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Why is SN charging for content?

Read the announcement on this.

How much does it cost?

Depending on the plan you choose, the cost of your subscription will be as low as 27 US cents per day. For the current rates, please see the Registration Page. Some plans are recurring. This means that your intial method of payment will be charged automatically everytime the subscription expires.

How do I Access the Paid Content?

From December 1st, 2010 our website will offer both free and paid content. Paid content is available only to readers who are logged in with a currently active Subscriber Account.

How secure is this process?

The subscription process, and all the personal information you submit through our forms, is always protected and secured. We have partnered with 2Checkout to process our online subscriptions. Our partnership with 2Checkout Inc allows subscribers to use Paypal and all major credit cards as forms of payment with the assurance of 2Checkout’s global reputation for safe and secure payments.

When you select a subscription option you will be redirected to 2Checkout’s secure checkout page where all information transmitted is encrypted.

With regard to the information submitted, only your Login credentials (Username and Password) are stored by Stabroek News.

What other payment methods are available ?

We accept cash payments for subscriptions at our office located at 46-47 Robb Street, Lacytown, Georgetown.

If I decide not to subscribe, what information will I be able to access?

Only readers who subscribe will have access all local news, sports, business, the scene, columns, features, photos and videos. On subscriber-only content, a non-subscriber will only be able to read the first paragraph or two before being prompted to either login or subscribe.There will still be free content on the website – editorials and letters in particular – and stories with important public service value. The Frontpage of the website and all Sections will remain fully accessible to both subscribers and non-subscribers. We reiterate that the cost for providing credible coverage across the length and breadth of the country is significant and we do this extensively.

How do I Access the ePaper ?

The ePaper Edition is provided free with your Subscription.  You just need to use the same username and password when logging in.

How do I authorize the Mobile App for iPhone and iPad ?

Access to the Mobile Apps for iPhone and iPad are also available at no additional cost.   After the App is installed, the first edition and download is available to all users.  To continue receiving new issues, you will be prompted for an in-app authorization on your device.  The authorization login and password is the same as your username and password.


How do I remain Anonymous?

Many readers have expressed their desire to subscribe, but for varying reasons do not want share alot of personal information or wish to remain as anonymous as possible.If this is your desire, then you can Choose Paypal as your payment option and use a username and email address that does not identify you. You can also pay in Cash at our Robb Street Office in Georgetown.

I Forgot My Password, How do I reset my Account?

For password retrieval, click here

How can I cancel my subscription?

To cancel your subscription please go to the Cancellation Request page OR send us an email directly.

Contact Subscriber Support

You can Contact Us at [email protected] and we will respond to your message within 1 Business Day