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The torment could soon be over

President Granger’s undertaking to accept the declaration of the election results by GECOM leaves Guyana with the hopeful expectation that the election ‘torment’ will soon be over.

The clouds on the horizon

Cynicism in relation to elections in Guyana did not begin with the debate as to whether the majority of 65 is 33 or 34 in relation to the no confidence motion passed against the APNU+AFC Government by the National Assembly on December 21, 2018.

‘He who asserts must prove’

While the political atmosphere is still heavily laden with gloom, it was somewhat lifted by President Granger’s statement last week that the Government will accept ‘any declaration’ made by GECOM pursuant to the recount.

GECOM has lost all claim to credibility

The jury is still out on whether the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) will deliver credible election results, notwithstanding the widespread demands of the international community and a broad cross-section of Guyanese.


It will not be until 11 am today that the Guyanese public will know whether a recount by GECOM is going to take place soon, or at all.

Ulita Moore and the recount of votes

Just as the Elections Commission (“the Commission”) was getting its act together, gingerly tiptoeing its way to a decision to recount the votes cast in the general and regional elections held on March 2, Ulita Moore, a candidate for the APNU+AFC in the regional elections, caused to be filed a case in court seeking a variety of declarations and orders against the Commission.

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