The inequality and distribution problem

In my previous two columns before the one last week, “Dr. Politics Redux,” I made the point that if one political party gets most of its votes from one ethnic group, then the logic of clientelism or patronage means that the leaders must disproportionately reward its base.

Dr. Politics redux

I should be writing about the serious problem of inequality and to what extent it has an ethnic dimension, as I promised last week.

On the economic origins of the No-Confidence Vote

I argued in the previous column that the no-confidence vote and the government’s response to it – flouting the very constitution President Granger and his party revere – indicate another chapter in the long-term and persistent ethnic conflict playing out in Guyana.

Trade wars

President Trump and his ultra-rich government have crudely appropriated some old ideas from progressive development economists.


Economists think of technology as knowledge of the production process of a firm or industry.

Oil and other sectors

Could Guyana escape the natural resource curse?

Part 6 The previous column explored how the lack of economic research capacity might have contributed to the lopsided contract in favour of ExxonMobil.

The changing tourism market

Diversity of service With November being the month in which Caribbean countries were asked to celebrate tourism, this writer was encouraged to explore the subject of tourism further, particularly as it pertained to Guyana. 

Tourism and its economic value

General overview More often than not when one thinks about a tourist area, blue waters, white sandy beaches and surf boards are things that come to mind.

The brown and barren aftermath

Extreme damage The extreme damage and swath of devastation that have occurred over the past weeks have left many wondering as to what is really happening with global warming and climate change.

Banks and their customers

Dominant Recall from last week’s article, the overall situation of the commercial banks can be regarded as satisfactory despite the distortions in the foreign exchange market earlier in the year. 

Banks and their customers

Part 1 Decline in profits The Guyana Bank for Trade & Industry (GBTI) has reported its half-year profits for the year 2017.