Remembering martyrs

A martyr is someone who dies because of a cause or belief. Many of us have stood for causes or have sounded our voices in the face of oppression, but we did not lose our lives because of it.

No to the silence

When freedom of expression is challenged, we all are at risk. It is our right to use our voices without fear of persecution or prosecution.

The crisis

Food shortages and medical drug scarcities; crime and hyperinflation; mismanagement and dictatorship. Are such issues oppressing and killing the Guyanese populace?

The Silly Season

The silly season can be applied to any situation that is ludicrous, farcical, or that demonstrates a lack of intellect or common sense.

Blacked out

Political parties campaign on promises. More jobs, improved living standards and, in the case of Guyana, an end to blackouts.


The nation mourns again. This time it is for a child who was killed in an accident a week ago.

Carnivals of joy and misery

Guyana’s 53rd Independence anniversary and the second Guyana Carnival just ended. The Guyana Carnival included block parties, shows featuring foreign artistes like Machel Montano and Buju Banton, J’ouvert, a colourful costume parade and other events.

Rumour has it

Gossip is a part of our society. Many stories we hear are not always factual, or the truth might be misconstrued, but still people are judged based on these unverified accounts.


Influence is a powerful tool. We are all influenced by other people and social factors.

Dear Mr. President

‘Dear Mr. President’ is a salutation that demands attention. ‘Dear Mr. President’ is often prompted by frustration with the system.

Build a bridge

Every opportunity to acknowledge and celebrate our accomplishments should be esteemed. Often, the gloom and doom would appear to overshadow the hope, peace and happiness in our society.

Our coexistence

We highly regard tolerance in this time. In many societies, the exercise of the right to freedom of expression along with freedom to believe whatever one chooses are the core of the balance.

Us and Them

One of my favourite American television series was a science fiction show, called “Fringe.” The first episodes focused mainly on gruesome and mysterious occurrences that were investigated and solved with science.

Government comes to you

Hundreds of Guyanese were at the Square of the Revolution this week to meet with ministers of government and other officials.

Our fish and loaves

It is written in the Bible that Jesus performed a miracle where he fed five thousand people from five loaves of bread and two fish.


Creative people are often asked about their sources of inspiration. Sources include personal experiences, the experiences of relatives and friends, social issues, current affairs, spirituality and mysteries.

Our time is now

Forty-nine years ago, Guyana became a Republic and Mashramani was born. In the time since we gained our republican status, we have made more than 49 missteps along the way; some of our people have not used their power, while others have misused it.

Create the better

By Selwyn Collins We have to be better and do better to attract the better we want and expect to come.

We deserve better

In my life, I have looked at my mother as a tower of strength because she survived losing a child.

Hearing, listening and Joss Stone

“Music is the universal language of mankind” – Henry Longfellow. “Music once admitted to the soul becomes a sort of spirit and never dies” – Edward Lytton.


Alice Walker is a novelist, poet, short fiction writer and activist. Author of the renowned novel ‘The Color Purple,’ which was adapted to film, Ms.

Youth and violence

This week, the Caribbean Summit on Youth Violence Prevention was held here in Guyana at the Marriott Hotel.

Predator and prey

A predator is an animal that naturally preys on others. Predators can also be a person or group that exploits others.

Our worst enemies

Most people perhaps do not question the laws by which they live. There are laws of nature and also man-made laws.

Robbing for Merriment

We have been advised to be watchful around Georgetown during this season. Still, while commuters sit in traffic, men are reaching through the windows and grabbing their bags, phones and other valuables.

Yellowing it out

Karaoke is a regular feature at many local nightspots. On any day of the week, friends, lovers or even acquaintances can enjoy a night of impressive and not so impressive singing.

Thoughts on theatre

While in many parts of the world theatre practitioners can live off their talents, it is not so in Guyana.

Those absent voters

Throughout our history as a self-governing nation, many leaders have treated the people like marionettes.

Soul Funeral

There are many cultures where the dead are celebrated. Many Guyanese celebrate Halloween, but some may not know the origins.

Election apathy

Unenthusiastic, unconcerned and uninformed are just a few words to describe some of the outlooks on the upcoming Local Government Elections.

Escape to Lethem

The air in Lethem seems unpolluted. Though the heat is almost unbearable at times, and the dusty, bumpy red dust roads can be a bother, there is no denying the splendor of the place, which is still pristine in many ways.

The Maafa

It has been about ten years since I have been attending our local observance of the Maafa at the Seawall Bandstand in Georgetown.

Tales of Guyanese Women – Part 2

The tales of Guyanese women are not primarily shocking horror stories. Faith in the compassion of our people compels me to believe that the experiences of most Guyanese women are not shaped by trauma.

True evil

“I was raped,” she said. Stunned by her confession, I wondered: Should I hug her?

Around Stabroek

I rarely visit the Stabroek Market and its environs by choice. The camaraderie among ordinary Guyanese mostly earning an honest living is good to witness but there is also often the risk of being confronted by belligerence and harassment.

Celebrate and unite

Pride Indigenous Heritage Month this year is being celebrated under the theme ‘Proud of Our Indigenous Identity, Celebrating in Unity.’ It is a theme from which we can all draw inspiration.

It can happen to any of us

The first incident of maternal filicide I recall encountering here occurred in the 90s, when a young woman killed her newborn baby by throwing him into a latrine.

Standing with our teachers

Most Guyanese are not paid adequately. Often, when we compare remunerations here to places outside our country—even if we only examine the remunerations in other Caribbean territories—significant disparities are revealed.

Doom and gloom

Oil will do nothing for Guyana. This is a bold, thought-provoking, fear-inducing and disconcerting statement.

A look at ourselves

In recent times, we have become familiar with terms like “fake news” and “alternative facts.” These are terms which originated in the United States of America and which have added to the asininity that we have been witnessing worldwide.