Road works on Mother’s Day caused major inconvenience

Dear Editor, My family and dozens of other residents of Atlantic Gardens were thoroughly harassed when they were caught up in total traffic chaos on the East Coast Demerara highway on Mother’s Day at about 9:30 am simply because the persons responsible for road works do not give two hoots about commuters’ safety and convenience.

Guyana Goldfields invested US$150m before finding an ounce of gold

Dear Editor, It seems the political backlash of a terrible contract with Exxon is now spreading its ugly head on one of Guyana’s best managed, most accountable and transparent companies that provides more revenue to the country than sugar and indeed is the largest contributor to the Government of Guyana in terms of employment, taxes paid (corporate and payroll etc) and duties. 

Questions for Minister Patterson

Dear Editor, It is the private business of the Patterson family on how they deal with their personal situation with regards to an allegation of trafficking of a controlled drug (cocaine) against one of their members.

Mother’s Day at the NA Prison

In off the cuff remarks on Wednesday at State House about the third anniversary of his government in office, President Granger said  “Sometimes commentators tend to underestimate the difficulties we face in terms of our finance… international relations… crime and security but I think [a] sober analysis will see that we have made tremendous progress”.

The tragedy of Cricket West Indies

Dear Editor, In every endeavour, whether it is politics, business, the military, the police, the church or  the university,  except West Indies cricket, the responsibility for performance failures rests on the shoulders of management.

Esso’s US$460m pre-contract claim

Given the structure of the 1999 and 2016  Production Sharing Agreements (PSAs) between the government and ExxonMobil’s subsidiary Esso Exploration and Production Guyana Limited (EEPGL), the extent of benefits to Guyana is significantly hinged on the allowable expenses.