Over 80% active self-employed didn’t submit income tax returns

-seventy-two percent of companies didn’t file returns

Deodat Sharma

-Auditor General’s report finds A mere 17 per cent of self-employed persons submitted their 2017 income tax returns to the Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA) while less than 30 per cent of registered companies filed returns, continuing a trend that has previously attracted scrutiny as it means that billions in taxes are not being collected.

Dead: Teron Halley

Soldier drowns in Rupununi River

A Guyana Defence Force (GDF) rank attached to the group that has been drilling wells in Region Nine drowned yesterday afternoon while swimming in the Rupununi River. 

Five pump stations to be constructed for $985m

Five pump stations are to be constructed in four different regions for a total sum of approximately $985 million and the Ministry of Agriculture has invited firms to bid for the projects.

State contracts to small business must not become poisoned chalice

The announcement late last week that Cabinet had given the green light for the implementation of the clause in the Small Business Act that sets aside up to 20 per cent of state contracts for the provision of goods and services for small businesses, with effect from January next year, is good news, as much for ambitious small businesses seeking growth through the acquisition of bigger contracts as for job-creation since bigger contracts will, in some instances, give rise to the need for an expanded work force.