Dance Season 36 – well ‘E-majin-ed’

The National Dance Company of Guyana, in the performance of ‘E-Majin,’ for Dance Season 36, directed and choreographed by Vivienne Daniel, celebrated not only a product of 36 years of dance in Guyana, but demonstrated dance as a work of the imagination.

Auden: Poetry and politics

Sonnets from China XVI (sometimes titled The Embassy) As evening fell the day’s oppression lifted; Far peaks came into focus; it had rained; Across wide lawns and cultured flowers drifted The conversation of the highly trained Two gardeners watched them pass and priced their shoes; A chauffer waited, reading in the drive, For them to finish their exchange of views; It seemed a picture of the private life.

Kanaima: fear, lore and literature

Kanaima / Tiger (for Richard and David)   In the darkest middle of the rubber walk where the interweave of overhanging branches was thick above the road, the four schoolboys walking home (loitering in the roadside bush, collecting shiny rubber seeds in their wooden pods) suddenly stopped – movement, talk, breath, all stopped: for there in the road, yards ahead, stood a black tiger.

Carifesta in Haiti

(Continued from last week) As we continue to focus on Carifesta XII which was held in Port au Prince, Haiti, from August 21-30 and closed its curtains exactly one week ago, we find ourselves still confronting the persistent and overriding significance of Haiti as a venue for this Caribbean festival.

Contrasting images from Carifesta in Haiti

President Martelly of Haiti speaking at the Grand Opening of Carifesta XII in Port Au Prince declared that there are two Haitis: “the Haiti that CNN talks about and the Haiti that we know.”  The curtains will come down to close the Twelfth Caribbean Festival of the Arts this evening at the Kiosk – a version of the Greek styled open air auditorium – and by this time different faces of the host country will have uncovered themselves.

Themes on Emancipation

1st of August, 1838 ‘O ye first of August freed men who now liberty enjoy Salute the day and shout hurrah to Queen Victoria; On this glad day the galling chains of slavery were broke From off the necks of Afric’s sons who bled beneath its yoke.

Guyanese art

What is Guyanese Art? To what extent can this be answered by the exhibition ‘Abs-tract Art in the National Collection currently on show at the National Gallery, Castellani House?