Christopher Ram

Christopher Ram

Who Gets What in 2017

Current Non-Interest Expenditure The National Budget comprises of a number of elements. These are: statutory payments which are charges on the Consolidated Fund, including appropriations for constitutional bodies and officers; public debt payments of interest and principal; Ministries, Departments and Regions and Statutory bodies.

Budget 2017 Measures

In this section we consider the measures announced by the Minister, analyse them, evaluate their impact and discuss the extent to which they meet the economic benefits of the stakeholders Section 6 of the 2017 Budget Speech contains a staggering fifty seven paragraphs of Budget measures, some of which are regulatory rather than fiscal.

State Assets Recovery

The UN Convention Against Corruption has served as the catalyst for international efforts against corrupt politicians and public officials who have robbed the coffers of their states to the tune of billions of dollars.


The Budget’s measures are substantial, revolutionary and are probably unprecedented. It is presented at a time when the Government is having to defend itself against accusations of corruption and cronyism.


Budget 2014 was delivered on Monday March 24, just one week before the constitutional deadline and almost three months into the fiscal year.

Revisit this project please (Conclusion)

Cheddi Jagan International Airport Corporation racks up heavy losses; questions about where the income goes

Note to Readers Over the past month I have been engaged with the editorial management on the Stabroek News over an apology they offered to Mr Ron Webster in connection with his controlling share acquisition in Caribbean Containers Inc, a company of which he has at all material times been Chief Executive Officer.