Ian on Sunday

Extraordinary People in My Life

Rex Nettleford I found people liked to recall the royalty of his name and nature but thought that King was too high and mighty so they named him a prince of men and that somehow seemed right.

Extraordinary people

In a long life I have been lucky to  encounter many exceptional people who have added greatly to the flavour of living and  the range of one’s experience of this marvelous world.


Many of us at some time or another, generally in a new year, have resolved to “keep a diary,” probably as part of some grand and comprehensive plan to organize one’s life better and achieve great things – plans, I am afraid, which very soon run aground on the dangerous shoals of everyday living. 

The benefits of age

Suddenly it is Christmas again. I am eighty-seven years old.  I find that ridiculous but chronologically it is a fact.


This week, it seems so soon again, I was saddened by the death of an old friend who often filled my life with laughter and good advice.

What if you knew the world ended in a week

When I was young, and benefitted not only from a fresh and eagerly absorptive mind but also from a strong belief that an eternity of life stretched in front of me, I loved to read big books, books of immense length.

True values in a nation

It is necessary to repeat again and again that in the background of all our lives there exists a fundamental and dominating lie.

A place of blessings

In Guyana, as indeed elsewhere in the world, most of what is considered worthy of notice is shallow and of no long-term importance.

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