In The Diaspora

The dignified life in Guyana – Respecting women, gays, young people, migrants and keeping the oil in the ground?

Vidyaratha Kissoon lives in Guyana. This article is an edited version of his blogpost that appeared on August 19: Afternoon of a Sunday which started with a lot of rain and there is a gathering of people to talk about the right to dignified lives in Guyana. 

On Xenophobia, Haiti and the Guyana Times

By D. Alissa Trotz D. Alissa Trotz is editor of the  In the Diaspora Column A little over a week ago, Guyanese woke up to what can only be described as a racist and xenophobic attack on Haitians in the Guyana Times newspaper.

On Planet Earth, everything is connected

By Esther Figueroa Esther Figueroa, Ph.D. is an activist independent film maker, writer, linguist and educator who focuses on the environment, social justice, indigenous knowledges and local content.

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