Garbage disposal 

If it seems as though public comment on the protracted failure of the Georgetown Municipality to competently manage the affairs of the capital bears the resemblance of a witch hunt, that is only because successive municipal administrations have, in myriad ways, proven themselves not nearly up to the task of capably managing the affairs of the capital.

We should develop our homeland instead of immigrating to the US where we are scorned

Dear Editor, Governments and diplomats throughout Africa and the Global South continue to express their outrage and disgust at Donald Trump’s most recent ignorant and racist diatribe, in which he suggested that the US should focus its immigrant entry policy on countries such as Norway, rather than El Salvador, Haiti and the countries of the African continent, which he actually described as “shithole countries”.

Sugar severance

Aside from the injustice of payment in two stages, the controversy surrounding severance for thousands of sugar workers has crystallised yet again the incoherence in the APNU+AFC government on pivotal issues and the lack of decisive leadership.

To change the process is to tamper with the appointments

Dear Editor, In the consideration of candidates for appointment to the posts of Chancellor and Chief Justice there continues to be discussion as to the persons identified to fill these posts, and the reported non-application for the job of Chief Justice by the person currently performing the duties.