Christopher Ram

Christopher Ram

Every Man, Woman and Child in Guyana Must Become Oil-Minded Part 32

The 2016 Petroleum Agreement Compared – Tough Terms

The March of Folly   The 2016 Agreement places greater emphasis on “gas”, or more correctly, “associated gas”, compared with the 1999 Agreement, including superficially minor, but no less significant, changes to Article 11 – Cost Recovery and Production Sharing and Article 12 – Associated and Non – Associated Gas.

Every Man, Woman and Child in Guyana Must Become Oil-Minded

The 2016 Petroleum Agreement compared – More than mere tweaks

Part 31   Introduction I must start this week’s column by publicly complimenting the painstaking and excellent work done by the technical staff of Ram & McRae in comparing, line by line and word by word, the 1999 Janet Jagan’s Agreement with Esso and the Raphael Trotman’s 2016 Agreement with Esso (not Exxon), Hess and CNOOC.


Focus 2018 begins with a correction of a statement in Focus 2017 that Budget 2017 was the earliest national budget ever been presented in post-independence Guyana.

Budget 2018 Measures

In this section we consider the measures announced by the Minister, analyse them, evaluate their impact and discuss the extent to which they provide useful economic benefits to stakeholders.

Taxpayer Charter Needed

Introduction Taxation without representation was one of the causes of the American Revolution and has ever since been an emotive appeal for those who consider themselves aggrieved by injustice.