The Last Word

Adjusting to new-mom friends

Maybe it’s just my friends circle, but it currently feels as if everyone and their mother has a baby or one on the way and as much as I would like to tell myself and you the friendships will remain the same with just some extra planning; they evolve in a such a way that requires you  to be re-introduced to a 2.0 version of your friend.

Manners matter

Whenever, as a child, I forgot my table manners or just general etiquette, I recall my elders nagging that it showed that I had no “broughtupsy”. 

Looking beyond the jokes

I recently saw a meme being shared on  Facebook that made me feel a bit sad, and, if I’m being honest, caused me to chuckle a little at how nonchalant we are when it comes to connecting the dots to global problems.

The perfect gift

Purchasing gifts is such a time consuming, hit or miss, mind boggling task, especially when there is no gift registry.

How the sun can harm

When you were born and raised in a country with warm and humid weather it’s easy to override the negative effects extreme heat can have on the body and just believe the body will naturally adapt to anything.

The pull of powerful music

I wouldn’t consider myself a die-hard Beyonce fan but two weeks ago I guess I could have fooled a lot of people into thinking otherwise.

Limitless resilience

Uncivilised, violent, devil worshipping and a country inherent in bad luck are some of the stereotypes most of us tend to believe of Haiti and Haitians.

Failing to connect the dots

Not a single word or words stringed together will ever be able to bring any sense of comfort to the family and friends reeling from pain after learning that they have lost loved ones in the Mahdia dorm fire.

The real value of fashion

When designers produce accessible collections with leading fast fashion brands or significantly slash prices of their merchandise six months later to clear the way for new collections, I always question the real value of the supposed luxury. 

The protesting citizens of Suriname (Photo by Ranu Abhelakh/AFP)

Not all protests are equal

The land of baguettes, macarons and luxury has caught fire yet again and I don’t say such to gloat or make fun, but rather to serve as a reminder that even the most idealistic places that we tend to romanticise and idealise have their own problems.

Standing up for what is right

Learning to stand up for oneself is a hard skill to develop and even more so when one is navigating this under established power dynamics.

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