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Pompeo’s visit

The Opposition’s theory in relation to US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s visit to Guyana, appeared to be that the US could or may be contemplating an invasion of, or some sort of intervention in, Venezuela and that if Guyana were to get involved, it would somehow jeopardize Guyana’s current case in the International Court of Justice (ICJ).

Guyana’s agony

Violence at elections time or immediately thereafter in Guyana, though devastatingly painful, particularly to the victims, is nothing unusual.

The brutal escalation of inflation

In a statement last week, the WPA accused the new PPP government, in office for only a month, of already creating a criminal state, establishing racial insecurity and animosity, dismissing “hundreds” of Afro-Guyanese, winking at Indian Guyanese men beating women and children in the public square and seeking sexual favours.

No free pass

I congratulate the PPP/C on its electoral victory and Dr. Irfaan Ali on his inauguration as the President of Guyana.

The next chapter

Slavery of African people in the era of colonialism was the worst and most enduring holocaust in recorded human history.

Ballots of mass destruction

Guyana has achieved the dubious distinction of taking the longest time to announce election results and of having the largest number of court cases concerning elections between the commencement of the voting and the declaration.

The torment could soon be over

President Granger’s undertaking to accept the declaration of the election results by GECOM leaves Guyana with the hopeful expectation that the election ‘torment’ will soon be over.

The clouds on the horizon

Cynicism in relation to elections in Guyana did not begin with the debate as to whether the majority of 65 is 33 or 34 in relation to the no confidence motion passed against the APNU+AFC Government by the National Assembly on December 21, 2018.

‘He who asserts must prove’

While the political atmosphere is still heavily laden with gloom, it was somewhat lifted by President Granger’s statement last week that the Government will accept ‘any declaration’ made by GECOM pursuant to the recount.

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