Dogs are definitely not dumb

Persons who know me well, or read this column, will know of my admiration and affection for dogs, particularly in the years when I lived in the Cayman Islands on two acres of land in the countryside, with several dogs in the family. 

The Court of Appeal can shine a legal light on the way forward

President Granger last Friday said that “the Government is conducting its affairs in accordance with the Constitution and with respect for the rule of law.” He sought to convince the nation that it was the Speaker of the National Assembly who directed the Government’s approach to the court and that the cooperation of the Opposition is necessary for credible elections.

Lucas stock index

Last Update: 528.85                                                             Movement: 0.11% Currebt Update: 529.44                                                       YTD Movement: 2.83%                                                   LUCAS STOCK INDEX The Lucas Stock Index (LSI) rose 0.11% during the second period of trading in March, 2019.

Whither chutney

Last week saw the height of carnival in Trinidad and Tobago: J’ouvert, Ol’ Mas, Carnival Mon-day and the end of the festival on Carnival Tuesday.

Dim political fortunes await Guyana

The meetings last week between the President and the Leader of the Opposition and the President and the Guyana Elections Commission did not yield a solution to the impending constitutional crisis that has been dominating the news in recent weeks.


Last Update: 574.96                                                Movement: 8.16% Currebt Update: 528.05                                           YTD Movement: -2.56%The Lucas Stock Index (LSI) declined 8.16% during the first period of trading in March, 2019.

Tiger Lily

On my recent travels I came across one of the most awesome sights: Tiger Lily being grown as potted plants. 

Guyana named top eco-tourism destination

From time to time I hear from readers of this space saying that they enjoy the columns but suggest I should use some of them to focus on “feel good” stories, like the one last week about Fay James, the nature tourism lady running a successful nature-tourism business in a lodge on an island in the upper reaches of the Essequibo River. 

A standout lady

It’s easy to get dillusioned or even cynical about mankind in a time of Trump, or of some wayward soul in the interior with a high-powered rifle, and not much else, shooting a beautiful jaguar, or of a man in Georgetown leaving his dog chained up in the hot sun all day long. 

The challenge of developing health tourism

Health tourism is an enormous and highly competitive global business. Reliable estimates indicate that by 2021 the worldwide health tourism market will reach somewhere between US$46.6 billion and US$125 billion per annum and is experiencing a compound annual growth rate of somewhere between 13% and 19%.


Tagetes commonly, called Marigolds, originated in South America and New Mexico. Marigolds are a gardener’s favourite.

Northern Slaty Antshrike

The male Northern Slaty Antshrike (Thamnophilus punctatus) is distributed across much of the Guiana Shield, as well as more locally in the foothills of the east Andes, from southwest Venezuela to eastern Colombia, and thereafter reappearing in southern Ecuador and northernmost Peru.

Slaves to our devices

How often do you find yourself glued to your smartphone?  And do you find yourself justifying the long hours you spend on your devices? 

Keeping standards high

Even a casual observer of the various debates in the public spectrum of Guyana will notice that the subject of raising standards in the society is an abiding condition in the mix.


Last Update: 526.85                                               Movement: 0.002% Currebt Update: 526.84                                        YTD Movement: -2.33% The Lucas Stock Index (LSI) declined 0.002% during the third period of trading in February 2019.