October 1992-May 2015 has been the best post-Independent period of our country

Dear Editor, If we accept that conflicts are concerned with the distribution of power; the confrontation of powers; the distribution of benefits and with satisfying basic human needs and interests, then one can anticipate what will follow when people are unhappy with who governs them and how they are governed, and when the government oppresses them and doesn’t respect or assist them to meet their basic needs.


As the popularity of international athletics soared in the late 1970s with the increase of television coverage, athletes no longer had to surreptitiously receive under the counter payments or ‘gifts’ for their appearances at meetings, as changes in the amateur rules legitimately allowed the reward of appearance fees and bonuses for setting records.

Who requested extension to closing date for Demerara Bridge prequalification?

Dear Editor, With reference to the article headlined ‘Deadline extended for new Demerara Bridge prequalification’ published by the Stabroek News on October 7, 2017, the project manager, Rawlston Adams, was quoted as saying: “We have been asked by a lot of the bidders to extend the closing date for prequal [prequalification] and we have extended the date to the 21st of November, moving it from October 17th 2017.” This is extremely worrying and alarming, since details are required on several questions that such a comment raises.

Encouraging pithiness

Dear Editor, To the late great Evan Drayton I owe the rule, “adjectives count as words.”  He used it in memory of the Daily Chronicle in late colonial days, under the legendary Harry Harewood.