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The State Assets Recovery Act 2017 (Final Part)

Demerara Waves reported Dr. Kalim Shah, Climate Change and Energy Policy expert, and Professor at Indiana University, as having stated as follows at a recent conference held in Belize: Even though our countries are not responsible for significant greenhouse gas emissions in the global scheme of things, we are experiencing and projected to experience many of the effects of climate change on the frontlines.

The Integrity Commission Act and the proposed amendment and revision of the Code of Conduct

Before proceeding with today’s article, there were two news items that deserve brief commentary. First, the Kaieteur News reported that the Minister of Finance and the Minister of Natural Resources would be meeting to discuss the future of the Guyana Lottery Control Commission since there was no meeting of the Commission since July 2015.

The activation of the Public Procurement Commission (Part II)

Before proceeding with today’s article, a comment on the work of the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) would not be inappropriate. At a recent meeting to examine the report of the Auditor General on the public accounts for 2015, the Chairman of the Committee requested the Regional Executive Officer (REO) of Region 1 to leave the meeting because of the inconsistent answers he gave in relation to some $30 million in overpayment to eight contractors undertaking works in the Region.

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  3. Cap on ministers’ housing allowance was increased to $500,000 in 2015

  4. Caribbean Container Inc announces 36-month closure of recycling plant

  5. Ramotar defends Brassington, Singh

  6. Former GRDB accountant arrested in Canada

  7. Lewis launches scathing attack on Jagdeo at sugar rally

  8. Couple hijacked at Ogle seawall, robbed of car, valuables

  9. CH&PA sets model houses price at $6.5m

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