Letters to the Editor

Coronavirus task force should be meeting with corporate Guyana

Dear Editor, Is there a plan for the Leadership of the Coronavirus Committee/Task Force to meet with the Leadership of Corporate Guyana/Private Businesses (Banks DIH, DDL, the Financial Institutions, ANSA McAl, Massy Group, Demtoco, Digicel, GTT, Grace Kennedy, etc etc etc  and to engage them in meaningful discussions about your plans, the activities you are hoping to undertake and the quantity of resources needed and their possible assistance in helping the nation  to  acquire the required  items?

Covid-19 test kits

Dear Editor, For anyone in the Ministry of Public Health or from the Covid-19 multi-stakeholder response forum that is interested in having more test kits to help detect the virus amongst the populace, please do reach out to Mylab Discovery Solutions Pvt Lab.

There is still so much good

Dear Editor,      These are hard and despairing days.       Theodore Roethke wrote: “In a dark time the eye begins to see…”        There is still so much good.

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