Barbados AG warns of terror threat

(Barbados Nation) Attorney General Dale Marshall is warning Barbadians that terrorism threats might be closer to home than they think.

TCL wants higher tariff

(Barbados Nation) Trinidad Cement Limited  (TCL) isn’t planning on waiting for the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) to determine what’s next in the cement war against Barbados-based Rock Hard Cement after all.

Barbados residents chase fake cops

(Barbados nation) Two fake cops were forced to flee and call the real police after Deacons, St Michael residents set upon them when they tried to confiscate a second bicycle.

Mother, son shot dead in Barbados

(Barbados Nation) A mother and son are the island’s latest murder victims after a double homicide at Rices, St Philip tonight.

Rats lead to school closures in Barbados

(Barbados Nation) Another school has closed because of environmental issues. And Minister of Education Santia Bradshaw is asking parents and teachers for their patience.

Prince Charles and Camilla to visit Barbados

(Barbados Nation) Their Royal Highnesses, The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall will pay an official visit to Barbados on Tuesday, March 19, as part of a Caribbean tour.

Senior citizen killed with sword in Barbados, one held

(Barbados Nation) THE CLOSE-KNIT RURAL COMMUNITY of Walkes Spring, St Thomas, has been thrown into a state of shock following the gruesome killing of one of its senior citizens, Douglas “Dougy” Barker.

Rat population on the rise in Barbados

(Barbados Nation) There is an upsurge in the rodent population in Barbados and it is costing Government almost $200 000 annually in its baiting programme.

Barbados bans single-use plastic

(Barbados Government Information Service) From April 1, the importation, retail, sale and use of petro-based single use plastic (plastic made from petroleum) will no longer be allowed in Barbados.

Soldiers, cops team up in Barbados

(Barbados Nation) The boots of the Barbados Defence Force (BDF) will be hitting the streets alongside those of the Royal Barbados Police Force (RBPF) in a step to reduce crime and gun violence.

Barbados AG puts gun smugglers on notice

(Barbados Nation) The long arm of the law will be reaching those business people who are behind the importation of illegal weapons through the Bridgetown Port.

Barbados: Two Canadians plead guilty after caught with marijuana at airport

(Barbados Nation) On Monday, January 14 police arrested and charged Janella Christy Milord Ashford 18, of 219 Lucinda Crescent, K1WOA1, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada and Marc Dawins Cimeus, 20 of 932B Cummings Avenue, Ottawa Ontario, Canada with, possession of cannabis, intent to supply cannabis, trafficking in cannabis and importation.

Barbados: Guyanese woman drops charges against husband

(Barbados Nation) She initially lodged a charge against her common-law husband for assault, but after conversing with some other women in the District “A” courtyard, a Guyanese woman decided to drop the matter against him.

Barbados tattoo artist gunned down

(Barbados Nation) Tuesday night’s killing of a tattoo artist, who was shot 16 times, has left his family in a state of shock.

Barbados records first murder of 2019

(Barbados Nation) Barbados has recorded its first murder for 2019. Police say investigations are continuing into the unnatural death of a Shaqullie Toppin 24-year-old St Michael resident, who was shot around 9:55 last night at Danesbury near Retreat Road Black Rock.

Some Barbados sugar jobs to be cut today

(Barbados Nation) The 2019 sugar cane harvest will start on a dire note, with layoffs starting today and the country’s lone sugar factory not yet fit for operation.

Barbados: Mighty Gabby on the mend

(Barbados Nation) The Mighty Gabby is still going strong. The veteran entertainer and Cultural Ambassador, real name Anthony Carter, is in his Clapham, St Michael home resting after being in hospital.

Barbados: CCJ rules in favour of TCL, Arawak

(Barbados Nation) The Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) has ruled in favour of Trinidad Cement Ltd (TCL) and Arawak Cement Ltd in their battle with local importer Rock Hard Cement to have tariffs on imported cement remain at 60 per cent, and not five per cent as argued by the company.