Lessons I never forgot

In a social situation recently, I heard one of our senior citizens relate an incident early in her life where she gained, as she described it, “a lesson I never forgot.”  It set me thinking how that applied to me.


The Lucas Stock Index (LSI) rose 0.45 percent during the fourth period of trading in June, 2018. 

Arrowhead Vine

Syngonium Podophyllum commonly called Arrowhead Vine and Butterfly Plant originated in Mexico and America and has adapted well in the Caribbean.

Swallow-winged Puffbird

The swallow-winged puffbird is a very distinctive and fairly common bird, most often encountered perched high on a dead branch along a riverbank, or on a telephone wire, and is typically observed in pairs, which are sometimes found in direct proximity to the neighbouring pair.

MI wan an’ God  

Probably because I have spent most of my life in the entertainment business, I am often interested, I would even say taken aback, to see the adulation, I would even say hysteria, that the famous persons in our societies generate. 


The Leader of the Opposition, Mr. Bharrat Jagdeo, issued an invitation to President Granger to debate race, in the context of which political party in government has done more for African Guyanese.

Truth does not grow old

Good poetry holds its truth and relevance throughout the ages. It may retail the facts and thinking of its own era, but part of it will always express what is eternally true and recognizable.

Future proofing the Caribbean

If like me, you listen regularly to the BBC World Service, you may have heard a recent item about an extraordinary leap forward in technology, which, over time, could lead to clothes and even shoes being produced using a domestic 3D printer.

Drone possibilities

One of the realities of modern life is the amount of time we spend waiting – for the telephone technician to come; for the traffic jam ahead of you to clear; for the part you ordered from overseas to arrive, and, particularly taxing for me, the amount of time we spend in various customer lines or waiting-rooms. 

The disturbing consequences of the G7 summit

It is the images that remain. First it was a photo of the political leadership of the West trying to face down an intransigent Donald Trump, and then two days later the extraordinary sight of a smiling US President standing beside an equally pleased Kim Jong Un; making it easy to forget that just a few months before, the former were close allies, while the latter was in conflict with the US.

The truth about love

At thirteen, I think it was, I was reading love poetry. At seventeen, love-lorn often, I was writing it – very badly, full of inconsolable sighs and lamentation, but at least I was trying.

Glorifying Guyana: Independence programme celebrated nationhood and identity

O Beautiful Guyana                                      O beautiful Guyana O my lovely native land More dear to me than all the world Thy sea-washed, sun-kissed strand Or down upon the borders Looking down upon the deep The great Atlantic Blown into a fury or asleep At morn, at noon or better In the crimson sunset’s glow I love thee, Oh I love thee.

Repetition is the key

I spent a week recently in my former stamping grounds, Grand Cayman, doing a spot in the annual stage show, Rundown, which I started there 25 years ago.

Daisy Mums

Another amazing landscape piece that caught my eye on my recent travel overseas was a rectangle fountain with multicoloured Daisy Mums.

The new dimensions of tourism

In a week in which Caribbean tourism leaders have been meeting in New York to build on the strong growth that much of the industry is now experiencing, it may seem perverse to be writing about the sustainability of Caribbean tourism.