Trotman should do the decent thing and resign

Dear Editor, The Justice Institute Guyana strongly endorses the views expressed in Monday’s editorial ‘ExxonMobil signing bonus’ and joins Transparency International Guyana, Chris Ram, Anand Goolsarran and members of the public in condemning the secret payment of US$18M from ExxonMobil to the government.

Missing fisherman

Last year, on Thursday, December 8, a forty-three year-old fisherman left his residence to go “in search of a boat, hoping to catch a sail,” and make some money for the approaching holiday season.

If Broomes takes credit for Stephen’s reinstatement as part of govt she should take responsibility for sugar workers’ retrenchment

Dear Editor, Junior Minister of Natural Resources, Simona Broomes, in her contribution to the 2018 National Budget debate on December 6, 2017, among other things, spoke about the re-employment of Skeldon Estate worker, Daniel Stephens who, it is recalled, was dismissed in September, 2014 after an altercation with the then Estate Manager.

Where are we heading?

Dear Editor, The majority side of the aisle in the hallowed Chamber led by the leader of that side, chose to walk out when the leader of the opposite side rose to make concluding remarks to the week long budget debate.

Ministers should be sacked

Dear Editor, I must commend Robert McRae for his courage and clarity of thought after he stated the case so clearly in relation to the ExxonMobil signing bonus deception and called for the sacking of all those involved.