Clogged drains at Non Pareil, no sign of NDC

Dear Editor,  reside at Non Pareil on the East Coast of Demerara and dutifully pay my rates and taxes at the beginning of each year and I would expect to receive services from the Neighbourhood Democratic Council (NDC), but unfortunately, they have not visited my area for the year 2018.

City should mount street names

Dear Editor, Could the Mayor & City Council include in its forthcoming Anniversary celebratory programme a project for mounting signs of street names in the several areas of Greater Georgetown where streets are agonisingly unidentified?

Age of extremes

A recent study by America’s Economic Policy Institute shows that US income inequality  is now approaching levels not seen since the eve of the Wall Street crash.

Disaster Preparedness

Over the years the response of the Guyana Civil Defence Commission (CDC) to various local emergencies, mostly to do with flooding in riverain areas, has not always been sufficiently sophisticated, nor always timely and effective.

Not happy with Region Seven REO

Dear Editor, The Regional Executive Officer, Mr. Roderick Edinboro, who was removed from Region 5 and not accepted in Region 10 was somehow sent to our region (Cuyuni/Mazaruni) to much unhappiness of our community.

Room for cost reduction at Berbice Bridge

Dear Editor, While the relevant authorities are reportedly looking at the finances of the Berbice River Bridge, I wish to humbly suggest that they also take a hard look at the potential for cost reductions in the routine operation and maintenance of the bridge.

Different lives

For the year so far, at least seven men have been convicted of child rape, one pleaded guilty, at least one was acquitted and more than three have been charged.

New era of diplomacy

Dear Editor, We are so much embroiled with our domestic politics that we sometimes lose focus on some of the bigger issues playing out at the regional and international level.

World Cup observations

When the Air France jet carrying the triumphant French team, the 2018 FIFA World Cup champions, touched down at the Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris on Monday it was greeted with a water cannon salute and hundreds of adoring fans. 

The Ministry of Public Health and the tender process

The manner in which drugs and other materiel associated with the delivery of services at the state-run health care institutions in Guyana are acquired has long been the subject of animated public chatter that often alights upon the subject of the circumvention of tender regulations and excursions into what are believed to be optional corrupt practices.

No ulterior motive in call to nationalize Berbice Bridge

Dear Editor, As a concerned Berbician and Guyanese and having noted indications in the media about the probability of a rate increase for the use of the Berbice River Bridge, I made a simple suggestion that our National Government (emphasis our National Government!) should consider “nationalizing the Berbice River Bridge” and so forestall any increase on the bridge-toll, having regard to the hardship the current toll presents and furthermore, having regard to the matter of national equality in that the Berbice Bridge toll is already 20 times the ‘national’ Demerara Bridge toll.

Mercury and the Kaituma River

Last Monday, the Guyana Water Inc (GWI) made the startling revelation that the mercury content of the Kaituma River was tested and found to be too high for consumption by the residents of the Region One community.