Caribbean women call for non-interference in Venezuela

By Danuta Radzik, Andaiye, Honor Ford-Smithand D. Alissa Trotz If you would like to support this statement, please add your name at the following link:  We the undersigned  Call on all parties to guarantee that the Caribbean in all its diversity be actively promoted as a collective zone of peace in which principles and practices of respectful co-existence are adhered to.

Some key players: On rigging elections (Pt 2)

“Total national defence” – and non-violent defiance

Cultural Empowerment these days You-all must admire His Excellency’s Most Matured, Fit-And-Proper Gecom Chairman long-retired Justice Patterson now has to superintend historic national elections whether they are a consequence of Dr Jagdeo’s No Confidence Motion or not.

Willful ignorance

Introduction For reasons explained over the last two weeks, I believe that Guyana is at present set upon a political trajectory that is unsustainable and dangerous.

The Aftermath of the Vote of No Confidence and Preparing for Elections (Part IV)

But ‘tis a common proof,                                                                                         That lowliness is young ambition’s ladder,                                 Whereto the climber-upward turns his face;                                 But when he once attains the utmost round,                                 He then unto the ladder turns his back,                                 Looks in the clouds, scorning the base degrees                                 By which he did ascend.

Mind Games in “Glass”

“Glass” recently premiered as the third part of M. Night Shyamalan’s Eastrail 177 Trilogy, which began with 2000’s “Unbreakable” and continued in 2017’s “Split.” “Unbreakable” premiered just on the heels of Shyamalan’s wildly successful “The Sixth Sense,” the critical and commercial peak of his career.


Alice Walker is a novelist, poet, short fiction writer and activist. Author of the renowned novel ‘The Color Purple,’ which was adapted to film, Ms.

On rigging elections – past and present

The Vote: Perfecting constitutional eye-pass

Let’s debate: America’s immigrants Coming from where I came from – voting for the People’s National Congress (PNC); then participating in its elections campaigns (’80, ’85, ’92) – I will not here prevaricate or equivocate: I’m aware of allegations and realities of electoral rigging of polling and votes when Forbes Burnham and Desmond Hoyte administered this land.

Law of the fish

As books go, this one hardly appeared impressive. Wrapped in bare red cloth, stored in an unlocked steel cupboard and reeking of the natural insect-repellent citronella, the long, narrow brown leaves opened like a fan in fragile, individual sheets, held through holes by a white cord stretched between crude covers made from bare pieces of wood.

Ethnic politics is a nightmare on the brain

Last week, I promised that this column ‘using practical examples, … will consider governance arrangements that are more appropriate to our conditions and that will conclusively and most equitably address the African political dilemma.’ However, last Monday, I read a letter by M.

Macron’s Great Gamble

By  Jean Tirole TOULOUSE – In reaction to the ongoing “Yellow Vest” revolt in France, President Emmanuel Macron has decided to hold a “grand” nationwide debate.

The Cacareco effect

During his career, the Pulitzer Prize winner George de Carvalho reported on the landslide win of a surprise contender, Cacareco, in neighbouring Brazil, who ended up being an unlikely international inspiration.

The African political dilemma

Last week, the president and the leader of the opposition met, and contrary to what many had hoped for but what Guyana’s political legacy suggested was most improbable, they emerged from their hour-long meeting just as they went in – with only smiles!

Mexico’s new president betrayed Latin America’s democracies on Venezuela — and may pay a political price

It’s no coincidence that Venezuelan dictator Nicolás Maduro shouted “¡Viva Mexico!” during his inauguration for a second six-year term on Thursday: Mexico was one of the few Western democracies that sent a representative to the ceremony, which was boycotted by United States, the 28-country European Union and most Latin American countries.

Why is immigration different from trade?

By Amar Bhidé MEDFORD, MASSACHUSETTS – Despite the current backlash against free trade, exemplified most prominently by US President Donald Trump’s protectionist “America First” agenda, the economic case for easing the movement of goods and services across borders is strong and straightforward.

Improvements that are needed

What the Bourda Market vendors say about…

Interviews and photos by David Papannah and Shamar Meusa Joel Bancroft– Patient Need Pharmacy ‘Changes I will like to see lie in infrastructure and security.

Granger and Jagdeo must ‘deculturalise’ themselves

After Raphael Trotman, Khemraj Ramjattan and Sheila Holder crossed the floor from the PNCR, PPP/C and Working People’s Alliance respectively and formed the Alliance for Change in 2005, it did not take much to convince the two larger parties to collaborate on bringing legislation to prevent a recurrence of such events.

The Aftermath of the Vote of No Confidence and Preparing for Elections

The law is reason, free from passion … Man, when perfected, is the best of animals, but when separated from law and justice, he is the worst of all… He who trusts any man with supreme power gives it to a wild beast, for such his appetite sometimes makes him: passion influences those in power, even the best of men, but law is reason without desire …     Aristotle Last Thursday, the National Assembly met to discuss, among others, the consequences of the successful passage of the vote of no confidence in the Government.

Guyanese people, wake up! Ex-change after exchange is never a real change

By D. Alissa Trotz D. Alissa Trotz is Editor of the In the Diaspora Column A few weeks after the 2011 elections that delivered a minority PPP government, the Amerindian People’s Association, Church Women United, Commonground, Guyana Human Rights Association, Guyana Society for the Blind, Rights of Children and Red Thread issued a statement in which they noted that the “margins of victory are sufficiently small as to impose a degree of bi-partisanship and negotiated politics, replacing the rubber-stamp winner-take-all approach which has characterised Guyanese politics for too long.

On giving power so suddenly…

“Not for sale? Can’t be bought?”

Concerning attorney Nigel Hughes The coward in me – recognising when I’ll be “out-of-my-depth” – frequently advises that I stay away from contentious national issues which dozens of others eagerly address daily.

Sines of the times

The Italian Renaissance philosopher and statesman, Niccolò Machiavelli, described as an immoral cynic, a genius strategist and a wicked man inspired by the devil, famously maintained that politics has no relation to morals.

Bringing Bourda back from the brink

By Peter Mason This is an edited version of an article in the latest issue of Nightwatchman, a quarterly cricket magazine published by Wisden https:// If there are few more poignant images in sport than a once-great venue crumbling into dust, then the sight of the Bourda cricket ground must be one of the saddest to behold.

On educating PNC Leaders and loyalists

Our Judiciary: Many cringe, as convicts smile

How to avoid being “Dead Meat” parties I hereby reminisce briefly about the 1980 to 1992 days when I was part of a small pivotal team contributing to sensitizing and educating (frontline) People’s National Congress (PNC) members about their roles during elections campaigns.

Peas be with you

The delicious fragrance of a simmering pot of black-eyed peas cook-up will soon waft through our homes on Old Year’s night as Guyanese continue their comforting compulsory ritual for promised prosperity.

Silence or exile: the case of Charrandas Persaud

The membership of the Alliance for Change (AFC) best represents the political dysfunction it was established to fix: disillusioned PPP/C and PNCR supporters with different empathies and perhaps even different notions of right and wrong, and once the African PNCR hijacked the AFC those schisms diverged and ultimately clashed, and thus we have the case of Mr.