Brazil Trade and Investment visit shifted to mid-February

A scheduled visit here by a Brazilian trade and investment delegation originally due to take place this month as a follow-up to one to Brazil by a team of Guyanese state officials last May has been postponed until mid-February, Stabroek Business has been informed.

Govt. must take up Rooster coconut water controversy with T&T authorities, COTED – GMSA

The Guyana Manufacturing and Services Association (GMSA) has weighed in on the controversy arising out of the refusal by the authorities in Trinidad and Tobago to allow a consignment of the Rooster brand of coconut water bottled in Guyana to be sold in the twin-island Republic on the grounds that it does not satisfy the safety and health standards of that country.

Long awaited law change seen as boosting marriage tourism

Chief Executive Officer of Roraima Airways Inc. Gerry Gouveia has described as “a major potential breakthrough for the tourism sector the announcement by the Guyana Tourism Authority that government is now moving definitively to effect an amendment to the country’s Marriage Act that would allow for a reduction of the residency requirement from fifteendays to two days for non-nationals wishing to marry in Guyana.

GuySuCo’s lifeline: improved yields

By Fitzroy Fletcher The Caribbean Agri-Business Association (CABA) has been observing, with more than a little passing interest, the unfolding events of the Guyana sugar industry.

Delay in getting Cubans home regrettable but bigger picture encouraging – Gouveia

Air Aruba mechanical trouble……….

Roraima Airways Chief Executive Officer Captain Gerry Gouveia says that the “legitimate concern” over the recent delay in returning home experienced by a number of Cubans on account of mechanical defects to the Air Aruba aircraft should not be allowed to overshadow the significance of the service to promoting “friendships and business ties” between Cuba and Guyana.   

Nearly $270m in loans facilitated by Small Business Bureau last year, 51% of target

-some medium, small scale operators not meeting banks borrowing requirements

Information released by the Small Business Bureau (SBB) last week indicates that during last year the agency facilitated a total of fifty loans to clients   valued at $269.7 million and up to November 30, 49 of those loans valued at $221.8 million were disbursed.

Market prices

(Prepared by the Guyana Marketing Corporation and published by Stabroek Business as a public service) The New Guyana Marketing Corporation has agreed to provide us with the above information which we will publish on a weekly basis subject to receipt.

Kitco Market Data

Gold Prices for the three day period ending Thursday January 18, 2018

Stock market updates

GASCI ( Nº 223-6175/6) reports that session 756’s trading results showed consideration of $2,805,400 from 22,025 shares traded in 4 transactions as compared to session 755’s trading results which showed consideration of $16,188,733 from 222,583 shares traded in 15 transactions. 

The Small Business Bureau…going forward

The materialization of a report that allows some insights into the performance of the much vaunted Small Business Bureau in terms of its role in kick-starting a transformation in the small business sector finally allows us the opportunity to evaluate what it has accomplished so far, what some of its failings are and what sorts of adjustments/corrective measures it might take.

T&T rejects coconut water shipment from Guyana

-matter to be raised at gov’t level

The refusal by the Trinidad and Tobago food safety authorities to allow a shipment of coconut water from Guyana to be sold there on the grounds that it does not meet the requisite safety standard could engage the two CARICOM countries at government-to-government level even as the Government Analyst & Food & Drug Department (GAFDD) insists that tests carried out on the product here have given the coconut water a clean bill of Health.

`Some people seem to want scrap metal trade to go away’ – Association Secretary

-sees draft Bill as overly restrictive

As the local scrap metal industry awaits the ‘green light’ from government to resume the trade, Secretary of the Metal Dealers Association, Michael Benjamin  has told Stabroek Business in an exclusive interview that the feeling had surfaced in sections of the industry that there were people who simply wanted the business to go away.

Managing sugar’s remaining socio-political challenges

A Perspective

  Some measure of practical relief would have been brought to the laid off sugar workers, victims of the meltdown of the once all-powerful sugar industry though it is clear that the travails of both the government and the hapless former GuySuCo employees and their families are far from at an end.

Dem Bake here for its fair share of the market

What used to be just Doolie’s Bakery at Land of Canaan on the East Bank Demerara is in the throes of a transformation that seeks to provide its customers with a service that matches the very best that the industry has to offer.

Stock market updates

GASCI ( Nº 223-6175/6) reports that session 755’s trading results showed consideration of $16,188,733 from 222,583 shares traded in 15 transactions as compared to session 754’s trading results which showed consideration of $5,719,787 from 38,419 shares traded in 4 transactions.

Kitco Market Data

Gold Prices for the three day period ending Thursday January 11, 2018 Kitco is a Canadian company that buys and sells precious metals such as gold, copper and silver.

Implementing 20% of state contracts to small businesses

It is widely believed that if smoothly implemented and scrupulously monitored the actualization of the provision in the Small Business Act of 2004 for a 20% allocation of government’s “goods and services” contracts to small businesses could make a major, positive difference to the country.

Is the capital inching towards yet another garbage crisis?

With the time frame for central government’s bailout initiative designed to rescue City Hall from a mountain of outstanding debt to its two major garbage collection contractors having expired on December 31 there appears to exist the very real fear that the capital may return to the proverbial square one insofar as the service is concerned.