Sugary sodas making way for the coconut water charge

A leading UK-headquartered market research firm, Technavio, is predicting that from 2016 and up to 2020 the projected growth of the global coconut water market is likely to be close to a whopping 27 per cent.

Guyana Marketing Corporation

(Prepared by the Guyana Marketing Corporation and published by Stabroek Business as a public service) The New Guyana Marketing Corporation has agreed to provide us with the above information which we will publish on a weekly basis subject to receipt.

Plant protection body measures quality standards on imports, exports – NAREI report

Chief Executive Officer National Agricultural Research and Extension Institute Dr Oudho Homenauth The 2016 Annual Report of the National Agricultural Research and Extension Institute (NAREI) has highlighted the role of the National Plant Protection Organization (NPPO) in providing services designed to support exporters seeking to meet the phytosanitary import requirements of the country’s overseas trading partners and to “provide pest and related information” critical to facilitating trade relationships between Guyana and her various trading partners.

Sandra Craig looks to Carifesta 2017 for breakthrough with flavoured barbecue sauces

The Guyana Marketing Corporation’s Guyana Shop situated at the corner of Robb and Alexander streets continues to serve as the marketing incubator for local products ranging from soaps to spices, many of which are still seeking to establish a firm footing on the mainstream market, mostly the supermarket shelves that favour the eye-catching brand name imports.

Product promotion and the agro- processing sector

The Stabroek Business has, on quite a few occasions, raised the issue of the constraints affecting the growth of the agro processing sector, not least the inability of cottage industry operators to secure financing for expansion, the scarcity of modern processing infrastructure, which limits agro processing largely to domestic kitchen operations and of course the underdevelopment of the packaging and labelling industry and the impact of these on the competitiveness of local agro produce.

Chamber wants seats on 16 state boards, president says

– pressing for transparency in administration of oil and gas sector

In what is likely to be seen as an initiative aimed at easing the strained relationship between government and the private sector, Georgetown Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GCCI) President Deodat Indar used last Thursday’s launch of the entity’s 2017 Business Guyana Magazine to signal the chamber’s pursuit of a range of collaborative initiatives with government.

Nand Persaud seals Cuba rice export deal

– shipping to commence later this month

A firm contractual agreement between the state-run Cuban entity Alimport and the local rice milling giant Nand Persaud and Company paving the way for the imminent commencement of rice exports from Guyana to Cuba has now been signed and sealed, bringing to an end months of negotiations; a new chapter in trade relations between the two countries is on the horizon.

A perspective on the condition of the cooperative

The decidedly low-key programme executed by the Government of Guyana to mark National Cooperatives Week did much, if indeed anything more needed to be done, to underscore the cataclysmic decline of the movement over the decades since the then People’s National Congress administration promulgated cooperatives as the third sector of a tri-sectoral Guyana economy.

Kitco Market Data

Gold Prices for the three-day period ending Thursday August 3, 2017 Kitco is a Canadian company that buys and sells precious metals such as gold, copper and silver.

GBTI launches new Visa chip cards

The Guyana Bank for Trade and Industry (GBTI) has announced that it is now offering its customers a more advanced and secure transaction tool in the form of the EMV (Europay, MasterCard and Visa) chip card, a global standard for credit cards that uses computer chips to both authenticate and secure chip-card transactions.

Guyana/Cuba bilateral relations on the move

Following on the heels of the conclusion of a major rice export contract with Cuba (see report in this issue of Stabroek Business) this newspaper has learnt of several other bilateral business agreements between Guyana and Cuba are currently in various stages of completion.

Stock market updates

Stock market updates   GASCI ( Nº 223-6175/6) reports that session 732’s trading results showed consideration of $3,804,547 from 78,412 shares traded in 13 transactions as compared to session 731’s trading results, which showed consideration of $19,105,931 from 454,010 shares traded in 19 transactions. 

Prices Prepared by the Guyana Marketing Corporation

(Prepared by the Guyana Marketing Corporation and published by Stabroek Business as a public service) *Prices only represent the average Wholesale Farmgate and Retail Prices at the above mentioned markets and are NOT prices set by the Guyana Marketing Corporation or Ministry of Agriculture.