The Birds

By Cosmata A. Lindie She was not sure just when it was that she first started noticing the birds. 


This column today is, virtually word for word, something I wrote recently when a Tradewinds fan overseas, himself venturing into songwriting, wrote me, asking that I elaborate on the process to help him in his efforts. 

Lucas stock index

LUCAS STOCK The Lucas Stock Index (LSI) declined 0.23% during the first period of trading in August 2019.

All eyes on GECOM

The Chief Justice ruled last week in the case brought by Christopher Ram in connection with the house-to-house registration that it is unlawful to remove names from the registration list during the current exercise merely because they are not present at the addresses or had migrated.

Real and fantasy horrors

Curated by Andre Haynes and Dreylan Johnson The beginnings of Danesh, the 15-year-old protagonist of writer Imam Baksh’s fantasy novel “The Dark of the Sea,” are very much grounded in a reality that is familiar to many of Guyana’s youth.

Government has defied the Constitution with brazen audacity

Apart from recognising its “interim” status, the Government acknowledges no other consequence of the no-confidence motion passed in the National Assembly on December 21, after its members challenged the Opposition PPP/C to “bring it on.” Attorney General Basil Williams said at a symposium at the Marriott Hotel, sponsored by AmCham during last week, that Guyana is not geared for a no-confidence motion.

Getting it right

It’s generally true for most folks that over the years, in the various areas of our life, we come to know individuals, or sometimes companies, that we turn to for our diverse needs based largely on the fact that we have come to value them for the standard of their work, to appreciate them for always “getting it right”. 

High cost of healthy food to blame for malnutrition

(SciDev.Net) ACCRA – Variations in food prices around the world may help explain regional differences in malnutrition and obesity, with poorer populations missing out on healthy foods including eggs and dairy products because of their high cost, a study says.


The Lucas Stock Index (LSI) declined 0.23% during the first period of trading in August 2019.

Red Hibiscus

By Scott Ting-A-Kee The following chapters are excerpted from Scott Ting-A-Kee’s debut novella, “Red Hibiscus,” which he will be promoting later this month at CARIFESTA.  

On Eric Roach, freedom, culture and traditions

Verse in August                                                  (For Frank Collymore) knock drum draw bow on fiddle strings let rhythm jump and catgut screech let all time jig a kalinda and reel these august freedom days let dead bones rise and dance their own bongos who’ll dance my death farewell?

Guyanese sculptor making name in Antigua

“Guyana has not given me that chance to showcase my ability to its fullest and because of that I had to migrate to a smaller place that respects art and the artists,” says Lionel Aubrey Simon.