Shaun Michael Samaroo

The Guyana Story: feeling the heart of the matter

We show a profound lack, a deep abiding absence, of feeling the Guyanese nation’s heartbeat as our unfolding story, the Guyanese Story, even as we shape the global village with our presence on the world stage – at the United Nations, in CARICOM, in the Commonwealth, in our villages and backyards contributing ourselves to the world at large.

Not a UFO

Not a UFO:  This giant LPG cylinder caused a traffic build-up on Monday evening as it was being transported along the East Bank Demerara to RUBIS at Providence.

What motivates us

Brigadier David Granger’s sensible cry for political cooperation in governance of this land comes at a crucial time in our history Granger toured the Guyanese New York, USA, diaspora communities this week, and responded to widespread criticism of how his Opposition leads Parliament, with a dramatic appeal to the spirit of engagement, reaching out and cooperation.