Rumour has it

Gossip is a part of our society. Many stories we hear are not always factual, or the truth might be misconstrued, but still people are judged based on these unverified accounts.

Fifty-three years after May 1966

-Personal reminiscences, national realities

-Front-page murders – all the pages If you were an adult (18-25 years) when Guyana gained its constitutional and governmental “independence” from Britain in May of 1966, you would be now in your seventies.

The political decision process

When PPP central committee member Dr Vindhya Persaud stated her intention go up for election to be that party’s presidential candidate, from my reckoning she received more support from letter writers and commentators than the actual winner of that contest, Mr.

Our “unbribable” commissioner, his rogue cops

- Will electoral defeat be accepted?

– American “asylum”, while thousands wait Three fit and sturdy fellows of average intelligence and Sunday-school background – and between the ages of twenty to twenty-four – were accepted into the Guyana Police Force (GPF) a few years ago.

A Goebbelsian boast

I have said before that it is impossible to find sufficient thanks to heap upon the coalition parties for winning the 2015 elections and preventing Guyana going down the tragic path of ethnic domination orchestrated by the PPP/C.

A Confrontation from Hell

By  Amin Saikal CANBERRA – Former US Ambassador to the United Nations Samantha Power once called genocidal wars “a problem from hell.” As US President Donald Trump’s administration ratchets up tensions with Iran, the world must now reckon with the prospect of a “confrontation from hell” between the two countries.

Envisioning oil: ‘the magic ingredient’

Having considered the five economic links in the eight-link decision chain that it was recommended must be implemented if Guyana is to avoid the Dutch disease and achieve transformative and sustainable development, I came to the conclusion that Guyana is not in a good place, and now come to the critical political links (Reversing the Resource Curse: How to Harness Natural Resource Wealth for Accelerated Development.

Build a bridge

Every opportunity to acknowledge and celebrate our accomplishments should be esteemed. Often, the gloom and doom would appear to overshadow the hope, peace and happiness in our society.

What Charrandass caused…(34 or no 34)

-The “new” airport and other economic crimes

-Miss Chantoba Bright: Sport as National Development From early to mid-December, 2018, the Coalition was supremely confident in their numbers to easily scuttle Mr Jagdeo’s (No) Confidence Motion.

Into the night

They came for my laughing father late one evening. Dad was playing dominoes with jolly friends outside in the yard, as he did most afternoons after construction work, slamming the tiles with such force, the makeshift table that was really a leftover slab of peeling, painted plyboard, shivered for a second, sprung up and settled back down, shaking with surprise.

Envisioning oil: avoiding Dutch disease

So far we have considered the first and the second of the five economic and three political decisions in the chain that it was suggested must remain largely unbroken and be consistently implemented over decades if the natural resources of a country are to be effectively harnessed and transformational development result (Reversing the Resource Curse: How to Harness Natural Resource Wealth for Accelerated Development.

Our coexistence

We highly regard tolerance in this time. In many societies, the exercise of the right to freedom of expression along with freedom to believe whatever one chooses are the core of the balance.

Envisioning oil – Tax what you can see

In attempting to develop a broad vision of where the oil and gas sector in Guyana is heading, last week ( I decided to use the decision chain consisting of five economic and three political decisions that the noted natural resources development expert, Sir Paul Collier, gave in 2013 in a talk at the London School of Economics on Reversing the Resource Curse: How to Harness Natural Resource Wealth for Accelerated Development (

Envisioning oil

While preparing to make an intervention in a panel discussion on the future of the oil and gas sector in Guyana a few weeks ago, I came to realise that although I had been reading the almost daily commentaries, I must have missed it but I did not have a broad vision of where the sector is going.