Government ads are unnecessarily long

Dear Editor, The plethora of unnecessarily long and repetitious Vacancy Ads and Invitations to Bid by various governmental agencies, especially the Ministry of Health, caught my attention almost as an irritant yesterday as I read through the daily newspapers.

Corruption in law enforcement

Recently, British High Commissioner to Guyana, Mr Gregory Quinn had some harsh words to say against corruption in law enforcement, making a strong suggestion that corrupt officers must be jailed once found guilty.

Deterring youth crime

Data on the early ages at which children begin smoking cigarettes and using hard drugs surfaced once again during a national community policing organisation event on Sunday last, with Minister of Public Security Khemraj Ramjattan expressing amazement that some were as young as 11.

Prof Pollard could have advised his boss on his misleading comments

Dear Editor, Professor Justice Duke Pollard’s letter ‘Lowe’s conclusion on case before CCJ was spurious’(Stabroek News, March 21, 2018), which criticizes Mr Sherwood Lowe for expressing his views in a letter ‘Mendez has shifted the CCJ gaze from Article 1 to Article 9 of the Constitution’ (Stabroek News, March 19, 2018), exposes the fact that Professor Pollard is ‘singing for his supper’ – moreso when you consider that he attempts to discount the views of a Guyanese, who has not been pro-PPP, but has been consistent in his expressions since I first met him in the early 2000s.