Think on That

Surviving COVID-19

Surviving COVID-19 is not just about being able to breathe. For what is living when it appears that our souls have departed our bodies and have left us listless and cold.

The Audacity

Directors of Superior Concrete Inc., a foreign company in Guyana, disrespected Housing Minister Colin Croal, Chief Executive Officer of the Central Housing and Planning Authority Sherwyn Greaves and staff of the CH&PA’s Enforcement Department.

Shallow Graves

I thought about Kescia Branche this week. Kescia, my theatre colleague, was murdered three years ago.

An omen?

Revulsion, sorrow and shock. These were some of the reactions when a video circulated on social media this week of a man eating a decomposing animal.

The ghost boat

There are many stories that can begin with ‘Once upon a time…’ Like those the oceans hold.

The wounds we nurse

A montage of wounds is on display in Guyana. But the kaleidoscope of red and pink gashes seems not to have persuaded most of us to change or demand a better society.


When I read and listen to what has been said about the local sugar industry, my mind wanders to its dark origins.

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