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The impeachment inquiry now going on in the US House of Representatives, and televised daily, is as gripping as any psychological thriller.

A post-racial future for Guyana is within grasp

During last week, the Stabroek News published an article (Akola Thompson – “Towards a post-racial future” and a letter (Ryhaan Shah – “Little hope of a post-racial future for Guyana any time soon”) on the future of race in Guyana.

The ghost of Esther Perreira

Esther Perreira, a PNC supporter, filed an elections petition in 1998, challenging the validity of the 1997 elections on several grounds, one of which was that the elections were unlawfully conducted.

Will the AFC surrender?

Jaded by the PPP/C’s 23 years in office, many were elated at the coalition between the APNU and AFC because it offered the real possibility of ending the PPP/C’s long incumbency.

New political parties

As Guyana’s political season enters its beginning stages, a plethora of new political parties are coming forward to present their programmes to the electorate and seeking its support.

October 9, 1953

It was on October 9, 1953, 66 years ago last week, that the Conservative British Government of Winston Churchill suspended what was known as British Guiana’s Waddington Constitution.

The APNU+AFC has triumphed

Elections in March 2020, after a no-confidence motion in December 2019, mandating elections in three months, is an intolerable constitutional travesty.

The Iron Lady must act, the CCJ having failed Guyana

When Justice Claudette Singh was sworn in, she reminded us that when she was on the bench she was dubbed “The Iron Lady.” The newly appointed Chair of Gecom obviously intended to convey to the public that she was a decisive person, who tolerated neither nonsense nor delaying tactics.

All eyes on GECOM

The Chief Justice ruled last week in the case brought by Christopher Ram in connection with the house-to-house registration that it is unlawful to remove names from the registration list during the current exercise merely because they are not present at the addresses or had migrated.

Government has defied the Constitution with brazen audacity

Apart from recognising its “interim” status, the Government acknowledges no other consequence of the no-confidence motion passed in the National Assembly on December 21, after its members challenged the Opposition PPP/C to “bring it on.” Attorney General Basil Williams said at a symposium at the Marriott Hotel, sponsored by AmCham during last week, that Guyana is not geared for a no-confidence motion.

The president is transporting Guyana into a dystopian reality

Just over a week ago, before President Granger left for Cuba, he pronounced that there would be ‘gridlock’ unless he was given the right to recommend names for inclusion in the list of six persons the Leader of the Opposition would recommend to him from which to choose the Chair of GECOM.

The charade must now end

The Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) has ruled that the Guyana National Assembly “properly passed” a no-confidence motion (NCM) against the Government on December 21.

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