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Oil and gas – The New Economic Horizon – Part 2

Who has oil has Empire. This statement is attributed to Henry Bérenger, Advisor of French Prime Minister Georges Clemenceau quoted in the editorial in the Daily Argosy of Tuesday 16 July, 1929 on the occasion of a meeting to be held that day at the Town Hall to “discuss the steps, if any, to be taken in the matter of the development of the potential Oil Industry in British Guiana in the placing of an embargo by the British Government on the nature of Capital which should be employed in its exploitation.” The second in this series of columns on Oil and gas turns its attention to the legislative and regulatory framework for the exploration and production of oil and gas in Guyana.

The cartels and national drug strategies

-Race has little to do with thievery right?

Compelled to return briefly to my lead issue above, I remind that I wrote in part last Friday: “From submersibles in the North-West District to light aeroplanes to sawmills to arranging US visas, which type of individual(s) is/are most “qualified” to manage such enterprise?”  But is it true?

Mooning in Sunnyvale 

As carefree children dancing in the magical moonlight during hot nights of electricity blackouts, we would gaze up in wonder at the full glowing orb and compete to pinpoint the fabled “man on the moon.” This low-lying near side, the Procellarum is covered in craters crammed with dense, dark volcanic material that allowed us to trace the familiar face, and we would momentarily hold our breath barely daring to blink, as we watched for the visage to emerge as the rocky ball rose.

Donald’s truth

In ‘Under the PPP/C Guyana had the fastest growing economy in the region’ (SN: 22/05/2017), former president Donald Ramotar presented some isolated truths, but the story he wove around them was essentially false.

On the proposed referendum

By Ulele Burnham, Alissa Trotz and Andaiye In its May 22 edition, the Guyana Chronicle carried an article titled “Legalising homosexuality no straightforward matter, says Greenidge.” The article confirmed that the government of Guyana, in a formal letter to the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) following the 161st Ordinary Period of Sessions, announced its intention to hold a referendum to determine whether the laws which criminalise same-sex intimate acts should be struck down.


‘Blow,’ which is a Guyanese term for infidelity, has been trending in recent weeks. A few local artistes released songs about the subject, which served as reminders that we live in a society in which infidelity is rampant.

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