `China envoy in meeting with Ramjattan on security of Chinese community’.

Stress of building house in Guyana almost pushed me over the edge

Dear Editor, I waited so long, endured so much frustration, pain and anxiety, but when the moment came that I  had been waiting and working toward for nearly a decade finally arrived in April to fulfill my Guyanese dream of building a house in Guyana, it was not what I expected.


Dear Editor, How can workers’ right to severance be deemed as ‘haemorrhaging’ the State and ‘sucked funds from other programmes’?

Don’t be too harsh

Dear Editor, I strongly agree and support that national symbols must never be desecrated.

Member of Industrial Court of Trinidad and Tobago should be part of teachers arbitration tribunal

Dear Editor, From their respective pronouncements including in SN’s columns of September, 8 2018, there appear clear indications from both of the contending parties – Ministry of Education and Guyana Teachers’ Union  – of a hefty sense of relief – from a the recent confusion of (re)  negotiations, accompanied by anxious expectancy about Arbitration – a process with which the actual players may not be familiar.

Tourism Authority negotiated lower figures with both marketing companies

Dear Editor, In response to the Stabroek News article entitled `Firms hired through restrictive tendering for tourism drive in North America, Germany’ published on September 6th, 2018, the Guyana Tourism Authority (GTA) would like to correct the inaccurate contracted amounts mentioned in the article.  

Questions for Minister Gaskin on Esso’s pre-contract costs

Dear Editor, I have 13 questions for Business Minister Dominic Gaskin on Exxon’s Esso’s pre-contract costs 1.By the end of which year does the Minister expect to honour the US$4.4 Billion Pre-Contract Costs claim, referred to by the Public and Government Affairs Officer; Ms.