Mexico’s new president betrayed Latin America’s democracies on Venezuela — and may pay a political price

It’s no coincidence that Venezuelan dictator Nicolás Maduro shouted “¡Viva Mexico!” during his inauguration for a second six-year term on Thursday: Mexico was one of the few Western democracies that sent a representative to the ceremony, which was boycotted by United States, the 28-country European Union and most Latin American countries.

Cuban doctors in Brazil file lawsuit claiming U.N. agency made US$75 million from “slave trade.” If true, it’s criminal

The scandal surrounding the 15,000 Cuban doctors who have been working as virtual slaves in Brazil is growing: Some of them filed a lawsuit in Miami against the Washington-based Pan American Health Organization (PAHO.) The lawsuit, filed Friday, claims that the regional health organization not only supervised the programme, but pocketed US$75 million of its funds.

Argentina’s best-case scenario? Ex-president Cristina Fernandez goes to jail — but not yet

BUENOS AIRES — When I asked Argentina’s President Mauricio Macri last week whether it would help him politically in the 2019 elections if former President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner goes to jail soon on corruption charges, his responded: “They tell me that it wouldn’t help me.” He said that many people tell him that, “It would be best if she ran for office” next year, because putting her in jail now would let her play the victim, claiming political persecution.