Water woes

Globally, the importance of clean, adequate supplies of potable drinking water is regarded as a key index of human development.

How about Johnny for prezzie?

Dear Editor, Now that former Pakistani superstar cricketer, Imran Khan, has returned as a bigger star on his country’s stage, I thought that the field is open for a delightful straight drive all the way over the top of the Guyanese political scoreboard. 

Appointment of Dr Mark Bynoe

Out of the blue, on February 27th this year, the government announced that a Department of Energy (DoE) within the Ministry of the Presidency would be established to take over responsibility for the oil and gas sector from the Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR).

Minister Felix and the Committee

Minister of Citizenship Winston Felix has failed on four occasions this year to appear before the parliamentary Sectoral Committee for Foreign Relations when requested to do so.

Dr Mitchell’s passing leaves a void

Dear Editor, The Stabroek News July 24, 2016 article, titled `Dr. Mitchell hangs up his stethoscope after more than 50 years of service’, by Marcelle Thomas is a fitting reference to the life of one of the most dedicated sons of Guyana.

Apple’s trillion dollar valuation

Earlier this week Apple became a trillion dollar company, an estimate close to the combined value of America’s ‘big four’ banks, and the single highest valuation for a company in history.

Early Afro-Guyanese associations

Dear Editor, Before the African Culture and Development Association (ACDA), there was the League of Coloured Peoples (LCP), who incidentally organised their first exhibition of art and craft (much like Wednesday 1st August) at what was then the British Guiana Cricket Club Ground, east of Queen’s College on Thomas Road – space on which ACDA is accommodated.

CCJ ruling underlined that the gov’t should have done a better job consulting with unions on the sugar industry

Dear Editor, The Guyana Agricultural and General Workers Union (GAWU) has recognised that several sections of the press reported about the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) judgment regarding our Union’s and our colleague union – the National Association of Agricultural, Commercial and Industrial Employees’ (NAACIE) – legal challenge to the decision by the Government of Guyana and the Guyana Sugar Corporation Inc (GuySuCo) to close the Skeldon, Rose Hall and East Demerara Estates at the end of 2017.

Threats to press freedom

“Press freedom is facing new threats in major democracies as well as in repressive states, where authorities are focusing their efforts on social media and other online platforms after reducing the independence of major print and broadcast outlets.” This is how the April 2018 Press Freedom report labelled “Attacks on the Record: The State of Global Press Freedom, 2017-2018” prepared by independent watchdog, Freedom House located in Washington and New York, USA.

Flaws in editorial

Dear Editor, In your editorial of July 21 captioned `Age of Extremes’, you made reference to an AEPI study that shows US income inequality (between the top few percent and the rest) approaching levels of the late 1920s crash.