Plastic: not so fantastic

Video footage taken last week and shared online more than a million times since, to expressions of disgust and outrage from many, shows sluggish waves of waste, mostly plastics, hitting the shoreline at Montesinos Beach in the Dominican Republic capital following a storm.

Perhaps it is time Minister Sharma opens his mind to the possibility there are no criminal cases of any substance

Dear Editor, Articles such as `Minister Sharma laments SOCU sloth’ in SN (2018-07-23) and, `Sharma annoyed by SOCU’s performance with forensic audits’ in GC of 2018-07-17 are the latest in about two years of weekly and sometimes daily haranguing declarations and denouncements by many members of our Cabinet and Government members in Parliament, committing to jail the members and administrators of the past PPP/C administration.

Mission Impossible

The Mission: Impossible franchise started out in 1966 as an American television series and ran for seven seasons.

The mistreatment of police vehicles

One might have thought that in a discipline-driven  organization like the Guyana Police Force (GPF) it would be unnecessary for the subject Minister to have to ‘reach in,’ so to speak and to publicly declare that policemen (and women) responsible for damage to the Force’s vehicles in circumstances that can reasonably be deemed to be the result of their own recklessness/carelessness would have to go into their pockets to pay for the damage.

National Resource Fund Act will be culmination of lessons learnt by resource-rich countries over the past 100 years

Dear Editor, We note with disappointment the article in the New York Times by Clifford Krauss entitled `The $20 Billion Question’ We do not wish to address the laughably simplistic and selective description of our country as a land where children go to school in canoes, the lack of historical context and the author’s deficit of understanding and sensitivity towards Guyana; nor his blanket claim that “the civil service is corrupt,” which is an insult to the majority of hardworking and honest public servants.  

Hypocrisy of KN

Dear Editor, Kaieteur News (KN) in its Wednesday, July 18, 2018 edition carried a letter written by Mr Baldeo Mathura captioned `An ever-present Bharrat Jagdeo is creating a headache for his critics’.

A welcome initiative by President Carter

Former US President Carter’s recent conversations with President Granger and Opposition Leader Jagdeo in an initiative to get high-level dialogue between the two leaders going is most welcome.


It should come as no surprise to anyone that there are increasing numbers of Venezuelans taking refuge in this country.

Clogged drains at Non Pareil, no sign of NDC

Dear Editor,  reside at Non Pareil on the East Coast of Demerara and dutifully pay my rates and taxes at the beginning of each year and I would expect to receive services from the Neighbourhood Democratic Council (NDC), but unfortunately, they have not visited my area for the year 2018.

City should mount street names

Dear Editor, Could the Mayor & City Council include in its forthcoming Anniversary celebratory programme a project for mounting signs of street names in the several areas of Greater Georgetown where streets are agonisingly unidentified?

Age of extremes

A recent study by America’s Economic Policy Institute shows that US income inequality  is now approaching levels not seen since the eve of the Wall Street crash.

Disaster Preparedness

Over the years the response of the Guyana Civil Defence Commission (CDC) to various local emergencies, mostly to do with flooding in riverain areas, has not always been sufficiently sophisticated, nor always timely and effective.