A mother’s choice

“I love my son, but it is getting to a place where he would soon have to leave my house if he continues with his lifestyle.

Give the gift of a book this Christmas

It is chiefly through books that we enjoy intercourse with superior minds. In the best books, great men talk to us, and give us their most precious thoughts, and pour their souls into ours.

Valiant effort from Caruana, but Carlsen is the greatest

“Congratulations to Magnus Carlsen, World Champion once more! Valiant fight from Caruana. Pushed Magnus to show his best, and, unfortunately for Caruana, today he did!” – A tweet from Garry Kasparov,  a previous World Chess Champion World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen retained his title in London, England, on Wednesday last, as he outplayed his worthwhile challenger Fabiano Caruana.

Strategy, mind games and the World Chess Championship

Chess contains the concentrated essence of life. In chess, as in life, when people cannot figure out what you are doing, they are kept in a state of terror — waiting, uncertain, confused – Robert Greene, The 48 Laws of Power The World Championship of Chess is riddled with suppositions.

Guyana teams shone at Olympiad

Guyana shone brightly at the 2018 Chess Olympiad in Batumi, Georgia. After the dust had settled, and the analyses were considered, we emerged with a triumph of hope for our foremost chess aspirants.

Nakamura wins St Louis chess tour

American chess grandmaster Hikaru Nakamura emerged triumphant at the elite Saint Louis Rapid and Blitz leg of the Grand Chess Tour, which has become one of the world’s foremost chess events.

Guyana to vote for FIDE president in Georgia

Last evening, the Guyana Chess Federation (GCF) organized a paid dinner at the Promenade Gardens to assist with the travelling expenses of a team journeying to the 2018 Chess Olympiad.

GCF’s first Olympiad fundraiser set for next Saturday

The Guyana Chess Federation (GCF) will host a dinner at the Promenade Gardens, Middle St, on Saturday, July 28, from 7 pm, the first of a series of fundraisers to facilitate a team travelling to the 2018 Chess Olympiad in Batumi, Georgia, in September.

FIDE to elect new president

National chess players Anthony Drayton and Loris Nathoo each won games against higher-ranked FIDE chess players at the strong Jamaican Open Tournament in Kingston, Jamaica, recently.

GCF taking chess to the people

Forbes Burnham (a former president of Guyana) used to say local chess was not meant for the upper echelons of society, although it was originally proclaimed as the game of kings.

Chess federation honours national championship winners

Two Fridays ago, on May 25, the Guyana Chess Federation (GCF) held a prize-giving cocktail reception at the National Racquet Centre to honour the winners of the national men, women and junior championships in addition to the attractive Clash of Champions chess tournament.

Olympiad teams named

The Guyana Chess Federation (GCF) has named the men and women’s teams who will represent Guyana at the 43rd Chess Olympiad in September in Batumi, Georgia.

The Guyana Chess Federation needs all the goodwill it can get

John London, a Berbician father of two teenage sons, Marley, 17, and Darwin, 16, in a letter published on April 11 in the Stabroek News, expressed some dissatisfaction with the manner in which the Junior Team was chosen to represent Guyana at the 7th Carifta Chess Tournament in Suriname.