Marathon record

In ancient times, long before the inventions of the railroad and the field of telecommunications, messages were relayed by the age old tradition of professional running messengers.

Our toxic industrial relations climate

The trajectory of the industrial relations dispute between government and the Guyana Teachers’ Union (GTU) now appears imprisoned in a familiar pattern of uncertainty and suspicion (some may even say bad faith) with each side striving to avoid being outflanked, this, as the increasingly coarse texture of the engagement appears to push the issue further away from an amicable resolution.

Evergreen Nature Study Club is 21

Dear Editor, The Evergreen Nature Study Club was established in September 1997, Georgetown, and soon taken to Secondary and Primary Schools in other parts of the country with the aim of awakening the curiosity of the human mind emphasizing on natural science, geography, research techniques and tourism habits.

Serial falsifiers

Dear Editor, Guyanese do not have to watch television, or follow the tweeting flurries, or go to the expense of an American Airlines flight to the U.S.

UN aid for GECOM

In February this year, the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) sent a letter to the United Nations Resident Coordinator in Guyana requesting UN electoral assistance for the 2018 local government and 2020 general elections. 

Those who came

We have a habit of describing Guyana as multicultural – which it is.


Dear Editor, How can workers’ right to severance be deemed as ‘haemorrhaging’ the State and ‘sucked funds from other programmes’?

The importance of political restraint

When Canada patriated its Constitution in 1981, Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau struck a compromise with wary Quebec nationalists by including a “notwithstanding clause” within the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Mental health problems still need serious attention

World Suicide Prevention Day was observed on Monday, September 10, 2018 and the attention was drawn once again to mental health issues in Guyana, as we are wont to give only periodic bursts of attention to such critical matters.