Ways of Looking & Feeling

Choosing how to experience our homeland

We experience life, see our days, hear emotion and meaning when we interact with others, according to our presupposition, that unconscious window through which we see the world, each person’s point of view unique, each one’s frame of reference of a different shade than any other.

We’re a global people, of poor self-image

Guyanese now span the global village. We’re a global people, a 21st century nation in every sense of the word, with our homeland nesting comfortable, peaceful, pastoral, forest green, sunny yellow, multicultural, between the giant Amazon and the gigantic Atlantic.

Our reaction to what happens

Life happens, lots of time unpleasantly. The nature of the world we live in, and human nature itself being what it is, we face all sorts of challenges, problems, setbacks, upsets, frustrations, disappointments.

Cultivating an inspiring conversation

We want conversations that inspire us. Nothing so transforms one’s day as engaging in conversations with people in our social circle that move, inspire and lift us, nourishing the spirit, filling the soul with a sweet taste.

Our police officers in service and justice

In the midst of that crass plosive pessimistic passiveness that drowns out any kindness, goodness, friendliness, professionalism that remains in our society, there’s one Police Officer you could turn to for prompt service in Georgetown.

Writing that shapes the social space

Who makes a real difference in society? We look to politicians, as if they possess super-human powers, and when they fail, when Parliament descends to a crassly quarrelsome, strife-ridden place of inertia, we lament and moan and become disappointed.

Cultivating self-development

Our role as Guyanese prepare to usher in a Guyanese Knowledge Society in this global Knowledge Age of a new global village interconnected through digital media is to cultivate the love for self-development in each citizen.

Our Guyanese ability to rise

Guyana’s special landscape, its lush forests, rolling savannahs, white sand plains, vast muddy rivers and that yawning Atlantic Ocean lapping at the edge of Georgetown, plays a role in shaping the individual Guyanese.

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