Venezuela’s breathtaking audacity

Venezuela’s proclamation of its “Atlantic Front” on May 27, which includes all of Guyana’s maritime space, having already maintained since 1962 its fictional claim to two-thirds of Guyana’s land territory, is breathtaking in its audacity.

The fall of the PPP

The PPP’s boast has always been that it never lost elections. While it gained the highest votes in 1964, it was the PNC that was invited to form the government, which it did in coalition with the United Force.

Guyana has spoken

I should like to take this opportunity to express my congratulations to the APNU+AFC alliance on its historic victory at the general and regional elections and to David Granger, Guyana’s new President.

Let peace prevail!

  Guyanese will vote on Monday for a Government that they wish to conduct the affairs of the nation on their behalf for the next five years.

Axe the Dax

Conversation Tree

In 1962 the slogan ‘axe the tax’ became well known in then British Guiana.

Pit bull politics

The OAS Observer Mission, the British High Commissioner, the United States Representative and the Private Sector Commission have all publicly raised concerns about the dangers of inflammatory language being used in the election campaign in Guyana.

Accepting the election results

Since the restoration of free and fair elections in Guyana, the only election results that have been accepted were those of 1992, even though they, and most other elections since then, were accompanied by violence, particularly after the elections.

The PPP and the Gospel according to St Mark

In the Gospel according to St Mark, Chapter 10, Verse 25, Jesus is recorded as having said: “It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God.” In the 2000 plus years of the existence of Christianity, the view expressed by Jesus has lost much of its currency.

The PPP’s challenges

The responses of the PPP to The Cummingsburg Accord by APNU and the AFC were a declaration by President Ramotar that it is a “farce” and the unleashing of Ms Elisabeth Harper as its prime ministerial candidate.

Election results

The last general and regional elections were characterized by extensive delay in announcing election results and there was an outcry against it.

Whose spanner in the works?

Working alongside and observing Dr Jagdeo (then Mr Jagdeo) at close range in the PPP for twenty years, I know that he must be enormously tickled at the controversy generated by the court action challenging the presidential two-term limit.

Virgin territory

Guyana is in virgin, unexplored, political territory. In various interviews both Opposition Leader David Granger and AFC Leader Khemraj Ramjattan, have indicated that the period of foreplay between their parties is over and consummation is in progress.


The election date has been announced. Because it is just under four months away, the campaign will start slowly.


No matter how often it happens, no matter how much our ears become attuned to the ring of abuse in politics, Guyanese must never allow themselves to become accustomed to it or to be entrapped by it, and to succumb to the temptation of silence.

The tiger roars

In a recent advertisement, shown above, the National Independent Party (NIP), led by Mr Saphier Husain-Subedar, until recently known as Mr Saphier Husain, announced its intention to contest the upcoming elections.

Negotiating the coalition

If the PPP/C is returned with only a plurality of the votes at the upcoming elections as in 2011, it could adopt the sensible course of inviting the opposition to join it in a coalition government.


The electorate will be called upon in 2015 to decide the political shape of Guyana for the immediate future.