Having discussed the ailments associated with the oesophagus (that tube which connects the oral cavity with the stomach), the next step would be to zero in on stomach problems.

Ailments of the oral cavity

(Continued) Tonsillitis Let us first understand what tonsils are. You may have had a nail pierce your sole, and the result of that is a swelling in the inguinal area (the ‘groin’ as we call it).

Ailments of the oral cavity (Continued)

Laryngitis The larynx is the organ (really a cavity) in the upper part of the windpipe (trachea) which has cartilaginous (elastic, flexible tissue) walls, and which when moved by associated muscles will vary the tension of the vocal cords, and hence the quality of the sound produced.


(Continued) Last week, within the context of the series on ailments of the mouth and nearby organs, we discussed the various possible causes of pharyngitis, for example: the consequence of infectious diseases, inflammation of nearby tissues, extension of rhinitis, air pollutants, unskilled administration of oral medicine, the eating of hot food or genetic defects.

Ailments of the oral cavity

(Continued) Bad breath Let us turn today to a problem which I had promised to address some time ago – bad breath (halitosis) in dogs, and the supposed cures associated with this problem.

Canine dental care

(Continued) Nutrition and dental health Last week, we spent some time discussing the cleaning (brushing) of dogs’ teeth.

Dental hygiene

Having discussed all the various tooth and gum ailments over the past weeks, we must now logically turn to the prevention aspect.

Oral ailments

(continued) A colleague who reads these articles (Glory be!) commented that I should mention that some dogs have a genetic predisposition to have more (or less) teeth in their mouths.

Problems of the oral cavity

Continued from last week Over the past few weeks, I have been making references to the malformation of the jaws which result in an incongruence of the teeth in the upper and lower jaws, simply put: an incorrect bite.

Ailments of the tongue

Continued from December 13, 2015   Paralysis of the tongue In all my many decades of practice, I can only recall seeing this condition once.

Oral ailments (continued)

Gingivitis Last week, it was promised that we would continue our discussion on Gingivitis (Sore gums), specifically with the treatment of this ailment.

Stomatitis (sore mouth)

Disease of the oral cavity (continued)

In terms of a definition, I think the one most easily understood would reflect an inflammatory condition of the mouth which usually produces small vesicles or abscesses.

Examining the oral cavity

Last week we dealt with the symptoms of ailments in the mouth. In order to have a closer look in the oral cavity, one has to open the mouth and examine the inside.