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J W Chinapen
J W Chinapen

Of poetry and time

Albion Wilds Dear Solitude! Where peace and concord dwell, Whose smiling beauties quell The soul’s inquietude.

Ken Corsbie

In tribute to Ken Corsbie

Caribbean theatre began to experience very fundamental changes, formal developments, diversification, and other advancements from the end of the 1960s and through the 1970s.

Evan Jones (Jamaica Gleaner photo)

In tribute to Jamaica

The Song of the Banana Man                                   Touris, white man, wipin his face, Met me in Golden Grove market place.

A rite of passage

The culture of the contemporary Caribbean is multi-ethnic, or more importantly cross-cultural (according to Wilson Harris), and one can usually highlight the contributions of different ethnic groups.

Fr Bernard Darke (Photo taken from

Notes on July 14

Bastille Day – Georgetown                       Not wanting to deny, I believed it.

Martin Carter

Martin Carter’s sweet suite

[Suite of 5 Poems]                                                       1.   Unwritten histories of human hearts Who knows one day the books will write themselves in magic language soon transforming us to image, symbol and the ultimate silence.

Edna Manley

Focus and Jamaican literature

Jamaica                                                            I saw my land in the morning And O but she was fair The hills flared upwards scorning Death and failure here.

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