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The Iron Lady must act, the CCJ having failed Guyana

When Justice Claudette Singh was sworn in, she reminded us that when she was on the bench she was dubbed “The Iron Lady.” The newly appointed Chair of Gecom obviously intended to convey to the public that she was a decisive person, who tolerated neither nonsense nor delaying tactics.

All eyes on GECOM

The Chief Justice ruled last week in the case brought by Christopher Ram in connection with the house-to-house registration that it is unlawful to remove names from the registration list during the current exercise merely because they are not present at the addresses or had migrated.

Government has defied the Constitution with brazen audacity

Apart from recognising its “interim” status, the Government acknowledges no other consequence of the no-confidence motion passed in the National Assembly on December 21, after its members challenged the Opposition PPP/C to “bring it on.” Attorney General Basil Williams said at a symposium at the Marriott Hotel, sponsored by AmCham during last week, that Guyana is not geared for a no-confidence motion.

The charade must now end

The Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) has ruled that the Guyana National Assembly “properly passed” a no-confidence motion (NCM) against the Government on December 21.

The consequential orders

The Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) has ruled in two of the most important constitutional cases that have engaged its attention in its ten-year history.

Father’s Day

The best quote I have read among dozens in relation to Father’s Day while preparing for this article is this: “By the time a man realises that maybe his father was right, he usually has a son who thinks he’s wrong.” At lunch during last week, my elder son, who has a nodding respect for my legal acumen, even though it (the legal acumen) is at best modest, if it has even reached that level, and who consults me frequently, pronounced once again that he has a dim view of politicians.

Ramjattan v Nagamootoo [2019] AFC 1

As the general elections draw near, and the speculation surrounding the choice by the PPP’s of its presidential candidate is over, attention is now focused on the AFC’s choice of its prime ministerial candidate.

Elections Commission – damn the messenger!

The legal adviser to the Elections Commission came in for some blistering, public, abuse by Commissioner Desmond Trotman, who referred to the young lawyer as practising ‘deceit.’ Apparently, the opinion she gave as to the law relating to registration of electors, was not to his liking, as it contradicted the position that he and his fellow Government-appointed Commissioners had been advocating.

Guyana’s political antics under scrutiny

The Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) gave a clear indication of its liberal and purposive attitude to constitutional interpretation in the Richardson case last year in which the constitutionality of the two-term presidential limit was challenged.

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