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Lucas stock index

Last Update: 593.45                          Movement: 1.89% Current Update: 604.67                     YTD Movement: -0.22%                                    LUCAS STOCK INDEX The Lucas Stock Index (LSI) rose 1.89

The Cavett book….and

Many years ago, when I lived in Toronto, a huge TV favourite for me was a late-night talk show hosted by Dick Cavett, a very erudite gentleman, with a great sense of humour, and this keen eclectic interest in everything under the sun and for a quirky but sharp sense of humour; Cavett was a joy to watch.

Cosmata Lindie

Q&A: Cosmata Lindie

Curated by Andre Haynes + Dreylan Johnson Cosmata Lindie is an artist, writer and clerical assistant from New Amsterdam, Berbice.

Remembering Bud Lee

My friend Bud Lee — distinguished and regionally honoured surgeon, fine sportsman, one of the outstanding Guyanese of his generation — played a large part in my life at one time.


By Cosmata Lindie Maurice Saul was at a crossroads, literally and metaphorically.

Some of the publications in the Guyana Classics series (Stabroek News file photo)

Guyana Classics series is invaluable literary treasure

Attunement of the senses                                           Who has an eye for Nature’s beauteous forms And lends an ear to trap her melody, Will see the rose a sudden scarlet brush When shyly bursting forth in dewy morn; Observe the riotous splash of colour spilled Across the palest blue of Heaven’s dome; Will harken to the noise of kneeling grass Which furious, fitful winds keep trampling o’er; Will hear the symphony of weeping skies Euphoniously played on tresses green; Will smell the dampness of the rain-scoured earth And deep inhale the fragrance of its flowers; Will taste the freshness of the laughing brook And smack the lips in sheer delight of being; Will feel a oneness with Divinity, Dynamic; indivisible; serene; All these and more perceived and understood Is proof .

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