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No new taxes

The public is hardly interested in the details of budgetary explanations and analysis and for many like myself, I find going through figures to be sheer drudgery.


As is to be expected, a complete reorientation of US-Guyana relations took place with the visit of then Secretary of State Mike Pompeo in September last year.


Dictators have long thrived on the ignorance of the people. That is why the quality of a democracy can always be judged from the access to information that it allows.

Venezuela escalates threat to guyana

Triggered by the decision of the International Court of Justice (ICJ) on December 18, 2020, upholding the Court’s jurisdiction to determine the validity of the 1899 Arbitral Award establishing and defining the border between Venezuela and British Guiana, Venezuela has predictably escalated its threat to Guyana’s sovereignty.

Victimology and its narratives

In a letter to SN of January 13 Dr. Kwesi Sansculotte-Greenidge pointed out the necessity and possibility of a political solution to Guyana’s ethno-political problems through constitutional restructuring.

Victory at the World Court

The International Court of Justice (World Court) ruled on Friday last that it has jurisdiction to entertain Guyana’s application with regard to the dispute concerning “the legal validity and binding effect of the award regarding the boundary between the colony of British Guiana and the United States of Venezuela, of 3 October 1899.”

Urgent reforms

Yesterday’s online edition of SN contained four separate articles about oil, the most important of which were reports of speeches by the Canadian High Commissioner and the United States Ambassador.

The Argentine Forensic Anthropology Team

Earlier this month, it was recommended by Mr. Nigel Hughes, the lawyer representing Joel Henry, Isaiah Henry and Haresh Singh, three teenagers who were brutally murdered and two of whose bodies were found on 6 September at No.

Trumpism triumphs

Over the past weeks in the US, liberals and progressives, and some conservatives, expectantly awaited the results of the elections for the complete demolition of Trump and Trumpism by the American electorate.

Elections Petitions

Last Thursday, two elections petitions, which were filed after the elections results were declared on August 2, were heard before the Chief Justice.

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