Think on That


“We are a nation that needs to repent.” This sentiment is a common response to social ills and the politics that exploit the vulnerabilities, ignorance and prejudice of the people.

Family sins

Disturbing stories are so common that often they are the focus for a day or two and then we wait for the next manifestation of the mental illness that permeates our society.

Life and death

A funeral service in the United States in early September, when signs of Fall, like mild chills, seep into the pores and linger for days.

Standards of beauty

Every year thousands of pageants are held around the world. Many of these pageants are about empowerment and celebrating femininity.

We too are at risk

Recently alarms have been sounded about the Amazon burning. It is estimated that there have been over eighty thousand fires in Brazil this year and most are taking place in the Amazon as a result of deforestation.

Spirit of Carifesta

It has been 47 years since the Caribbean Festival of the Arts (Carifesta) was first hosted in Guyana.

An attack on all of us

The xenophobic attacks on Haitian immigrants is an attack on humanity and an attack on the essence of what it means to share this space we call Earth.

Violence IS

The voices that speak the truth about sexual violence in our society should never be silenced.

The crisis

Food shortages and medical drug scarcities; crime and hyperinflation; mismanagement and dictatorship.

The Silly Season

The silly season can be applied to any situation that is ludicrous, farcical, or that demonstrates a lack of intellect or common sense.

Blacked out

Political parties campaign on promises. More jobs, improved living standards and, in the case of Guyana, an end to blackouts.


The nation mourns again. This time it is for a child who was killed in an accident a week ago.

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