Constables as well as Lance Corporal should be given awards

Dear Editor Reports in the print and electronic media stated that on December 30, 2017 Lance Corporal 17310 Williams, Constables 23777 Blake, 23630 Prince and 20980 Hunte while on roadblock duty at Whim Public Road, Corentyne detained Deputy Superintendent Motie Dookie and a minibus driver for what they perceived to be the police officer and driver knowingly concerned in dealing with thirty cases of Johnny Walker whisky with intent to defraud the revenue of the duties thereof.

Why was police approval for GAWU to use a noisy instrument during its march then withdrawn?

Dear Editor, The Guyana Agricultural and General Workers Union (GAWU) is very concerned and perplexed by what it deems as a strange decision of the Guyana Police Force not to allow the union to use a noisy instrument during its march from the High Bridge of Rose Hall Canje along the public road to the Canje junction along the No 2 public road and back to the High Bridge on January 9.

No Planet B

Around October last year, marine and underwater photographer Caroline Power, who is  based in Honduras, published a series of photographs and videos on her Facebook page, of large swathes of garbage, mostly plastics, floating on the Caribbean Sea near Roatán, one of Honduras’s Caribbean Bay Islands.

Do we want to enter into another dependency syndrome?

Dear Editor, I take my hat off to Isabelle de Caires, a true daughter of David, on her piece in SN, Jan 9, entitled: ‘Are we all asleep at the wheel?’ I commend her nationalistic, non-racist, non-partisan commentary on this, which I consider to be the biggest economic development issue to confront Guyana ever since Columbus came and the colonial powers decided to make sugar king, thus determining the fate of every single human who drank black water from the backdam or Lamaha creek from then till now.

Storm brewing

As of January 1, 2018, the minimum wage in the province of Ontario, Canada was raised from $11.60 per hour to $14.00, by the current provincial government.

How was the signing bonus calculated?

Dear Editor, In relation to the newest Ranger-1 well announced a few days ago, it was said in an SN article: “It has more than 230-ft of high-quality, oil bearing carbonate reservoir which is now being described as the single largest find in the (Stabroek) Block.

SN should reproduce parts of sugar industry CoI

Dear Editor, Having regard to the continuing references being made to the recommendations of the CoI into the sugar industry which is very topical again in view of the imminent widespread loss of employment of thousands of our fellow Guyanese, etc, etc, we, Mr Vibert Parvatan and I, would like to suggest that you seriously consider reproducing salient parts of the findings and recommendations of the CoI in your daily publications.

Southern Africa: Beyond the promises of the liberation struggles

More than three decades after southern Africa put the travails of white minority rule behind it the liberation movements in the region continue to dominate the region’s politics, having transformed themselves into structured political parties and captured what they considered to be the ultimate reward for their military and political struggles ‒ the state.