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Kaiso and the Toronto years

I began playing music for fun, many years ago, growing up in Vreed-en-Hoop, across the Demerara River from Georgetown, and in a recent conversation with Bajan musician Roger Gibbs, now based in Toronto where I lived for many years (Tradewinds started there in 1966), it struck me that there is a terrific book in the story of the evolution of Caribbean music that has happened in our lifetimes, particularly in Trinidad and Jamaica, but also across the region generally, from St.

LUCAS STOCK INDEXThe Lucas Stock Index (LSI) fell 0.013 percent during the fourth period of trading in March 2020. The stocks of four companies were traded with 16,604 shares changing hands. There were no Climbers and one Tumbler. The stocks of the Demerara Tobacco Company (DTC) declined 0.21 percent on the sale of 101 shares. In the meanwhile, the stocks of Banks DIH (DIH), the Demerara Distillers Limited (DDL), and the Guyana Bank for Trade & Industry (BTI) remained unchanged on the sale of 15,151; 1,200 and 152 shares respectively. The LSI closed at 622.45.

Lucas stock index

Last Update: 624.29                         Movement: -0.013% Current Update: 622.45                   YTD Movement 2.72%

A brother and sister from the neighbouring Bendorff
community make their way along the road in Larimakabra to the shop
situated more than a mile away from
their home


Larimakabra is a community of 18 people – a shopkeeper who lives by himself and the 17-member Williams family– located along the Parika-Hubu Road, between Naamless and Bendoroff, on the East Bank of Essequibo.

Screenshots of school lessons being shared on WhatsApp by a class teacher of the Georgetown SDA Academy that was shared by a parent on her Facebook page

Private schools move classes online after COVID-19 shutdown

Private schools shuttered in light of the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) are providing lessons to their students online while for public schools, the Minis-try of Education (MoE) has resources on its website and has also shared links to educational websites on its Facebook page.

Posters for Rear Window, Gosford Park and The Big Chill

Comfort Food

Whether you’re practicing social distancing, in self-quarantine or going about your business as normal, it’s hard to ignore that the current times are a bit fraught.

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