Think on That

What is sweet in the mouth?

In the shady corners of some of Guyana’s restaurants and cafes, there are whispers about rodents intermingling with the food, dirty cooks, and unclean cooking spaces.

A woman on her knees

There was a disturbing video that circulated on social media this week of a medical doctor protesting in front of State House.

A star among thorns

On Monday January 30th, like many others I had the pleasure of being in the presence of Guyana’s Black Panther star Letitia Wright.

Tears of Mocha

A country where the scales are balanced, and therefore all are treated with respect – can we say that we live there?


There was a story on social media this week about an employee attached to the Ministry of Amerindian Affairs who is based in Region 9.

We call ourselves civilised

We call ourselves a civilized nation yet over the holidays the garbage rotted in the streets because for three weeks and counting the garbage collectors have not been seen in some areas.

A consumer affair

Recently I saw a Consumers Affairs Commission ad. It was released in December 2020, but I had never seen it before a few days ago.

Do our rivers crave human life?

Some may say that there is something sinister happening in Guyana’s waters and that it may seem as if water spirits are calling for human sacrifices.

Garbage issues

What will it take for the garbage issues in Georgetown and other parts of the country to be resolved?

When the talented ones live

Last weekend, I saw Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. Like the first movie, it explores African cultural and spiritual practices and is also inspired by the Aztecs.

When wounds bleed

Since 2020 when the mutilated bodies of Isaiah and Joel Henry were found, their relatives have been standing on a bridge over troubled waters.

The Maafa today

October 12 is African Holocaust Day or Maafa Day. Maafa is a Kiswahili word meaning great disaster or tragedy.

Where are our brothers and sisters’ keepers?

By the busy Stabroek Market area where buses wait for passengers and a police outpost stands, last week Friday a gang attacked nineteen-year-old Samuel Grannum who was a student at the Government Technical Institute (GTI).

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