Dancing with the devil

I was accused of dancing with the devil a few days ago after a post on social Facebook: “My enlightenment began at age 17 when I started reading books written by scholars of African descent.

Jumbie story

I was having a conversation with someone recently who relayed that a woman she knew was complaining about having “seven jumbies” attached to her.

The other woman isn’t the problem

I overheard an interesting conversation this week. One woman was relating to another that she had intentions to “juk up” another woman if the she did not leave her significant other alone.

Blood on the land

Buried Voices Blood runs in the street Silent voices of my brothers sound Wailing mothers do weep Guns sing triumphant songs For the law no regard Justice, why do you sleep?


In our lifetime, we will see thousands of faces. Facial expressions can give hints about what troubles the heart and what makes it happy.

Our elders

It is no secret that groups of elders in many societies are afflicted by a number of issues, such as health problems, financial woes and loneliness.

Save the children

He had tears in his eyes and a look of desperation on his face; a boy I encountered on a street in Georgetown a few weeks ago.

Sad reminders

Some of the streets to enter Annandale from Buxton, on the East Coast of Demerara, are blocked and bridges have been removed.

Service woes

A few weeks ago, after eleven at night, on a street with hardly any light and no one in sight, I was asked to vacate a taxi from a popular service in the Ruimveldt area after an argument with the driver.

The others among us

“You wutless!” One of the latest phrases directed to me as I stood on Lamaha Street a few days ago.

The masks we wear

Most of us have had days when we felt like giving up; when misery seemed to be wrapping its arms around us and whispering that there was no hope.

Celebrate what?

When I hear the word “independence,” I think self-determination. It sparks in me a certain pride at the ability to stand on one’s own, build and show the world that you are creator and custodian of your destiny.