Intrusive questions

Dear Editor, A few days ago I went to the Hand in Hand agency office in Diamond to renew my fire insurance policy.

A Sovereign Wealth Fund is much too important to be left in the hands of politicians

Dear Editor, Former Minister of Natural Resources Raphael Trotman announced last December that the details of Guyana’s proposed Sovereign Wealth Fund (SWF) could be released to the public as early as the first quarter of 2018 and, as we get closer to the date of disclosure, I am deeply concerned that it will be poorly designed and badly managed if it is left in the hands of politicians.

Corruption is engulfing Region Six

Dear Editor, As a Regional Councillor, it is my duty to speak against the cancer of corruption which is engulfing Region 6 at an alarming rate with no solutions in sight.

I saw the writing on the wall

Dear Editor, Upon reading a letter titled ‘Every Councillor has a voice at the Georgetown City Council’ (SN, March 17) over my customary cup of coffee this morning, I couldn’t help but smile and shake my head in disbelief.

Narine received several items of correspondence from Public Infrastructure Ministry

Dear Editor, Reference is made to a statement issued on behalf of the Management of Classic International Hotel by Ras Leon Saul and published in the March 14, 2018 editions of Kaieteur News and Stabroek News, under the headlines ‘Delay in permission…Berbice hotel threatens to dismantle wind turbine, ship it back to India’ and ‘Government has not responded to offer to supply national grid from wind turbine’, respectively.

We should have a CoI into the CoIs

Dear Editor, Mr E B John’s question in yesterday’s Stabroek News asking when will the CoI report into the Public Service be read, raises a wider question as to when will action be taken on the other CoIs that have been held.

Government should return Bachelors Adventure backlands

Dear Editor, The residents of Bachelors Adventure met on Sunday, 11th March and agreed to invite representatives of GuySuCo and the government to discuss the return of their backlands, which were stolen by the Bookers Sugar Estates in the 1950s.

GPF did a great job

Dear Editor, It is a fact that the performance of the Guyana Police Force (GPF), for the most part, leaves a lot to be desired.


Dear Editor, The row at the Guyana Chronicle is like two bald men arguing over who has the comb.