Cohen’s plea deal

Earlier this week President Trump’s former lawyer pleaded guilty to giving false statements to congress about his client’s ties to Russia.

City’s mismanagement of solid waste collection

It is now an all too familiar dance: The City of Georgetown employs waste disposal firms to collect the City’s garbage, the City winds up owing enormous sums to these firms, who then switch partners and call on Central Government to join the dance, and after being sufficiently appeased by government payments, these firms return to the welcoming arms of the City Council.

PM overstepped authority on cross dressing ruling

Dear Editor, Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo overstepped his authority when he announced the Government’s commitment to “giving teeth” to the CCJ’s ruling that in Guyana, men are free to disguise themselves as women, and women are free to disguise themselves as men in public.

A mark of shame

Pick a day. Any day. And then check the global statistics; you will find that more than 100 women were murdered by their husbands, partners or family members.

Hazing incident

Last week six boys attending a very prominent all-boys private school in downtown Toronto were arrested and charged over a hazing incident which had taken place within the confines of the school.

No to shared governance with APNU+AFC

Dear Editor, Messrs Sean Ori and Ruel Johnson wrote letters in yesterday’s Stabroek News touting ‘shared governance’ as a benefit to Guyana, Editor, while they arrived at their conclusions on differing bases, Ori by his rejection of all political parties and Johnson by hopeless pseudo-intellectual gymnastics to avoid saying that APNU+AFC is a miserable failure (too many writing workshops can lead to obfuscation) both are hopelessly wrong.  

Justification must be established by GTT for these proposed charges

Dear Editor, It is just possible that not many ‘customers’ would have noted that their GTT, albeit a monopoly, has applied to the Public Utilities Commission for approval of the following: 1) “to implement bundled packages for its wireline services; 2)  to increase wireline access charges; and 3)  to increase landline metered charges for intra calls.” Hopefully in their presentations GTT would specify the various categories of consumers to whom the increases would apply: i)  large corporate businesses ii) small to medium entrepreneurs iii) self-employed iv) pensioners v) Public Sector Agencies vi) Foreign Investor Organisations in order that the respective volumes of services would determine proportionate application of the increases.

Real Police reform

On Thursday October 25th, close to two months after being named as the country’s Police Commissioner, Mr.

Liza Phase-2 development

The disclosure that ExxonMobil’s Final Investment Decision (FID) for its Liza Phase-2 well has been delayed to enable a careful examination by the government of its Field Development Plan (FDP) is a welcome development.

Coalition gov’t broke contract with the people on governance reform, Ogunseye looking for every opportunity to excuse it

Dear Editor, ‘My question, now that the PPP/C had strong showings and many victories at the just concluded LGEs is that; is Jeffrey still optimistic that the results of those elections can be the basis for meaningful shared governance (SG) discussions between the two major parties?’ (‘Results of local gov’t polls make likelihood of shared governance talks even more remote:’  SN: 22/11/2018).

Christmas toy drive

Dear Editor, The Indian Action Committee (IAC) wishes to advise the general public, that the organization has launched its annual Christmas Toy Drive for the less fortunate children which will end on Friday, 21st December 2018.

Election markers

There were three distinct markers about the 2018 local government elections that poll watchers and analysts will be mulling.

UG union, Staff Association have done well to reject imposed increases

Dear Editor, It is interesting that the admittedly critical debate about the management and maintenance of the Berbice River Bridge would appear to have distracted the attention of relevant parties from the immediate imbroglio involving the administration of the University of Guyana on the one hand, and UG Workers’ Union and UG Senior Staff Association on the other.