Stabroek Weekend

Dexter Copeland
Dexter Copeland

Linden filmmaker creating to inspire

Throughout his life, Dexter Copeland says he has never failed to notice the suffering the people of Linden, his hometown, have endured as well as the way they have overcome their struggles.

A view of Byderabo from the Essequibo River


Byderabo is a picturesque community on the outskirts of Bartica. Its diverse population, a large percentage of whom depend on gold mining for their livelihoods, is made up of at least five of the six Guyanese ethnicities.

Live better

It is extremely important that you pay attention to what today’s column says if you wish to live a longer, healthier, more alert and happier life.

Natural Bounties

In recent times in particular, Guyanese have become more aware of the various bounties that nature and, by extension, mankind, have provided for us in Guyana from the well-established locations such as Kaieteur and the Rupununi and our various mountain ranges. 


Last Update: 582.61                               Movement: 0.14% Current Update: 583.44                         YTD Movement: 13.32%           The Lucas Stock Index (LSI) rose 0.14 % during the second period of trading in November, 2019. 

Members of the Giving Hope Foundation during an outreach.

Dr Latoya Gooding gives hope to cancer victims

Two years after she graduated as a general practitioner, Dr Latoya Gooding requested to join the Oncology Department of the Georgetown Public Hospital (GPH) and the suffering of cancer victims propelled her to do more than treat their symptoms and help to make their stay at the institution bearable.

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