Is Fyrish water safe for consumption?

Dear Editor, Since Dr Van West-Charles was appointed the CEO of Guyana Water Inc, I have observed that he has been a very proactive professional who is always on the ground looking at issues affecting the citizens of this country with regard to potable water, and trying his best to alleviate their problems.

Yarrowkabra Housing Group waiting for Ministry of Presidency to approve documents

Dear Editor, In a news broadcast aired on December 18, 2017, I heard the Commissioner of Lands and Surveys Department speaking about the situation of defaulting land owners, and the department’s plan to reclaim lands from defaulters, especially since many of them have been in possession of lands for over ten years, with which they have done nothing.

Dog food business a nuisance

Dear Editor, I have been seeking justice from the Town Clerk concerning an issue that has been affecting myself and my family for four years now.

West Indies should apologise to Jiveshan Pillay

Dear Editor, As a proud West Indian, I would like to publicly appeal to our West Indies Cricket Board to issue an official apology to under 19 South African batsman, Jiveshan Pillay, and to the entire South African under 19 cricket team for the unsportsmanlike manner in which West Indies under 19 captain, Emmanuel Stewart, secured Pillay’s dismissal in the West Indies versus South Africa match in the 2018 under 19 Cricket World Cup.

Tender forms are on the ministry’s website

Dear Editor, The Ministry of Finance notes a letter captioned `National Tender Administration does not have forms which it has advertised’ which appeared in SN, January 16,2018, and wishes to advise that the forms are available on the Ministry’s website under the tab NPTA.

In some instances the government performed admirably in others it failed terribly

Dear Editor, Some two- and-two-quarter years ago, the current government took office with the expectation that it would be about a contra-PPP style of governance (It should be noticed that I still find it poisonous to go near an actual name.)  How has the government done in what had to be a major undertaking, given the barbarities that were enmeshed as part of the then political leadership culture? 

Any new political movement must confront the race issue

Dear Editor, In light of their disappointment with the political behaviour of the AFC which seems to have been fused with or morphed into the PNC, several individuals of integrity have indicated a willingness, or are encouraging others, to start a new political party or movement away from the two dominant race-based parties.

De Veldt shooting incident not a robbery

Dear Editor, The Guyana Police Force is responding to an article in the Friday January 12, 2018 edition of the Stabroek News under the caption ‘Bullets rain as gang raid De Veldt -cops under fire over delayed response ‘.

National tender administration does not have forms which it has advertised

Dear Editor, The National Procurement and Tender Administration (NPTA) placed advertisements spanning 9 pages on their new Supplier Registration Form, which advised that the forms could be obtained from the NPTA page of the Ministry of Finance website, at the NPTA or by email request to

GMWO needs to hold an AGM

Dear Editor, It has been three years since the Guyana Women Miners Organisation has held their Annual General Meeting in contravention of their charter and constitution.