Broadcasting Authority appears to be targeting broadcasts critical of gov’t

Dear Editor, I have been observing the actions of the Guyana National Broadcasting Authority (GNBA) in recent months and am  being led to believe that the body, set up as a bipartisan entity to ensure broadcasters comply with the Broadcasting Act, Number 17 of 2011, has been politically contaminated and has now been given a mandate to go after broadcasters, who are not pushing the government’s propaganda and those who are reporting information coming out of the political opposition.


Competence and academic qualifications are not one and the same. There are many competent people who have no formal certificates, just as there are those who if anything are over-certified, but are nevertheless quite incompetent in their field.

We shall try again on behalf of the children

Dear Editor, The ‘send a child to school initiative,’ is one which sought to equip school-aged children (nursery – secondary) with essential classroom items, with the aim of allowing our children an equal opportunity to the right to education/to be educated, as we believe “no child should be left behind, disregarded or disadvantaged,” as a result of a lack of anything.

Why is the Local Gov’t Commission not implementing the City Hall CoI recommendations?

Dear Editor, In spite of the resolution of the imbroglio that had confronted the Local Government Commission (LGC) a few months ago, with regard to the approval of its 2019 work programme and the release of funds for the payment of its expenses, including the salaries and emoluments for its staff and commissioners, which I might add, are not insignificant, the LGC seems to be still paralyzed, as many months are going by and yet one cannot hear anything out of them, particularly as it relates to the implementation of the recommendations of the Commission of Inquiry into the operations of the Georgetown City Council, which was delivered to them almost half a year ago.

Unlicensed drivers should not be operating vehicles or machinery

Dear Editor, The writer of the letter headlined, ‘Bribe-seeking cops preying on farmers using De Hoop branch road’ (SN: 23/04/19), on the one hand states he will not condone breaking of the law, while on the other, apparently sees nothing wrong with “a farmer, who may be unlicensed, driving home who may have taken a drink.” Wrong is wrong and cannot be right.

Questionable decisions

“Something is rotten in the state of Denmark,” is one of the most recognisable lines often recited from the famous William Shakespeare tragedy, Hamlet.

Cricket dissatisfaction

Dear Editor, Cricket was known as a gentleman’s game, but with the advent of 20/20 matches and the hundreds of millions of dollars being paid out by sponsors and the big bucks earned by the players, it seems to me that it is more business rather than a sport.

Minister Hughes needs to provide evidence to the public

Dear Editor, I have learnt that Minister of Public Telecommunications, Catherine Hughes has indicated her intentions to take legal actions against the Stabroek News, Anand Goolsarran and Gail Teixeira for public comments they made about an apparent conflict of interest, where her company, Videomega Production received at least one contract from the government of which she is a serving minister.

Why was GAWU silent when the PPP was ruining the sugar industry?

Dear Editor, About three weeks ago, Stabroek News published a letter (SN: 29/03/19) by the General Secretary of GAWU, Seepaul Narine  in which he criticised my positions on the sugar industry and expressed his opinion that I took no position on the dismissal of 7,000 sugar workers and claimed that I was trying to be relevant, when, I really was not, in the current political climate.

Teacher/Parent Town Hall Meetings

We learnt last week that the Ministry of Education (MOE) has commenced a series of meetings with parents across Guyana and teachers and that the objectives of these so-called Town Hall meetings are to attach greater importance to the teacher/parent collaboration in the delivery of education.

Two ministers and conflict of interest

The questions about conflict of interest swirling around two ministers of government, the Minis-ter of Public Telecommunications Catherine Hughes, and the Minister in the Ministry of Communities Valerie Adams-Yearwood, have gone completely unanswered by government.

I was being sarcastic

Dear Editor, Thank you for publishing my letter, which you chose to title “The oil and gas loans will help in Guyana’s development.” (SN: 21/04/19) I am not sure if you edited the letter as I haven’t read the published version carefully.