Who rules?

‘The ideas of economists and political philosophers, both when they are right and when they are wrong are more powerful than is commonly understood.

How gender parity improves global health

By Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus and Senait Fisseha GENEVA – Since the start of the year, we have traveled from Afghanistan and Pakistan, where health workers administering the polio vaccine are battling snowstorms to reach children who need it, to North Kivu, where officials are trying to stop one of the deadliest Ebola outbreaks in history.

The time is now to guarantee gender equality

By Axel van Trotsenburg World Bank’s Vice President for Latin America and the Caribbean Every woman born in Latin America and the Carib-bean faces a life filled with social and economic hurdles.

Commonwealth Day Op-Ed 2019

By Greg Quinn British High Commissioner to Guyana On 11 March the 53 members of the Commonwealth will celebrate Common-wealth Day.


Creative people are often asked about their sources of inspiration. Sources include personal experiences, the experiences of relatives and friends, social issues, current affairs, spirituality and mysteries.

Vast sovereign wealth for 800,000 (only?)

Racial animosity here: Why? How?

Electoral rigging – Under PPP? (Pt 5) Frankly Speaking, I would now hereby advise my fellow citizens, especially those resident here at all times, not to expect any significant earnings coming their way from our emerging oil and gas sector before, say 2022.

International Women’s Day Op-Ed

By Lilian Chatterjee High Commissioner of Canada to Guyana The Government of Canada sees March 8th, or International Women’s Day, as an opportunity to celebrate what women have achieved and the progress we have made globally on gender equality.

Guyanese democracy has not yet been born

‘When socio-economic, racial, or religious differences give rise to extreme partisanship in which societies sort themselves into political camps whose worldviews are not just different but mutually exclusive, toleration becomes harder to sustain.

I’m feeling compromised: Granger’s governance beyond 2020

-Our Constitution,“their” CARICOM?

-Comrade Irfaan Vs His Excellency: Any contest? I’ve advised voters, especially those bright-eyed first-timers between eighteen and twenty-five, that even when they fashion their loyalty and vote for their favourite political tribe, their choice is essentially, “the best of the bad lot”.

The Race to Challenge Trump

By Michael J. Boskin                                STANFORD – With the first debate between Democratic candidates just four months away, the 2020 US presidential campaign is off to an early start.

The legacy of violence in the Indo-Guyanese Diaspora: Remembering Riya Rajkumar

By Lotus                                                                                                    Founded by Preity Kumar, Suzanne Narain, and Talisha Ramsaroop, Lotus is a grassroots organization in Toronto, Canada which focuses on building social connections, educational initiatives, and empowering the lives of Indo-Caribbean women.

Our time is now

Forty-nine years ago, Guyana became a Republic and Mashramani was born. In the time since we gained our republican status, we have made more than 49 missteps along the way; some of our people have not used their power, while others have misused it.

PNC War Room? PPP Situation Room?

Justifying corruption, thievery

Regarding Speaker Scotland, Mr Nadir Mindful of my self-imposed caution not to contribute to any inflammatory rhetoric in this sudden season of political constitutional controversy and open and covert election campaigning, I resort to creative speculation today.

A lukewarm reception awaits the PPP/C

The late eminent political theorist Samuel P Huntington claimed that, ‘Elections, open, free and fair, are the essence of democracy, the inescapable sine qua non’, and this is essentially what the PPP and its supporters have always had in mind.

West Africa’s Democratic Tipping Point?

By  Olusegun Obasanjo, John Dramani Mahama, Ernest Bai Koroma, and Saulos Chilima ABEOKUTA/MUNICH/FREETOWN/LILONGWE – The decision to postpone Nigeria’s presidential election, made just hours before polls were due to open, has raised fears about the integrity of the eventual vote.

Come again, Farmer Nappy

By Roberta Clarke, Marsha Hinds and Gabrielle Hosein This week’s column offers three responses to Farmer Nappy’s Hookin’ Meh 2019 soca hit that is taking the carnival season by storm.

No-no! Not political war-drum-(beats)-early

Government generosity: ask now!

Electoral engineering, before Polling Day (Pt 4)   Partly because I regret not benefiting from the higher forms of tertiary education, I respect the analyses, the conclusions, the sentiments regarding this country’s politics by our experts.

The PPP is in free fall

A highly speculative contribution by Mr. Manzoor Nadir about two weeks ago provided an analysis in support of the PPP/C that is so surprisingly flawed that I hope that party has gone beyond this kind of thinking.

Empowering the African Union

By  Donald P. Kaberuka KIGALI – When the Organization of African Unity (OAU) was founded in 1963, Emperor Haile Selassie of Ethiopia, the bloc’s first president, issued a clarion call: “What we require is a single African organization through which Africa’s single voice may be heard, within which Africa’s problems may be studied and resolved.

Unknown Guaido: Pawn in a high-stakes game

By Raffique Shah As a 24 year old lieutenant in the Trinidad and Tobago Regiment during the Black Power riots of the 1970s, Raffique Shah led a mutiny to deny the government use of military against the mass movement.