First Person Singular

Days of the lost

The modern hero of the popular British crime drama, “Sherlock” ponders in one memorable episode, “When does the path we walk on lock around our feet?” “When does the road become a river with only one destination?” he reflects during the opening of Series Four, produced for television by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC).

One day at a time

Just after midnight Tuesday, as most of the country dozed, the vehicles bearing dozens of camouflage-clad cops pulled up quietly outside the high walls of the nondescript Transformed Life Ministry (TLM), along the major Eastern Main Road.

Sweet perils and mysteries

My “cha chi’s” childhood confidante from the community of Cane Grove made that finest of Indian milk sweets, the silky smooth “perah,” that she sold each Saturday, outside Stabroek Market.

Margaret Koukos, her father Chris and pet dog Sadie.

A missing piece

On her inner left forearm, American teenager Margaret Koukos carries a comforting Biblical line, tattooed in curling, cursive script, “Love never fails…” Taken from Corinthians 1, the popular verse pronounces in the new international version of the Testament, “Love is patient, love is kind.

We are family

Margaret is a beautiful 19-year-old American with black hair, a big smile and a bare midriff.

From Bengal to Biaboo

With over 30 albums and a range of songs, the energetic Guyanese-born chutney artiste, Terry Gajraj continues to tour and produce, more than two decades after his biggest hit.

Chasing Tankaria

As a child, I heard vivid stories from my father about his fearless mother, a flashing firecracker, who thumped contrite men, foolish enough to interfere with her family and livelihood.

A birthday box

This year, I received an unusual birthday gift of a small, possible Pandora’s box that seemed simple and innocuous with bright rainbow-like stripes against crisp, white cardboard.

Public rhetoric, private shame

This week, the story broke of California Governor Ronald Reagan calling African delegates to the United Nations, “monkeys” in a 1971 slur that sparked chuckles from President Richard Nixon.

Through the looking glass

In our family’s music collection is a well-loved classic composition by the old time Trinidadian calypsonian Mighty Spoiler about the magistrate who tries himself for speeding.

Cubes and crosses

With bits of wood and bare rubber bands, the young Hungarian Professor Ernő Rubik created a small prototype cube that went on to become the world’s most popular toy.

Beyond the absurd

French writer, Albert Camus popularised the philosophy of the absurd in his works, including the essay, “The Myth of Sisyphus,” about the cunning Greek king, condemned to a cruel fate.

The Shaggy Defense

The Mighty Sparrow offered the most creative explanations for philandering in his classic hit, “Lying excuses” putting to shame Shaggy’s steadfast denials years later, “It Wasn’t Me.” “De two thousand dollars ah give to she, Was to buy a sandwich and a coffee” the veteran Calypso King of the World suavely assured his long-suffering partner in the compelling 1987 composition, insisting his acts “as a nice guy” were all altruistic.

An imperfect democracy

“People shouldn’t be afraid of their government. Governments should be afraid of their people.” This famous line is from the masked protagonist of the graphic dystopian novel, “V for Vendetta” by the British writer Alan Moore.

Goat mouth and bitter fruits

Shortly after dawn, as the sun suffuses the eastern sky and temperatures start to rise, the bees arrive to forage on the bright yellow flowers crowding the wild “carille” vine.  

Mahaica mists and memories

Chugging and coughing, the engine of the launch would settle into a hypnotic hum, as we journeyed up the meandering mirrors of the Mahaica River to my grandmother’s farm.  

Signs of the birds

As I opened the front door, a giant hawk glided from the thorny bael tree that is a thirsty tangle of thin branches bleached bare by the harsh drought.

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