Deaths that tear the heart

Of all the expressions of unconsolable loss I have read concerning the death of anyone greatly loved, the following lament by Henry James, the novelist, when his older brother, William James, the scientist and philosopher, died is the most heartfelt: “I sit heavily stricken and in darkness – for from far aback in dimmest childhood he had been my Elder Brother; and I still, through all the years, saw in him, even as a small timorous boy yet, my protector, my backer, my authority and my pride. 

My Cayman years

For someone who grew up in modest circumstances and very limited exposure to what Guyanese in those days referred to eerily as the “outer world”, I ended up in a musical career with Tradewinds (something simply unthinkable for me when I left Guyana) which led me to spend time in a number of places in what is widely referred to as “the West”. 

Flat belly foods

Guyana Carnival 2018 is right around the corner and gyms and fitness centres countrywide are filled with individuals (including myself) looking to get a tighter physique or primed for the many pool parties, j’ouvert celebrations and the street parade.

The petroleum project life cycle

The economic perspective

Introduction This week’s column wraps up the ongoing discussion from an economic perspective of the last remaining of the five items, which that I had earlier identified from Guyana’s fiscal regime for its 2016 production sharing agreement, PSA.

Tit for tat

Tit for tat politics have arrived with a vengeance. The APNU+AFC police has charged PPP supporters and the PPP has struck back by charging APNU supporters.

Landscapes holding us home

Some time back in this space, I posed the ‘Why we stay’ question for Guyanese choosing to live here while mentioning some of the magnets that hold us to the homeland.

The economic perspective

Resources, reserves and tax compliance

Introduction Last week’s column addressed two of five topics singled out earlier for comment in order to highlight their significance from an economic perspective; namely 1) Government take/developmental benefits/economic profit; and 2) accounting for costs.


  Vinca commonly called Periwinkle or Never Done originated in Madagascar and comes from the Catharanthus family; it is different from Catharanthus pusillus which originated in India and Sri Lanka.

Cricket’s Prince Charming

Part III Born to lead …………………………….. Friday, 23rd, March, 1962, West Indies v India, Third Test, Kensington Oval, Barbados Frank Worrell, the West Indies Captain and his Indian counterpart, the Ninth Nawab of Pataudi strode down the steps of the Pickwick Pavilion, and headed out on to the pitch to spin the toss. 

The Windrush generation

For years now, Caribbean High Commissioners, activists, church organisations and community oriented Caribbean companies have been raising with the British government and parliamentarians the shocking way in which undocumented members of the Caribbean diaspora who came to Britain between 1948 and 1971 have been treated.