SPU behaviour not reflective of the standards consistently upheld by GuySuCo’s management

Dear Editor, It was at a joint meeting of representatives of GuySuCo and the Special Purpose Unit (SPU) with the Sugar Unions, GAWU and NAACIE, about October 2017, when the SPU in its presentation optimistically announced that there was the promise of some seventy prospective investors, who had expressed a primary interest in the sugar estates that were due to be effectively closed – Skeldon, Rose Hall, East Demerara (Enmore); LBI and Wales Estates had already been closed.

Existing Leguan stelling will remain in operation

Dear Editor, In keeping with its national commitments, the Ministry of Public Infrastructure wishes to remind the general public that the construction of the new Leguan Stelling is slated for commencement in 2019.

Prof Beckles’ cricket advice has not been helpful

Dear Editor, On the cricket front one does not hear much about Prof Beckles now-a-days, which is a good thing that would enable the professor to pay more attention to his scholarly work, in which he excels, and less attention to cricket.

Refusal to offer an apology

Dear Editor, The refusal to offer an apology or at least a withdrawal of the claim in view of proof presented and no sanctions, not even a reprimand from the one in charge of proceedings within the hallowed Chamber, is a clear sign of the level of autocracy the country has descended to.

Delay in rehabilitation of Itaballi Landing road

Dear Editor, The Ministry of Public Infrastructure wishes to notify the general public of the unforeseen delay in the rehabilitation of the Itaballi Landing to Puruni Landing road due to inclement weather and continued damage to the route by overladen trucks.

Freudian slip or amateur politician?

Dear Editor, Volda Lawrence’s foot in mouth speech, which was recently spotlighted, was either a Freudian slip or a sign of an amateur politician.

Rigging talk silenced

Dear Editor, Now that the PPP had a good showing at the last LGE, there were no talks of rigging – by GECOM or the GECOM Chairman or PNC or ABC or anybody for that matter.

The 2019 budgetary allocation has nothing to do with natural gas

Dear Editor, The Ministry of Public Infrastructure wishes to respond to a column by Christopher Ram published in Stabroek News under the headline, “Gas and Patterson”, on Friday, December 7, 2018, in which there are a number of statements, albeit inaccurate, that have been advanced by the author.

Scotia, Baroda decisions likely underpinned by concerns about undiversified economy, regulations

Dear Editor, Now that another international bank has bet against Guyana as it rapidly approaches First Oil in 2020, we might instructively say of the motivation behind and implications of that bet, “It isn’t about market share stupid; it’s about the Dutch Disease.”  I’d rather suspect however that, stricken with a singular concern about concentration in the financial sector, the sector specialists at the Bank of Guyana and the Ministry of Finance would only be worrying that Republic Bank might want to purchase Baroda.

Police must now aggressively monitor for noise nuisance

Dear Editor, After a recent investment of Seven million Guyanese taxpayers’ dollars to purchase Law Enforcement Sound Level Meters, the Police must now aggressively monitor both police-owned and civilian owned “boom buses”, and other perpetrators of noise nuisance offences, so that every Guyanese can enjoy our constitutional right to personal liberty, public safety and good health.

How do we avoid becoming an Angola?

Dear Editor, I have read the following in the Economist and I am worried; “Angola is a country where oil makes up over 95 per cent of exports.

Useful polemic with Ogunseye

Dear Editor, Polemic is useful when it leads to positive outcomes, and I believe that my quarrel with Mr.

Rovman Powell and the captaincy

Dear Editor, Rovman Powell is the Windies one-day captain because he is a sort of an all rounder who has shown some promise with the bat but has done very poorly in the last series played recently in India.

Minister Lawrence’s statements raise rule of law issues

Dear Editor, I am inspired by Clairmont Lye’s letter which you published yesterday, to follow my friend and civic hero where angels fear to tread, and comment on the latest controversy caused by Minister Volda Lawrence.

The misbehaving lady ministers

Dear Editor, Whether we consider it a good thing or not in the Caribbean (I include Guyana) we see our women as the custodians of our virtues, our morality.

We should be aiming for a balanced budget

Dear Editor, I would like to take this opportunity to thank Ram & McRae for their analysis of Guyana’s budgets over the decades including the most recent “Focus on Guyana’s National Budget 2019”.

No more Mr Nice Guy

Dear Editor, As I look around the wreckage that embodies the political landscape, I realize that what was once a motley assemblage of the local lunatic fringe has since expanded into a staggering national phenomenon.