An open invitation of interests is the way to go now in terms of renewable energy

Dear Editor, On reading two recent articles in the media, ‘Developer steams ahead with smaller windfarm’ (a report on representations purportedly made by businessman Lloyd Singh); and ‘Minister Patterson sets record straight on Windfarm Project’, I have felt a need for a greater grasp by our public of three important matters.

Revenue paid to a government by an oil company can never be a national security issue

Dear Editor, I was awaiting President Granger’s response to the scandalous revelation of enormous proportions that after repeated denials from his government including from none other than the Minister of Finance, Winston Jordan, that Exxon had paid the government a signature bonus before seeking an opportunity to offer my comment on the matter.

The GFF does not control all forms of football in Guyana

Dear Editor, The Guyana Football Federation (GFF) recently indicated that it would approach the Guyana Police Force and other public agencies to ask them not to give permission to any individual or company interested in hosting a football competition until the GFF gives its blessing.

The hostility to PPP/C MPs and Juan Edghill is very transparent

Dear Editor, On the face of it the attack on Bishop Edghill in the National Assembly on December 11th, his subsequent suspension from sittings until December15th and his arrest on December 12th would appear as just an abuse of power by the regime and its agents.

HE has honed his perception of vulgarity

Dear Editor, His Excellency appears to have honed his perception aof what constitutes vulgarity (in public office) since the matter involving his Attorney General in the court of Justice Holder was brought to his attention by the head of the judiciary.

Matter sent for advice

Dear Editor, The Guyana Police Force is responding to an article in the Kaieteur News on page 5 of the December 7, 2017 edition under the caption ‘The Police are supporting this unfair competition’.

The US$18M was not in an escrow account

Dear Editor, In the news article ‘President says he took decision on placing US$18m at BoG’ (SN online,  December 13) President David Granger has taken full responsibility for the US$18M ExxonMobil signing bonus not being placed in the Consolidated Fund claiming that the money was in escrow for national security emergency reasons.

GAWU has never claimed that sugar industry’s workforce is largely Indo-Guyanese

Dear Editor, Head of the sugar Special Purpose Unit (SPU), Mr Colvin Heath-London in an article entitled ‘GuySuCo operating in rogue manner’ which appeared in the Guyana Chronicle of December 7, 2017 is reported to have said “…unlike what GAWU and the PPP want others to believe, the sugar industry is not wholly an Indo-Guyanese sector”.

Different strokes…?

Dear Editor, The elected MP who breached the security barricade but did not enter the hallowed Chamber was arrested.

There is nasty politics in the House

Dear Editor, Regardless of the fact that the allotted time for questions on the budget was not extended, Juan Edghill was out of order.

Trotman should do the decent thing and resign

Dear Editor, The Justice Institute Guyana strongly endorses the views expressed in Monday’s editorial ‘ExxonMobil signing bonus’ and joins Transparency International Guyana, Chris Ram, Anand Goolsarran and members of the public in condemning the secret payment of US$18M from ExxonMobil to the government.