Yellowing it out

Karaoke is a regular feature at many local nightspots. On any day of the week, friends, lovers or even acquaintances can enjoy a night of impressive and not so impressive singing.

Thoughts on theatre

While in many parts of the world theatre practitioners can live off their talents, it is not so in Guyana.

Those absent voters

Throughout our history as a self-governing nation, many leaders have treated the people like marionettes.

Soul Funeral

There are many cultures where the dead are celebrated. Many Guyanese celebrate Halloween, but some may not know the origins.

Election apathy

Unenthusiastic, unconcerned and uninformed are just a few words to describe some of the outlooks on the upcoming Local Government Elections.

Escape to Lethem

The air in Lethem seems unpolluted. Though the heat is almost unbearable at times, and the dusty, bumpy red dust roads can be a bother, there is no denying the splendor of the place, which is still pristine in many ways.

The Maafa

It has been about ten years since I have been attending our local observance of the Maafa at the Seawall Bandstand in Georgetown.

Tales of Guyanese Women – Part 2

The tales of Guyanese women are not primarily shocking horror stories. Faith in the compassion of our people compels me to believe that the experiences of most Guyanese women are not shaped by trauma.

True evil

“I was raped,” she said. Stunned by her confession, I wondered: Should I hug her?

Around Stabroek

I rarely visit the Stabroek Market and its environs by choice. The camaraderie among ordinary Guyanese mostly earning an honest living is good to witness but there is also often the risk of being confronted by belligerence and harassment.

Celebrate and unite

Pride Indigenous Heritage Month this year is being celebrated under the theme ‘Proud of Our Indigenous Identity, Celebrating in Unity.’ It is a theme from which we can all draw inspiration.

It can happen to any of us

The first incident of maternal filicide I recall encountering here occurred in the 90s, when a young woman killed her newborn baby by throwing him into a latrine.

Standing with our teachers

Most Guyanese are not paid adequately. Often, when we compare remunerations here to places outside our country—even if we only examine the remunerations in other Caribbean territories—significant disparities are revealed.

Doom and gloom

Oil will do nothing for Guyana. This is a bold, thought-provoking, fear-inducing and disconcerting statement.

A look at ourselves

In recent times, we have become familiar with terms like “fake news” and “alternative facts.” These are terms which originated in the United States of America and which have added to the asininity that we have been witnessing worldwide.

A medium for change

The MARCH (Modeling and Reinforcement to Combat HIV/AIDS) project was initiated in Guyana in 2006 to specialise in Behaviour Change Communication.

A big blow to racism?

‘Big Blow to Racism’ the headline read in the Guyana Chronicle after it was announced that the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) ruled to uphold the presidential term-limit.

A threat to peace

“There will be consequences. If they think that they can rig the elections and have the kind of peace that we have now, they’re wrong; very, very wrong.

Prize worthy

In 1987, the Guyana Prize for Literature was established by the late President Desmond Hoyte.

It is still time

The damage to many children begins when they are very young. Whether in the form of physical, verbal, psychological or sexual abuse, many Guyanese children are affected by the inadequacies of the adults who are supposed to protect them.


As long as guns exist, some will believe that they can confidently stand their ground.

Road to Rebuilding

Our material possessions are often a large part of our happiness. However, even though for many it is next to impossible, it may not be wise to emotionally attach ourselves to those possessions.

Are we tired yet?

Am I tired of writing about women being murdered in Guyana? Yes. Can I ignore this crisis and never write about it again?

As they come

For many years, foreigners like Chinese and Brazilians have been coming to Guyana to set up businesses and to make lives for themselves.

Beautiful experiences

Solitude Solitude is often necessary for our sanity. Man’s ongoing suffering often enters our circle of awareness and tries to hijack our emotional wellbeing.

Facing reality

If people could have foreknowledge of kismet, many would undoubtedly make attempts to change the course of their lives.

In search of a hero

“Black Panther” recently premiered and T’Challa, the lead character, is the super-hero many are still talking about.


The consensus seems to be that this year’s Mashramani was one of the best in years.

A little more oil in my lamp

A little more oil in my lamp to keep it burning A little more oil in my lamp I pray A little more oil in my lamp to keep it burning Keep it burning till the break of day The chorus is a snippet from a popular song that is sang in many Christian churches.

Empower you

It is not often that women come together in our society for the purpose of inspiring each other and reclaiming and rediscovering the feminine power.


In Buxton, where I grew up, it is the custom of the Anglican Church to sound a bell to indicate the death of a person.

Do you believe in God?

In our society, there are many “judges” who are not qualified to operate in courts of law, but they are performing the roles nevertheless.

Joy, pickpockets and gluttony

A woman’s purse was snatched. Stunned, she tearfully held her head as her cash, ATM cards and ID were in the hands of a thief, who ran through the unaware crowd too fast to be apprehended and too desperate to care about the devastating effects of his actions.

Put Guyana First

Hecklers, offensive statements that go against the nature of national unity, a surprise appearance by a Santa Claus, secrets exposed around oil bonuses – haven’t the Guyanese people been betrayed enough?

Something stinks

Many of us are repulsed when we encounter people of unsound mind, who are often unwashed and smelly.

We are not objects

It is almost impossible to find a woman who has not been subjected to some form of sexual harassment.