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Campus construction, office upgrades erroneously charged to Stabroek block – Exxon audit found

ExxonMobil lumped all of the expenses for the construction of the multibillion dollar Ogle Headquarters, upgrades for its Duke Street office and the Houston Shorebase, under the Stabroek Block’s cost recovery and this should not be, as the company will use the facilities for operations of other blocks, the US$7.2 billion audit of its 2018-2020 expenses has stated.

New audit disallows some Exxon costs for gas project

ExxonMobil included costs for some aspects of works for the gas-to-power pipeline in the US$7.2 billion it claimed for the 2018-2020 period, actions, auditors highlighted, that are not catered for under the Production Sharing Agreement (PSA) the US oil major and partners has with this country.

Guyana: Americas newest and fastest rising Petrostate and its profile of persistent poverty

Introduction In response to the Tricontinental Institute of Social Research’s circular call for assistance for crafting a new development theory and practice that seeks to release the poor from their persistent poverty, I ventured a response based on this long-running series on Guyana as the “newest and fastest rising petrostate in the Americas.”

From Destiny to Prosperity Part 1

Introduction Today’s column begins the review of Raphael Trotman’s book From Destiny to Prosperity – the names of two of the first three Floating Production, Storage and  Offloading vessels (FPSO) in the petroleum operations conducted by the Contractors in the Stabroek Block, the other being Unity.

The Shell Company

Introduction It has been several months since column 108. Yet, when I told a friend that I intended to publish approximately eight columns over the next few weeks, his immediate reaction was the question: what will you say that you have not addressed in the one hundred and eight columns and dozens of letters over the past four years?

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