Guyana to ask World Court for ruling in its favour

-after Venezuela decides not to participate in border controversy case

The World Court in The Hague, the Netherlands

Guyana will ask the International Court of Justice (ICJ) to make a ruling on the border controversy with Venezuela in its favour  after Caracas announced it would not participate in the case. 

PAC halts scrutiny of Region Five’s accounts

Ovid Morrison

The Region Five administration had the examination of its accounts by the National Assembly’s Public Accounts Committee (PAC) cut short yesterday as it was believed that the region has not been forthcoming with information to the Auditor General (AG).

Town Clerk’s food safety licence lament

It appears that one of Town Clerk Royston King’s difficulties as Head of the Georgetown Municipality’s administration is his lack of understanding of how much the image of his administration depends on the goodwill of the citizenry, a circumstance that is decidedly surprising given the fact that  he had served as the City’s Public Relations Officer immediately prior to being elevated to Town Clerk and would therefore have come to his current job with some understanding of the virtues of image-management.