The Demico House vending strip

It serves no meaningful purpose to restate what, by now, are the well-known facts of the protracted saga of City Hall versus the growing army of pavement vendors who now populate most of the empty spaces in downtown Georgetown.

There was an industry before Heffner

Dear Editor, So much of the analysis from columnists and letter writers I see in papers in Guyana continues to remind me of the management maxim from Murphy’s law: “Nothing is as simple as it looks to most people”.

Even with accurate figures point is still valid

Dear Editor, In reference to a letter from the Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA) published in the October 14, edition of Stabroek News captioned ‘The Corporation Tax Rate for non-commercial companies was reduced in 2017’, I wish to quote from my letter on from October 11, 2017 which stated: “With respect to corporation taxes (CTAX), according to the Ram & McRae website, there are three rates of CTAX in Guyana: a 30% rate that applies to non-commercial companies, a 40% rate that applies to commercial companies except telephone companies and finally a 45% rate for the telephone companies.” I sourced my information from the tax experts in Guyana and they said 30%, and I accepted it and yes, I am responsible. 

Was the money reallocated?

Dear Editor, I thank the media for publishing my recent letter in relation to the Inter-American Development Bank’s (IDB) failure to implement the much anticipated Forest Carbon Partnership Facility (FCPF) REDD+ Readiness project in Guyana.

It is imperative that education have a developmental role

Dear Editor, In his book The emergence of a Science Society in England 1800-1965,  GW Roderick reports that when the renowned German philosopher Wilhelm Von Humboldt was asked to explain Germany’s phenomenal rise as the most powerful nation in Europe around the beginning of the nineteenth century, Von Humboldt’s succinct response was: “What you want the nation to be, you must first put in your schools”.

Medical aid by the state

On March 2nd 2015 after the disclosure of medical aid by the state to senior PPP/C officials including $2.1m in cosmetic dentistry for then Minister Pauline Sukhai, the newly formed APNU+AFC coalition quite rightly expressed its outrage.

Guyana is all about me

Dear Editor, I took a look at a BBC online article titled, ‘Kaepernick: from one man to movement’ and realized why that, despite the negatives, Americans can be and should be admired. 

The UK is here to stay

Dear Editor, I apologise to my good friend Ian McDonald for the delay in responding to his commentary piece in the Sunday Stabroek of 10 September (‘Brexit’). 


It happens to all governments: they come in with the best of intentions coupled with the belief that only they are equipped to ameliorate a bleak situation.