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Talking about sex with your teens

Sex is one of the most taboo subjects in our society and because we are often so squeamish about it, as adults we may find ourselves eventually faced with the “awkward” or “uncomfortable” reality of having to speak with our teenage children about sex and sexuality.


Happiness is different for every person as it is based on how they were raised and the value that they place on things both material and immaterial.

Try to never yell or demonstrate aggressive behaviour in your children’s presence. Research has consistently shown that this has damaging effects on a child’s mental health.

Disciplining your child with love

We have grown up in a society where the predominant belief is that disciplining a child means “licks.” Because many of us may have had some “lashes” when we were growing up and we turned out “okay,” we hold fast to the idea that physical punishment is the best and most effective way.

woman swimming in the pool

Recreational therapy

Millions of people around the world suffer from mental illnesses and while the most common forms of treatment and care come in the form of psychotherapy and medication, there is also recreational therapy which is used to improve the mental, emotional, and physical health of an individual.

Why people cut

Have you ever seen someone you know well or maybe even a stranger and noticed small incisions on their skin, particularly around their wrists?


Anxiety is best described as a feeling of worry and unease that can lead to physiological changes, like increased heart rate and high blood pressure.

The importance of fathers

Fathers often feel as though they aren’t celebrated enough. Mothers are usually the celebrated ones because, more often than not, they tend to be the primary caregiver in many ways.

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