Serious errors do occur in newspapers

Dear Editor, I note that on page 1 of Kaieteur News yesterday (Friday, May 24) there is a headline: “Wrong Poonai accused of fraud, Kaieteur News apologises unreservedly.” This is followed by a news story on its page 20 where the newspaper explains what happened, and again apologises.

Europe’s illiberal future

Francis Fukuyama’s 1989 essay on “The End of History” argued that America’s Cold War victory had left  “no serious ideological competitors” to liberal democracy and the “universalization of Western liberal democracy [was] the final form of human government.” As the world settled into democratic norms, peace and commerce would displace traditional tribal and national interests.

Gov’t must be applauded for stance on Chagos Islands

Dear Editor, The Government of Guyana, represented by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Karen Cummings, must be congratulated for not only doing the right thing, but also doing the bright thing, by voting in the affirmative at the United Nations General Assembly, regarding the call for Britain to relinquish control over the Chagos Islands in the Indian Ocean.

President of Chagos Council prefers archipelago to remain British territory

Dear Editor, I read with interest your article in yesterday’s SN  `Guyana among 116 countries at UN calling for Britain to give up control over Chagos Islands’ in relation to the recent UN vote calling on the UK to cede sovereignty of these islands, which have been British for over two hundred years, to Mauritius; which is actually some 1,150 nautical miles away from Diego Garcia.

Senior Counsel

On Wednesday Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Shalimar Ali-Hack, Stephen Fraser, Carole James-Boston, Robert Ramcharran and Rajendra Nath Poonai were presented with their instruments of appointment as Senior Counsel by President David Granger.

Have we become so heartless?

Dear Editor: Has Guyana become such a heartless society? I ask this question because on Sunday evening on the bridge linking Church Street to North Road which leads into Orange Walk I noticed a walker (equipment used to support someone who can’t walk on their own ) partially in the pathway of vehicular traffic.

Calls should be made for Integrity Commission to enforce Section 22 on penalties for officials who don’t submit declarations

Dear Editor, Although I support calls for relevant public officials to submit declaration of assets to the Integrity Commission by June 30, every year, in accordance with the 1997 Integrity Commission Act and the 2017 Code of Conduct Amendment, I think the matter appears to be devolving into a political, perhaps personal, tug-o-war among certain individuals in the public arena.

I am at a loss to understand how `the Hindu religion’ impacted the PPP

Dear Editor, From my standpoint, the major issues raised by Professor Kean Gibson (KG) in her letter `What can constrain President from cracking down on corruption or incompetence in his Cabinet?” (SN, 13 May 2019) are: (i) “several of its [PPP] leaders control important Hindu organizations and institutions;” (ii) she has studied the Hindu religion and from her “analysis” determined that Hinduism impacted the PPP; (iii) Hinduism is linked to violence in Guyana; and (iv) black is a pejorative term in “Hindu scriptures.” On the first claim, I challenge KG to name the “several” PPP leaders who “control important Hindu organizations and institutions.” She did not define these two entities and therefore owes the Guyanese public an explanation. 

Guyana and Tourism

If you have been carefully following the rollout over the years of the repetitive official undertakings to better position the country’s “tourism product” to contribute more meaningfully to the country’s economy and as well the promises to deploy the beauty of the country, our hinterland particularly, to attract favourable international attention, you are probably likely to agree that those promises have more or less fallen flat on their faces.

Deposit into Minister Patterson’s account

On Friday, via his Facebook page, Minister of Public Infrastructure David Patterson confirmed that US$9,000 had been transferred in 2017 to his personal account in respect of a trip to China’s Special Administrative Region (SAR) of Macao for a June 2016 construction forum.