The Last Word

Feminine energy or a scam?

I always hated bras. From the wires, the heat they drive, restrictive feeling and the labour intensive duty to find a suitable one for every outfit, what is there not to hate.

Tips for a smooth holiday season

Holidays are weirdly tortuous when you are an immigrant. It almost feels like an endless marathon, trying to recreate the magic of the holidays that you were once accustomed to,   knowing fully well it will culminate with feeling a profound sense of loss sandwiched in droplets of happiness and disappointment at having yet another season come around and still not managing to get it quite right.

Teachers, nurses and the gig economy

As I look on and observe from an incredibly far distance while the nation’s teachers protest for both liveable wages and decent working conditions, I remember two stories my late Godmother who worked as a nurse in the public healthcare system shared with me growing up.

A look at love

A little over halfway into  Bell Hooks’ book “All About Love: New Visions”, and my mind  cannot stop reshuffling memories of my past relationships, friendships, family dysfunction, and my own shortcomings when it comes to  consistently enacting a love ethic in all aspects of  my life.  

Online etiquette

There is something deeply traumatising about navigating online social spaces in moments of absolute political turmoil and instability.

Patriotism and people’s rights

Dave Martins’s song “Not A Blade of Grass” is playing on steroids right now and while there is a heightened sense of national pride across certain sections of the population due to the border controversy, there is a big part of me that can’t help but to interrogate the phrase, “is we own” that is being plastered everywhere.

Injustice in Gaza must be condemned

I first learnt of Israel’s occupation of Palestine about 12 years ago; not through a news report,  United Nations or Amnesty International but a friend’s Facebook post after their interaction with a Palestinian man that took place as they were in a queue (if my memory serves me correctly it was a bank to be exact).

Self-care is more than retail therapy

An impulsive buy, a scented candle, a bath bomb, a new essential oil, pillow mist, the list can go on and on, are all products and practices we tend to associate with self-care, a word that gets thrown around steadily that seeks to describe the way in which we tend to ourselves after we have been battered by life and all its woes.

Adjusting to new-mom friends

Maybe it’s just my friends circle, but it currently feels as if everyone and their mother has a baby or one on the way and as much as I would like to tell myself and you the friendships will remain the same with just some extra planning; they evolve in a such a way that requires you  to be re-introduced to a 2.0 version of your friend.

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